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    November 2007
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    That's right you can now get iMessage on Mac. Apple have released a beta of the new messages app that's coming in Mountain Lion. The only condition: You're using Lion.

    So now you can go and bug all of your iDevice owning friends from the comfort of your Mac.



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    I have no friends to iMessage, they all have blackberrys or androids
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    May 2011
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    It's pretty buggy. Messages lag and get lost sometimes when you're using it on an iOS device as well, but I really hope it's more solid for the final release. It's pretty annoying to use in its current state.

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    The only issue I have with it in its current state (after using it since its release) is that occasionally the 1 indicator will come up on the dock and not go away despite you reading messages. I don't know what I do to fix it. A reboot perhaps?

    It's a pretty nice app though, not outwardly buggy.
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