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    March 2012
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    Hi there,

    I recently purchased and installed fallout 3 game of the year edition through steam, It ran great For 25% of the story, but then all of a sudden one day some of the sounds stopped working.

    Ive carefully checked my sound, updated my sound card drivers, Restored previous settings I had even after tweaking them to find the answer, Now in game all I get is Voices, no SFX, No Footsteps or anything.

    Ive trouble shooted to the point ive found when I tweak settings IN game for Audio, None of it makes a difference, SFX and Music occasionally works, but if I turn either one down It does not seem to make a difference, ive even gone into Display To change
    The Colour of my Menu In game and it does not change, Which has lead me to beleive changing the settings does not work, anyone else getting these sound problems?

    Any fix? Apart from a re-install its 5 gig. :(

    Thanks for any help

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    February 2011
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    This is Valve Games and Mods...

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    September 2011
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    Steam is a Valve game
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    March 2012
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    Delete that folder and you should be fine.

    (User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - Craptasket))
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    November 2010
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    Have you tried verify the cache? Have you installed any mod?
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    February 2010
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    reinstall your codecs, cccp seems to be the problem, just reinstall it :)