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    February 2005
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    My Site: http://blsmithmedia.com/ (Site is WIP)

    My question: The green "Media" tab on top contains two drop down options: Images/Videos. However, the "Media" tab itself is also a link. I wasn't sure what to put there so I put a sample of images and all of my videos. Assuming that if someone goes there they could see a little of both and if they want to browse more, they could go into the assigned sections (images/videos). Though I am not sure on this design idea, what do you guys/gals think?
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    May 2010
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    I quite lik the menu thing. The site is pretty cool as well, just get rid of that god awful background and go easy on the transparency :)
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    April 2011
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    It looks nice - although personally I'd make it so that you cannot click on it, other than to make the drop-down box appear/dis-appear. You're just making an extra page you don't need - but I guess you've already made it so it doesn't really matter.

    [sub]On a side note:
    Why did you create a new thread for this? You could've used your exsisting thread: here[/sub]