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    June 2007
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    Please edit it in a ridiculous way.

    I found a flaw in Wystan's magless weapons...



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    April 2006
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    This is fucking amazing.
    My balls just blew up.

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    April 2009
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    More like Detective Dick Johnson:The man with a really huge dick.

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    January 2009
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    This pics are bloody amazing. Keep up the good work.

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    June 2007
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    They need some sort of "Movie Poster Editing".

    Until then... TIME TO WATCH BURN NOTICE AND PLAY MY 360!!!!

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    June 2008
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    Funny pose. However, I don't get what the problem is with Wystan's(Or ,more correctly, Bigboom's) MP5...

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    reminds me of that little tortilla boy vid abit

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    See no flaw :D.

    Joke on you!

    Or am I suppposed to see a face? I phail. Joke on me :(

    Edit: FOUND IT! It says H&K, Canada. How silly. JOKE BACK YOU!