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    Long story... Here's what happens:
    First, I would start up my computer, and it would get to the point where the desktop would load, but all I got was a black screen and a cursor I could move around with...
    Then, I would just get the task bar and wallpaper, but no desktop shortcuts. Also, the task bar wasn't intractable.
    I started up safe mode, ran a virus scan (came up came up clean) ran CCleaner, defrayed, and set msconfig so that there are no start-up services.

    Now, I get to the desktop, and everything seems to have loaded properly. However, I try to start anything (whether it be Chrome, or even Task Manager), it would freeze. By freeze, I could move the cursor, but it's the "processing" cursor where you can't click on anything.

    As you can see, I'd say I've exhausted every possibility. Right now, it's opened up, cooling off (it seemed warm? Shows how desperate I am, now).

    I'm going to test it again in a few minutes, but until then...
    Any ideas?


    And by apparent magic, it's working normally again... No idea what I did, but I'm glad I did it.

    In case it does come up again (to any mod reading), I'd like this thread to stay open for about another, if it could. But for now... Fixed...?


    Nope, spoke too soon... Worked fine for a couple minutes, now it froze.
    Can't click anything.


    To add to my problems, I JUST noticed the sticky at the top of the section...

    ...Could a mod move it to Tech Support?
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    Try booting to the last known stable state, if that doesn't fix it then it's hardware related. Download Speccy and check if the temps are normal, it could be overheating.
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    My brother-in-law came over to see the problem, and he came up with the possible solution of a corrupt account on the PC.

    So, he made another one, and I'm trying that out, now. Seems to be working flawlessly. Problem solved, I'd say.

    I PM'd a mod to lock this.
    Thanks, Bumrang, though.
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