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    November 2009
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    Not two second-shit. It was actually pretty fun to make. This is meant to look shallow and low depth because it makes it easier to view sprites etc.


    -Faction Leader
    -Faction Color block
    -Faction Engineer
    -Faction Soldier
    -Faction Vehicle
    Vehicles are limited only by your imagination! (Optional)

    Alright, unit types.
    -Leader; if he dies, you lose.
    -Color block; ...
    -Faction Engineer; he creates BUILDINGS and Barracks. Along with decor!
    -Worker; These dig tunnels and are sacrificed to produce sentry guns. (THEY CAN BE CAPTURED (Explained later))
    -Faction Vehicle; No badly drawn CRAP, can be futuristic etc.

    - First of all, three units deployed per turn. (1st turn = 1 Engineer 2 Workers and YOUR LEADER (4 for the first turn))
    - For every BARRACKS you get +2 deployable per turn.
    - The grey blobs are control points. You can customize it but you may not change it's height. (I will decide whether or not you have changed the height)
    - Color the '1,2,3,4,5s' of control points with your faction color.
    - The little tributaries of DESERT, WATER and LAVA can be dug into, or rigged to be traps. Think logically. If there is a think space between an enemy's base and your own, you may bomb it with a sea-mine or whatever. This causes floods.
    - FLOOD RULE: Water flood takes 30 minutes. Desert flood (Sand rolls in and kills you etc.) 25 minutes. Lava flood takes ONLY 10 MINUTES! BEWARE OF BUILDING IN THE LAVA ZONE!
    - MAP: The map may be extended ONCE per turn. You may not leave a white space, you may not remove parts. YOU MUST ADD SOME SORT OF ROCK/TREE/LAVA ROCK OUTCROP WHEN YOU EDIT THE MAP!
    - You cannot say, 'OMG WAR!1 DIEDIE BOOM BOOM BKOM!', both participants must agree to war. You cannot disagree, but you must state that you know you are getting attacked.
    - Say, 'DECLARE' when you are editing/moving/building/doing something.
    - Your leader must be nearly twice the size of one soldier.
    - Soldiers must not be bigger than half a tree.
    - Have fun, good luck.

    Here is the vanilla map; The caves are meant to be there.

    Here is my sprite sheet, DoW40K Space Marines. I didn't make them. (NOTE: I will not be using all of the types of sprites.
    http://filesmelt.com/downloader/SickleSpritesPO.png(Note; no vehicles yet for me)

    Here is my color:

    Here is my edit;

    *Crawled out of a cave, suits reactivated*
    *Placed a detection mine on the mini-lava trap
    *Began activating weapons/devices.

    The games BEGIN!

    MODS: Sickle
    (Note; the pending moderators are... (Adding more soon))

    (Remember, you can build stuff that isn't on your sprite sheet.)
    (Rules will be added in the event of shitty-shit-shit.)

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    Map is Terrible, i'm sorry but it looks like you took 5 minutes to create it, and the sprites can't be used since it has a shadow underneath them, making them look 3D.

    Try making the map more like the current one in the WOTP thread.
    And give spriting a try eh? I was once terrible aswell but now i'm Quite good...

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    November 2009
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    Yeah, but I made it simple so people could make their own additions.
    Shadow doesn't matter to me that much.
    Thanks for the advice, I will later.
    It took me short to map it out, but inventing the gameplay is what took long. Besides, people shouldn't look only at graphics, more at the game they are playing.
    That RISK-type map could have taken me 2 minutes if I had my photoshop.

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    Yeah, but it's hard to look at.

    And it looks funny if the shadows that are supposed to be below you if on the wall; it makes it look like the guys are walking on the wall.

    And 3d and picture wars just don't play well together.

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    Wait this is confusing. Is it supposed to be 3D?

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    November 2009
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    Everyone is confusing the fuck out of you by complaining about the map


    I had a little shadow accident.


    I suppose the forest makes it look 3d, but it's just militarily disadvantaging densing of forestry.