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    April 2009
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    This is my current attempt at making the best jet in GMod. I say this because I want to incorporate so much functionality and realism into it, that it seems like its a separate add-on. This is currently a WIP, so don't get too happy or excited. I have compiled a small video demonstrating Taxiing, Takeoff, and Landing.

    Yes I know the nose looks a bit "Off", but that's because that has to be THE most impossible thing to make in GMod.

    Also, Yes I know the damn song is about a boat, go cry more.

    PSS, You may notice some glitches, like the ailerons and such.. those will be fixed.

    ALOT of features weren't shown in the video, including...

    [LIST][*]Holographic HUD for targeting and bomb alignment.[*]Front landgear wheels turn while taxiing.[*]The sounds, I had to mute the video because Fraps recorded me chewing gun, it was plain nasty.[*]Weapons[*]Full flight capabilities[*]GPUs for horizon, throttle, heading, and weapons controls[*]And of course, the dildos.[/LIST]
    This currently has MOST of those features, the only things I need to make, and I am in the process of making, are the Retarded Bombs, LGBs, Sidewinders, and a handheld Laser Designator module for shining targets.

    Here's some pics of the airframe.


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    August 2010
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    This is really cool.

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    June 2010
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    what's a ctol? "cant take off/land?"
    Awesome...I expected a helicopter when it said "tibbles". Lol. I fucking hate my helis...my pitiful attempts to make them handle like shit and can't hover right.

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    CTOL is an acronym for Conventional Take-off and Landing, and is the process whereby conventional aircraft
    (such as passenger aircraft) take off and land, involving the use of runways.

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    The fuselage is nice, but wings, elevators, and tail pieces are very short. Also push the engine piece out more so it connects with the fuselage. If you haven't already, I recommend using a realistic throttle system with the adv. input controller or something like that. At 75% throttle you can use an orangish afterburner affect, and a somewhat thick smoke trail without it on. I like the cockpit, but you can improve on that too. You should cover up the part where you can see the nose piece and maybe choose a different material and color that that ugly green.

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    It's ugly
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    I think it looks nice, except I would switch the texture to that bathtub texture...make it a bit darker as well. And the nose looks kind of snubby, but nose cones are hard so I don't want to complain to you about that to much. But two main things...

    Is it server friendly? as in, ten or less wired thrusters, and parented?

    and please, how did you get the wheels to not stick to the ground and spaz out? Someone, preferably OP, tell me please :3

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    May 2010
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    The flying looks boring but I do like the modeling

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    It's too fast.

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    CTOL is an acronym for Conventional Take-off and Landing, and is the process whereby conventional aircraft
    (such as passenger aircraft) take off and land, involving the use of runways.
    I know :) I worked at an airport for awhile doing service on 737s and 717s, and my friend is actually a commercial airline pilot (got his license a year ago). I have rather whimsical names I apply to my flying stuff. For instance: VTOL = vertical Takeoff OR landing (can't do both!), STOL = SHOULD take off & land, CTOL = can't take off &land, PGB pilot seat = Plane go boom, YGB pilot seat = YOU go boom, MIG = maybe it'll go, WFH = Wobbly fucking helicopter...and so on...the sad part is this is how i organize my shit. I have about 30 billion dupes called "no borke!!!1!" or "just don't give a shit anymore" or "itteh bitteh tankette committeh" or other retarded shit. I tend to play when burned out or mind-numbingly bored (that's about 80% of my life)
    tl;dr. I'm shocked it's by tibbles and it's not a helicopter (it's like being by satyria and not a "tnak"). Why the decision to not make it vtol? Runways are SO common in gmod...

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    Needs more bath tubs with little feet.

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    This is my current attempt at making the best jet in GMod.
    Changed to:

    This is my current attempt at making my best jet in GMod.
    would sound much better and less douchebaggey.

    I like it tho, the shape seems a bit wrong, but it's coo.

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    Wings and the whole intake, from the nose and back to the tail is shit.
    It has no chewing gum sound.
    The spine and anus is p. good.


    It's too fast, and your fins are fail.
    Also, stop with the douchebaggery names like "Beta leak Mk. 2.2 Ultra CTOL Eco ABDD, CDS, UDDSA and OLLE-System version extended now with engraved gold name of choice".

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    Fancy that, it's Tibbles.

    I see you fixed the nose a bit