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    February 2010
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    [release]Title: Mass Effect Prop Pack 5

    Description: This pack contains 48 props from Mass Effect 3. Some have multiple skins, screens are animated and a spawnlist is included.

    Link for Prop Packs 1-4

    There's still a couple kinks that need to be worked out with a couple props, and some skins I haven't finished yet, mostly however everything should work as intended.

    Install: Extract the archive to your addons folder.

    Usage: Use these models wherever and however you like. I made sure to compile with $staticprop this time around, so these should work well in maps.



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    Woohoo, more props! Great work, cire!
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    September 2011
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    Great, these always come in handy. I've already got the other four.

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    March 2010
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    Exxccellent! Carrot-top would be proud.

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    August 2008
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    Hell yes.

    HELL YES!!

    Thanks for another awesome pack, you nerf herder :D

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    I LOVE Grand Theft Auto
    July 2010
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    This should be useful.

    I should be going now.

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    When I woke up this morning, I KNEW something awesome was going to happen.

    Great work, man.

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    March 2012
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    Bravo once again, Cire!

    And not to be a beggar or anything, but do you know/think anyone is coming out with James Vega, EDI, or Shepard from ME3? All of those models and I'd be set for life.

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    You sir are amazing I would tip my hat to you if I was wearing one, glad to see your stil putting out prop packs since nobody else will tackle them.

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    Did you compile these as static props? They're practically useless to mappers otherwise.

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    February 2010
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