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    April 2012
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    long story short, i want to make the fastest computer possible with about 600 dollars. if anyone can help, please provide a full list of the parts i will need. i dont know much about computers so i really need help. or if you can suggest a prebuilt that would work just as well for about 600 dolllars that would be cool to. i want to be able to run minecraft and other demanding games with full graphics and everything. so please list parts or really good prebuilts to me. i would really appreciate it.

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    March 2010
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    Do you need keyboard/mouse and a monitor?

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    If you need a keyboard/mouse/monitor/speakers it's going to take up around $150-200 of your budget right then and there.

    places to buy shit from:
    newegg.com (or .ca for canada)
    us.ncix.com (or simply ncix.com for canada)
    (and more, these are all US sites with canadian alternatives that i know of)
    These are for reference, you're better off letting others choose most of the parts for you, but if you have a brand preference or something you can look yourself, or possibly find a better price.

    places to learn shit from:
    CIPWTTKT&GC Ask as many questions you need.
    NeweggTV 'How To Build a Computer' video It's about an hour long, but it covers EVERYTHING you need to know when building. literally.