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    August 2011
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    My friend doesn't have a FacePunch account so he requested me to post this thread. He wants a few scripts made for his TTT server. He said he will be PAYING, you guys can negotiate that.

    Add him here http://steamcommunity.com/id/Penguino365

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    July 2011
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    Mmhmm, Marky poo. Been awhile since me and you touched base.

    Thought I was gone...Huh?

    Kinda odd your friend has the same steamid as your account....How could that of happened?
    Not to mention his name is also mark, Pretty nice friend ya got.

    I remember you comming on my server saying you were better at lua then 90% of garrysmod then acting childish telling my admins to suck your dick and such, Thought i'd forget that? No way man.


    If you really want help, Wait for someone to add ya. Else

    My goal:
    1. To provide support to those who want to own a nice server but dont have the skills necessary
    2. To show that facepunch isnt all full of greed, Theres still a few out there who will help.
    3. To help out the gmod community.

    What I can Do:
    Gamemodes: Fretta and from Scratch
    Addons: I can make/improve mostly anything, As long as its purely lua based.
    SWEP: I will make anything that doesnt currently exist in plain sight, Or improve a existing one
    Derma: I can make some pretty nice stuff in derma.

    What I won't Do:
    I will not edit or remake any gamemode that is infesting gmod.
    No roleplay.
    I will not make intergrate a existing addon in to a existing gamemode.

    Simple scripts: Free
    Simple gamemodes: Free
    Advanced gamemodes: Depends on the type of gamemode, If less then 48 hours of work, then Free

    Current jobs:
    1. A edit of spacebuild

    I do not have any up to date examples, This is a VERY old pointshop. I'll add more soon or later.

    Add me on: Steam
    Add me on skype: netsurfers2

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    Added him lol.
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    August 2011
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    What's your point? I know him IRL and he has the same name as me. Is that Illegal or something?
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    Hmm, some people might want some more info and such. Also, if your friend is hiring people then you should post here. http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1160575