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    December 2009
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    Ok so my friend is having some issues, he has his own server and is trying to make a website however he can't figure out how to access another drive through html on the server.

    For those who don't get what I'm saying it is something like this:

    website = drive E:/ and stuff to download is on drive F:/

    If he can't do it with html he needs to find away to link the drives using his one server. Anyone know what to do?

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    HTML is rendered client side. It'd have to be in PHP.


    Or any other server side language for that matter.

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    He's not going to be able to serve anything outside the web root via HTML.

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    Hey OP, learn how the web works then come back kthx
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    Edit your apache/IIS config to add an alias to the other drive, or create an NTFS junction or symbolic link from the data drive to a directory under the web root.

    For an easy way to create junctions & symbolic links I'd suggest installing this shell extension

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    December 2008
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    IIS: Virtual Directory
    Apache: Vhosts

    Solved :3:
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