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    March 2011
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    Started up hl2_coast_whatever the fuck. Started to drive about in the Jeep.

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    January 2012
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    I think it was back in GMod 4 or 5, I spawned the Alyx ragdoll and threw it around like it was the most hilarious thing ever. Then later the dirty side of my mind took over. *wink*
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    May 2010
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    A bunch of errors, and minges. Strangely I found it fun still xD.

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    July 2007
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    I had to leave it on over night to install. I remember my computer being loud as hell until I fell asleep. Then around 4 I checked to see if it was done. It was, I got on and spawned a bathtub and put a sawblade in it. I didn't understand how welding things worked, I didn't know how to do anything. It was great.

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    August 2011
    1,697 Posts
    "I have no idea what I am doing"
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    March 2011
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    I remember instantly going to multiplayer, and joining the first server I saw. It was a BuildRP. Errors everywhere.
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    March 2012
    203 Posts
    Doing burnouts with the jalopy
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    January 2012
    160 Posts
    Bathtub car of death (Based off of in game tutorials) Also got banned for "Mingebag" because I had the Kleiner model.
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    April 2011
    5,827 Posts
    Taking on the entire overwatch, antlions, and headcrab zombies with nothing but an SMG and four squadmates who died midway in the battle

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    June 2005
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    Joined a multiplayer server and was in awe that GMod 10 was finally out. Bought it within the first hour when steam servers were overloading.
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    June 2009
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    Finding a prop to standardize my building with. Decided on doors, I built a misshapen jet out of doors and landing gear with propane tanks, then added a butt ton of thrusters to it. It actually flew really well and looked pretty good for the first contraption I ever made. The disappointing part is that, that jet was probably the best aircraft I have built to date(even though I have only built two flying contraptions)

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    July 2011
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    I went to Multiplayer and found Dark out about DarkRP.
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    March 2012
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    My first memory?
    Oh, that'd be Garry's Mod breaking.
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    July 2009
    1,166 Posts
    container fort, zombies, apocalypse.

  15. Post #95

    January 2012
    35 Posts
    I remember building some kinda flying fortress thing out of container doors, crap ton of hover balls and like 500 thrusters. Then I spawned it on a sever and got instabanned for having thrusters with sound on.
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    April 2011
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    Welded 10 - 20 Gnomes to Jeep.

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    April 2012
    2 Posts
    Touched boys.
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    April 2009
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    I went on gm_construct, I spawned a metrocop and a bunch of bathtubs.

    It was a life changing event.

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    Can i have a tital Dav0r?
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    August 2005
    1,851 Posts
    joined a random laggy as fuck server with one minge in it, who was tying a ragdoll to the ground. It was AWESOME

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    October 2009
    591 Posts
    I can't remember what I did the very first time I played, but I remember being at my mate's house and joining an RP server. We figured out how to use the console to make ourselves admin and superadmin. (went something along the lines of "ulx_adduser_superadmin true")

    We did that on quite a few servers, then some admins of some server asked us how we did it and in return gave us permanent superadmin of the server.
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    September 2011
    60 Posts
    My friend installed the hover boards mod for me because I didn't understand shit. It was awesome.
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    November 2007
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    Back when my parents first got a divorce and I would spend every other weekend at my dad's house, my dad bought me a boxed copy of HL2 at gamestop or something and GMod through Steam.

    The first thing I tried to do after watching the tutorial videos and making a crappy wooden crate car was to build a plane using hoverballs and those rectangular pieces of metal with the hinge on it that's somewhere in useful construction props. It was so hard because I didn't even know how to noclip and it ran like crap on my dad's vaio.

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    May 2009
    2,507 Posts
    I loaded up the map "cs_office", spawned a Kleiner ragdoll and then used inflator on the head and messed around with the eye poser tool. Then later on I just messed around with the manhack gun, then joined a multiplayer server being hosted by some kid and got kicked for causing his helicopter thing to crash by pushing a prop at it.
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    October 2011
    21 Posts

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    June 2005
    2,976 Posts
    Those huge ass "fatcan" thrusters, and an overwhelming amount of lag because I had the world's shittiest computer back then.

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    May 2008
    72 Posts
    Trying to get a damn Sniper Rifle to work. Didn't get addons at all.

  27. Post #107
    November 2011
    4,712 Posts
    Gm_construct, made a rocket gnome. Lost rocket gnome. Made balloon Breen.
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    There's only one person in this whole world like you. And people can like you exactly as you are.
    Lambda 217's Avatar
    March 2008
    4,356 Posts
    Attempted to make a elevator with a crane tower and a bedframe, game crashed upon putting a winch on the bedframe.

  29. Post #109

    April 2012
    2 Posts
    My first Garry's Mod Memory is when I joined my first sandbox server people were posing the ragdolls in all the sex positions they could think of and someone made a Mossman vehicle out of her ragdoll and and invisible buggy!
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  30. Post #110
    The first memory that comes to my mind is when I played on flat grass multiplayer. I was playing it all night having fun killing npcs and making contraptions. It was the most fun I had in a while.

  31. Post #111
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    April 2012
    37 Posts
    Finally learning the controls after 2 hours.

    Made a nice little house on gm_construct, was very homely.

    I think after that I tried blowing it all up, I didn't really understand that the RPG won't move unfrozen props.

    Good times, good times.

  32. Post #112
    NoY_The_Nut's Avatar
    November 2011
    57 Posts
    Obvious bathtub car on Gmod 9

    Edit: With father Grigori in it

  33. Post #113
    werewolves's Avatar
    April 2009
    29 Posts
    I remember having less ram than an iphone 4 does these days and playing online back when icannt wasn't completely shitty.

    Friendly fire was on and the server would always break up into 2 factions and kill eachother over and over. Never got old.

  34. Post #114
    Megurine Luka's Avatar
    March 2012
    39 Posts
    Watching someone noclip around on flatgrass and wondering how they were doing it.
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  35. Post #115
    sentrygunman's Avatar
    September 2008
    676 Posts
    Asking how to rope the cart ragdoll to a jeep.

  36. Post #116
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    nomad1's Avatar
    July 2010
    5,829 Posts
    My first gmod experience was going on multiplayer and joining a build server that was called something like 24/7 Build. Anyway i got caught up in some war with some 12 year old script kiddies with DOS Cannons. Now i have a better rig and won't have my graphics card crash on me when they had like explosions going off in my face (we are talking like a absured amount, oh and the card was a nvidia so its crap)
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    February 2011
    6,855 Posts
    N.P.motherfuckin' C. wars all over Construct.

  38. Post #118
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    All0utWar's Avatar
    March 2011
    1,642 Posts
    Downloaded the Halo SWeps and put the materials inside the /garrysmod/materials folder and so on. Then got in-game and started to rage about how everything was an error. I also remember my friend and I joined a server and I kept asking why there were so many errors and how to build a house.

  39. Post #119
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    December 2009
    1,624 Posts
    my 1st memory that i can remember was crashing
    Due to a big BOOM what was Fun :)

  40. Post #120
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    July 2011
    9,011 Posts
    I remember this pretty well actually.
    I started up flatgrass, put down a chair, and flew around like a fucking idiot after I put thrusters on it.
    This was way back in 2008 and I'm still playing Gmod to this very day.