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    December 2011
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    The game is available for preorder for $26/16/20 with beta.

    A manual is included with the beta, read it as the game will chuck you in with no tutorial or hints.

    In some kind of nostalgic haze simulator developers Bohemia Interactive have forgotten that modern games require linear corridors, handholding and controls that can fit on a gamepad. This could be the only big budget real time strategy game we see this year and although it is a remake of an old franchise it hasn't become a dubstep FPS.

    Carrier Command is a real time strategy game where you control one mobile carrier and deploy up to eight remote control units. There are only two types of units but each can be outfitted for several roles with upgraded equipment. The carrier is not much of a direct combat unit, although it is armed with laser turrets and defensive drones, instead it transports your units, builds and repairs new ones.

    The W.A.L.R.U.S. (Water and Land Roving Utility Shuttle) is a six-wheeled amphibious unit that can be configured to suit a variety of purposes. Their versatility makes them useful for not only ground or sea assaults, but also for transport, hacking and mining.

    In essence, there are three different versions of the Walrus. Each with their own set of properties in terms of armor, agility and possible weapon/equipment loadouts. To start, there is the basic light armor version, which is fast and responsive, but cannot carry heavy weapons. They are useful for reconnaissance and quick in-and-out missions. Secondly, there is the medium armored Walrus, which is stronger and can be equipped with heavy weapons, while still remaining agile (comparable to contemporary military armored vehicles). The last type is the heavily armored Walrus. This one is slow and bulky, but extremely durable and perfect for heavy combat.

    Due to the several weapon and equipment attachments available, there are multiple possible variants of each Walrus type. The weapons for the Walrus include the more conventional ones like the machine gun, HE shell or AA cannons and grenade launcher, as well as more futuristic arms, like the plasma or laser gun. For non-combat objectives, like hacking and transport, the Walrus can be outfitted with various construction or hacking capsules, repair arms, ammo boxes and more.

    The MANTA (Multi-role Aircraft for Nautical Tactical Assault) is an aerial survey craft which has been adapted with weapon capabilities to fight in battle. Designed to enter even the most hazardous zones for mining and exploration, they are highly maneuverable and have good durability.

    Further enhanced for battle deployment by an ability to be deployed in three different armor variants, ranging from fast recon vehicle, lightly armored attack aircraft and heavily armed gunship, it is capable of carrying out almost any mission thinkable in any hostile environment or battlefield.

    Manta can be rigged with an adaptable carrying harness and then used to quickly carry and move Walrus vehicles around the islands or to otherwise unreachable areas. This advanced option allows very fast and accurate ground force deployment even directly to the heart of enemy territory.
    Preview on Rock Paper Shotgun
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    Looks promising, I'll probably try out the beta this weekend.

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    January 2012
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    If this ends up as a good remake of Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising I'm sold.
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    December 2011
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    If this ends up as a good remake of Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising I'm sold.
    Well, it is more open ended, you have a huge ocean with up to 30 island in different climates to conquer and fight over. It has a campaign which i dont know how it plays, but it also has a skirmish version which lets you fight against an enemy carrier that can do the exact things like you can.

    This game is a remake of the old Carrier Command

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    bohemia? DIS GON BE GOOD
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    It looks pretty good. Might have to try it out

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    December 2011
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    If get the beta, be prepared that there are a lot of CTD's, at least for me.

    I captured some islands of the enemy, and as i set course back to stock up on fuel i see this bastard chasing me. I launched all availlable craft, and as the enemy carrier showed his ugly face through the morning mist, he did the same.

    In the end i got this:
    I am the Walrus.