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    January 2011
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    Hello, i need to help my brother a bit to upgrade his computer and since i dont really know much about intel CPU's and i dont want him to be a victim of AMD CPU's you need to help me choose for a good one.
    He wants the PC to play games like Battlefield 3 on high/maxed out, the things he needs to upgrade is the Motherboard, CPU and graphics card.
    I dont really know a budget, think my dad pays like 80-100 euro's and he can sell his old components.

    Already found 2 upgrade kits, when he sold his old components he can buy a graphics card.



    Which one is better to buy? i heard the i3 CPU's are very powerfull, even more powerfull than AMD Quadcores so that means if he wants to play Battlefield 3 he can play this High/Maxed out with a good graphics card.

    There's also this kit with a bulldozer http://www.alternate.nl/html/product...1=Upgrade+kits (he's not going to overclock anything) would this be a good kit for the price?
    Also many people were saying it performs the same as i5 2500k, i dont really believe that but i do believe it performs better than the i3 2120 when its for the same price.

    Edit : looked at benchmarks (http://www.cpubenchmark.net/high_end_cpus.html) and here does the FX 6100 score better than the i3 2120 and it is for the same price here.

    Another edit :
    my brother is going to buy the AMD Phenom x4 965 and the HD 6870 cause that's cheaper than buying a whole new motherboard and he has an AM2+ with DDR2 motherboard now.

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    There's little point updating that motherboard if you've yet to buy. Go with the i3 2120 because with most motherboards you get an upgrade path with Ivy Brdge, whereas AM3 is pretty redundant now.

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    DDR2 is going to bottleneck a Phenom II x4 965 and the HD6870 pretty bad, there's no point in trying to go with that upgrade.

    And stay away from the AMD FX series until Windows 8 and Linux fix the thread scheduler issues.

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    What is his current setup?
    From what I understand you do not want to go cheap on Motherboards, Processors, or Graphics cards. You also want to make sure everything's compatible with the stuff you currently have.

    So if you're going to upgrade your graphics and your processor, you should really look into a compatible motherboard to go with it. Otherwise, as bohb has stated, you're computer is going to be more sluggish than it is now and have more problems.