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    February 2009
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    Well yesterday me and my friends went to see The Boat That Rocked, and I thought it was the most amazing film I had ever seen.

    The film came out on the 1st of April 09. (So yeah we are a bit late watching it but oh well.) It was written and produced by Richard Curtis.

    The film is based around pirate radio stations such as Radio Rock(the pirate radio station the film is based around) and their dreams and work towards the radio stations we had today. They were standing up to a government who disliked pop and rock and preffered jazz. The government would do anything to shut them down. In a way it is so much more than what I have said here but a- I don't want to spoil it for anyone who has not seen it and b- I can't really put it into words.

    Fave Quote:

    Minister Dormandy: [referring to Radio Rock] We have their testicles in our hands, Twatt, and it feels good

    Oooh yeah did anyone who has seen it think that Bob (the early morning DJ) looks a bit like Leo from That 70's show??? also can anyone tell me where I might recognize Carl from?

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    December 2006
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    It was a very good film, not the most amazing. But I did like the nudity

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    September 2007
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    Haven't seen it, but the trailers made it look quite bad- based on an interesting story though, that's how John Peel first got into radio as well.

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    September 2008
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    Why didn't they just do it about Radio Caroline? As if they'd say no.

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    February 2009
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    Why didn't they just do it about Radio Caroline? As if they'd say no.
    Apperently it was based around that. Wouldn't they have had to get a load of rights and stuff to use it though?

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    March 2009
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    I like Jazz. The government are my kind of people.

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    April 2005
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    I like Jazz. The government are my kind of people.
    I also like Classical and Jazz but I like Rock too and the pirate stations were definitely a good thing. They aided the revolution of music broadcasting.

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    This probably isn't a good idea
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    October 2007
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    I loved the film, especially the sound track.

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    March 2009
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    Now I must see it.

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    January 2006
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    I just finished watching it and I was absolutely fucking amazed. It totally exceeded my expectations and it certainly delivered as a solid comedy touching movie. SEE IT!!

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    July 2008
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    Wait, this isn't about Radio Caroline

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    August 2009
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    My friend sam said it was really good, I'd like to see it sometime