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    July 2009
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    One minute they're there, one minute they're not. I was playing in a server and went afk and my grav\phys guns were gone when i came back. They work on every server but that one, and its my favorite server. They changed levels and everything i still cant see them. I've even reinstalled gmod and restarted my computer. Is it my problem or theirs? Please help.

    -Edit, i have them but neither me, or others can see them and i cant use them.

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    February 2009
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    if you've reinstalled Gmod, It's probably their problem. I have 2 suggestions:
    Ignore it
    Or get a new model and skin

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    July 2009
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    Where can i get a new model and skin? Garrysmod.org?


    I fixed it, something overwrote the bind in my options menu, im a retard and didn't look there first. Sorry to all the people who read this for wasting their time.