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    January 2011
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    Well I have a broken version of the gmod dll pimpmyride.dll.
    Does anyone have a fixed version that works?

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    July 2007
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    This subversion repository should have the latest version. http://gmodmodules.googlecode.com/sv...yride/Release/

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    April 2009
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    table Vehicle:getoperatingparams() returns a table with the following structure:
    	float speed,
    	float RPM,
    	float gear,
    	float steeringAngle,
    	float wheelInContact,
    	bool? isTorqueBoosting,
    table Vehicle:getvehicleparams() returns a table containing the vehicle parameters
    	bool _SanityCheckOnlyUseTheResultFromGetVehicleParams, --internal use ONLY
    	float axleCount,
    	float wheelsPerAxle,
    	table body {
    		vector massCenterOverride,
    		float massOverride,
    		float addGravity,
    		float tiltForce,
    		float tiltForceHeight,
    		float counterTorqueFactor,
    		float keepUprightTorque,
    		float maxAngularVelocity,
    	table axles {--one table per axe
    		table [1] {
    			float torqueFactor
    			float brakeFactor
    		table [2] {
    	table engine {
    		float horsepower,
    		float maxSpeed,
    		float maxRevSpeed,
    		float maxRPM,
    		float axleRatio,
    		float throttleTime,
    		float gearCount,
    		table gearRatio {
    			float [1],
    			float [2],
    		float shiftUpRPM,
    		float shiftDownRPM,
    		float boostForce,
    		float boostDuration,
    		float boostDelay,
    		float boostMaxSpeed,
    		float torqueBoost
    	table steering {
    		float boostSteeringRateFactordegreesSlow,
    		float degreesFast,
    		float degreestBoost,
    		float speedSlow,
    		float speedFast,
    		float powerSlideAccel,
    		float steeringExponent,
    		float isSkidAllowed,
    		float dustCloud,
    		float turnThrottleReduceSlow,
    		float turnThrottleReduceFast,
    		float boostSteeringRateFactor
    nil Vehicle:setvehicleparams(table) this function will error if the table structure does not equal the structure above, if you manually set _SanityCheckOnlyUseTheResultFromGetVehicleParams
    and then use this function with a table which structure does not equal the above, the game will crash!
    long GetUcmdButtons(CUserCmd)
    nil SetUcmdButtons(CUserCmd, long buttons)
    float materialindex Vehicle:GetWheelMaterial(float wheel)
    nil Vehicle:SetWheelMaterial(float wheel, string material)
    Made that documentation once.