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    Hello. I regret to have my first post in the Facepunch forums be a "help me please" post, but unfortunately, that is what it is. Well, I'll just get right to the point now. I got Space Build 2 and Life Support 2, and when I am underwater or in outer space it correctly displays my air percentage going down.
    However, when the air gets to 0%, I can hear the "losing health bubbly sound", but I don't lose any at all. Player damage is on and God Mode isn't. Help? Also, I am very terribly sorry if this is the wrong section in which to post this.

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    You have maybe installed it wrong.
    Have you installed while playing gmod?
    As you did it will not work.

    Or you have a old version of life support.
    Try to search for a SVN version.
    Will maybe help.

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    IT only water who cares?
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    hmm... strange I have no issue with water and I drown (however in space in SP I am fine for some reason) I belive Life Support 3 is out but I would stick to Life Support Life 2 for a while and wait for the patches.

    To answer the question: close steam, delete Life Support 2 (if this does not work unfortunately you will have to do the same with Space Build) download it again from http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=79346 and install it in addons. start steam and go into a multiplayer server. depending where you are, if you are in/closer to the U.S. try the servers with a lower latency/ping (I can not name any at the moment) if you are closer/in the U.K. the JokerIce server is quite good.