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    October 2006
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    - Rocket Crowbar. throw a rocket from your crowbar(i have a model id like used PM me to get it)
    - Repel Grenade. Explodes in a pushing wave, sending anything around it flying! Cars aren't good cover anymore.
    - Orbit Grenade. Instead of exploding, it starts disobeying the laws of physics, hovering up into the blue sky above. Not only that, it attracts most objects, be them heavy, light or a not-so-careful player, and brings them up with it! Warning for harsh landings. Try stacking a few of them together...
    - Constant laser tripmine: Fires out a laser which will burn any players who come into contact with it
    - Pulse laser tripmine: Fires out a powerful laser every 5 seconds which will instantly kill any player within 20 feet
    - The Incinerator: A Satchel/SLAM which sets all nearby objects on fire... including players.
    - Scientist Shotgun: Fires a scientist ragdoll at players Secondary fire fires a scientist on fire (Fire! Fire!) which explodes after a few seconds.
    - The Heavy Duty Physcannon: will pick up anything
    - Ninja Rope: Worms style! Can even pull objects towards you for broader ways of use... just watch out for the walls!

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    October 2006
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    You have some good ideas, but this shoulda been in the requests section.

    Do you want these for gmod9 or 10? If 10, then I could make them once I figure out the language more, and when it decides to let us spawn custom sweps...

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    October 2006
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    I only have 9 but id like packs for 9 and 10 so anyone can use them, and it is in the requests section


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    October 2006
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    any one working on these?

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    May 2006
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    CG | Zero posted:
    any one working on these?
    Nope, because they're dumb.

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    October 2006
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    I like the repel and orbit grenades, and maybe the ninja rope, but the other ideas either have already been done and failed, are already in the game itself, or are just too pointless and somewhat dumb (Rocket Crowbar!?!? Scientist SHOTGUN!?!?!) to even be attempted. Try going above and beyond just a 'fancy peashooter' (a gun with the sole purpose of killing people), because people who play Garry's Mod usually don't play it just for the killing people. They mostly play it to build stuff. Try making a gun that appeals to the builders and the scripters. Just look at the Aperture Science team. There's no killing involved with the Portal Gun, is there? (Rhetorical question.) Just try learning trigonometry, Lua scripting, and how to make a SWEP. And while you're at it, you should pick up some modeling programs like Milkshape and XSI Mod Tool, and maybe some of Nem's tools, like GCFScape. You people just ask for something that already exists, that you just haven't found yet because you haven't fully explored Garry's Mod. If you want to learn, that's fine. But if you want to just sit in a corner and ask stupid questions, bothering passersby with "Can you make me a Noclip Gun?", or "What's Noclip?", then you are blights on the GMod society. Don't waste your time asking others. It's really not that hard to learn how to do it yourself. And nearly cost-free, unless you want to get into buying Photoshop and XSI Mod Tool full edition. But who BUYS those?


    If anyone reads that, congradulations. You have too much time on your hands.
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    July 2006
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    Wait, you want weapons from RocketCrowbar Source? Why don't you just play the game?

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    October 2006
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    Im bumping this since id still like to have them for gmod

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    June 2007
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    I'm questioning if I should take this on, considering it wouldn't be too long of a small project. I'll refine the ideas, and get back to you.