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    June 2010
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    i need more RAM on my laptop, its a toshiba satellite l25-s119, I heard you can do this by converting some hard drive space into RAM. how can I do that?

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    July 2010
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    The 'RAM' is super slow if you do it.

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    June 2010
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    The 'RAM' is super slow if you do it.
    then is there another way?

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    January 2010
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    Actually going to buy more RAM from a shop.
    As that guy said, the hd based ram is brutally slow :\

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    June 2009
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    You can't do anything else than using physical RAM, or using HDD space as RAM, which will be slow as fuck

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    August 2009
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    Windows already does this. It's called Paging or Page Files.
    Just buy some RAM though.
    Or you could just...
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    November 2009
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    Your laptop comes with 512MB or 1GB preinstalled, and supports a maximum of 2GB

    You'd need 2 of these to get your laptop's maximum performance; (Max supported ram + dual channel)