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    September 2009
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    Back in Garrysmod 9 when there was this weird default map Garry added that was like a way smaller version of flat grass, except it was for a gamemode and it had a huge hole in the middle. The gamemode was something having to do with that FAMAS weapon and it would launch you very far when shot along with a laser trail.

    Oh, and VMAN. Why was VMAN there?!

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    December 2011
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    Joined a sandbox server in multiplayer and RDM every 1 in sight nonstop

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    July 2009
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    Playing gmod 9 me and my cousin built an obstacle course consisting of sawblade wheels and explosive barrels and would let each other play our courses, we were using one computer sitting side by side.

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    December 2011
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    Being a lil ass on servers and spamming props but then i found out how to make good stuff

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    December 2011
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    Chaos with ragdolls on Gm_Construct

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    June 2008
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    Trying to figure out how to detonate dynamite

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    April 2012
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    Gcombat artillery, was nice!

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    January 2010
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    Spawned a fast zombie, old PC lagged like hell because of it

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    April 2012
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    Damn... Been a player for 5 years now... So many.

    I'd say when I downloaded a machine that shoots multiple combine orbs.

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    January 2012
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    The first thing I did was lag like shit. Then I went on some stupid flood server, died, and left. I quit Garry's Mod for a while.

    Fuck laptops.

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    August 2011
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    i was messing around with npcs and i spawned to many zombies

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    Whatever version of gmod you used the weapons as the tools, i remember roping a bunch of ragdolls to an airboat and driving it around thinking it was hilarious.

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    April 2012
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    Well very first thing i did was put like 100 of Turster on back of a Car and be like i have a car with a nitro!!! XD well after that tell my friends about the game! XD love this game! its in my most loved game list
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    July 2007
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    Back before Garry's Mod was popular, or possibly even conceived, there was some other sandbox game where you walked around the map and pressed buttons to spawn props and you could move them with the gravity gun. That's it. I spawned an Alyx prop and put her in one of the laundry carts, and then pushed her with the gravity gun into a pool of water.

    Oh, the fun!

    (I think it was called JXL Sandbox or something of the like, anyone remember?)

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    May 2007
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    dont_buff_my_pylon 1

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    January 2012
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    Playing with what I think was the RPG that shot stuff. Can't remember that well.

    Good times.

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    April 2006
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    Joined around version 6 or 7, the first thing I remember doing was spawning ragdolls and physgun throwing them around. I remember thinking, IS THIS WHAT BEING JESUS IS LIKE?
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    June 2005
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    I think I remember hoverballs being the new thing to GMod when it started being sold. I think the first thing I did was put 4 hoverballs on a blast door, stood on it and went up and down a lot.


    But started playing in v7a I think. The only thing I can remember was the RPG that fired melons and babies and also vanilla roleplay, where you had to put your money in your name.

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    March 2009
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    I got an Alyx ragdoll to walk from one end of Flatgrass to another into a sawblade. No effect. I got a gore mod and used a corpse instead. Profit.

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    July 2011
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    My first memory is... trying to figure out how to pose the ragdoll without no-colliding it with stuff.

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    October 2008
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    I joined a random roleplaying server, not knowing what a roleplay gamemode was, and remember a two-way street going somewhere. I don't know how, but I stuck around and have been with that community for 5 years now and have been a developer there for 3.
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    March 2007
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    I remember everyone being black stick figures.
    You could only spawn things from some buttons on the wall.
    The map was just a square with grass and a little pool with some water.
    There were also balloons haha.