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    April 2011
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    Absolut Roleplay HL2RP

    Server Information:
    Gamemode: HL2RP V1.14
    Server IP:

    You woke up from a train ride to city 18. You were relocated from another combine overrun city. All you have is a Few Tokens, and your Suitcase.

    This is a “Serious Roleplay” Server, you must act and follow the guidelines of Actual Half Life Two. You cannot run up to a combine and punch him in the face for the hell of it. FearRP plays a big role in all your actions.

    Little Extra:
    Need some good hosting? We also offer our quality hosting for really cheap costs. Check us out at: www.ProjectMegalodon.info
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    Thanks For Posting This Kieran!

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    What does this server offer that is different from all the servers? From what I can tell, the server name is terrible and the thread is pretty bad, and the only guy who has posted anything good has 30 posts. I'll try it, but i'm not suspecting anything good.

    And I get what I deserve. Not a single person could even type on the server. Honestly, I suggest to stop letting 12 year olds stop playing on this server, that was terrifying. ALTHOUGH, one of the administrators (whom I have forgotten his name) was actually quite nice and gave me some stuff to help me start, so that's a plus. But still, shitty community.

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    guys i have unique darkrp, k?
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    Absolut, as in Absolut Vodka.

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    Absolut, as in absolutly terrible.
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    You even spelt oppression wrong.