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    October 2011
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    Hey guys I was playing Gmod earlier this week and I heard you could use a different dx level so I put it to 7.0 to gain more FPS in a busy RP server (only server I lag on :L) So I set it to 7, Joined, crashed... ???? Well I said I'd rather be able to log in, rather than crash. I reset the DX level, Still crash? Deleted GMod and reinstalled... Joined a different server, connected, working fine. but that ONE server it wont work... It says hl.exe stopped working...


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    That's really weird. Did you try lowering the advanced graphic settings ingame?
    Edit: Other than that, crashdump please!

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    August 2011
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    Oddly, when you launch GMod, try to play in singleplayer. I had this problem, and playing in singleplayer first than multiplayer solved this problem... (don't ask me how it works)

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    Could you go into Steam > Dumps and upload it to Garry's Dump Viewer please?

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    As your problem is related to a crash, we require you to upload an crash-dump. Please follow those steps to upload one:

    What is a crashdump?!
    A crashdump is a file generated automatically when your game crashes. It includes important information about what was going on when the game/server crashed. Garry invited a website analyzing the dump and displaying important information which experienced users can use to determine what the problem was caused by.

    What exactly does it include?
    A lot of information. This includes (but isn't limited to):
    - RAM used
    - Path to Garry's Mod
    - Console-Log (doesn't function always, unfortunately)
    - Stack Trace (Doesn't matter what it is)
    - Loaded .dll's
    - Non-default convars
    However: Not everything can be seen clear text by "normal" users. Only garry got access to all functions.

    How to create a crashdump:
    Step 1 - Find the crashdump
    Browse to your "steam" folder (Usually found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\) and open the "dumps" folder. Use the windows "detail" view and sort by date/time to pick the latest crashdump.
    Browse to your servers orangebox folder (the folder with the second srcds.exe in it). Open the "dumps" folder. Use the windows "detail" view and sort by date/time to pick the latest crashdump.

    Step 2 - Upload the crashdump
    Browse to http://dumps.garrysmod.com/. Open the file selector and choose your *.dmp file.
    Now click the huge button on that page called "EAT MY DUMP".

    You don't need to wait for it to process. Just copy the URL in the top of your browser and post it.
    That's it!

    [SUB]Any instructions/help is provided without any warranty.[/SUB]

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    October 2011
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    Hmm... I've been on the servers own forum. Turns out they had implemented faulty skins on the combine. Making Everyone crash.

    Thanks anyway, guys. Thread can be closed.