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    No Griefing

    This is not the same as raiding. is breaking and entering a house to get some supplies from inside. Don't totally destroy their house for the fun of it. If you are in a faction, you can grief enemy faction territory all you want.

    No ugly/useless buildings.

    This means no 1x1 towers, no giant, square buildings that are made of only one block.

    Be respectful.

    Don't call out other players because you think it's cool or you need to. You don't.

    No Hacking

    Don't spawn in items or fly or anything the regular survival mode wouldn't let you do.


    Owner - Mervenus

    Admins - Xanuch, Chessnut, MrPuddles, Celticdragon

    Moderators - Artix3, Sashi_Degodeshi, Gizmo247.

    Please respect them, they're players just like you. They can't /give or change gamemode.


    This rank is for really old players of the server, you cannot buy it.

    They can kick, ban and tp.


    If you think you're a good enough player, you can ask an admin for this rank.

    You can /tpa.


    Site: www.craftaholics.tk

    (clear your cache if it doesn't work)

    No donations are required.

    I hope to see you on the server!

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    Updated the thread with new moderators. Sorry for the bump.