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    October 2010
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    Whenever I try to open Gmod, I get stuck on the loading screen at "Initializing Menu". Then it CTD and says "Error Initializing Steam API". HELP! BTW I'm on Mac.
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    Stupid Sexy Russian
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    February 2011
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    This is NOT the place to post GMOD related threads.
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    February 2010
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    Hi! Welcome back to Facepunch, spicytakoman.

    Now, you probably haven't set foot here in a long time, so you might be kind of lost. Sadly, it looks like you posted in the wrong forum! If you have any issues with Garry's Mod, you might consider posting in this forum:

    Or this one:

    Where you will get more answers and help about your issue.
    Thanks, and have a good time on Facepunch! :)
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