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    December 2011
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    I'v been recently been getting fit again after a long summer break, i put on about 10kg. Its now soon to be winter (Australia btw), and my footy season is up and iv just dropped the weight and now i got stretch marks on my back like 5 lines accross my back, it looks like someone has scratched my back but they are feel like vains running accross my back and all stretched.

    cut story short, does anyone know any good stretch mark treatment, my back looks horrible with fucking pimples and and zits and crap. and just to think my back looked so beautiful before i put on that weight...

    :( Please help mee

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    November 2008
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    There is no way to "redo" your back, stretch marks will go away eventually but it will be a long time.

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    June 2011
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    theres creams that (might) work . you can get a tan and that helps too. or get a tat over it . or compare stretch marks with ur mom and giggle alot and eat lots of chocolate
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    July 2010
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    Bio-oil helps I'm told but i never bothered to try myself.

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    September 2008
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    I got stretch marks by my armpits when my chest rapidly expanded. I have the same problem, dont know what cream to use, but I know there's creams out there for stretch marks.

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    September 2011
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    retinol is good for acne wrinkles scars and stretchmarks.


    Also put a few drops of olive oil if you're using it on your body for intense moisturizing.
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    July 2006
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    At first stretch marks are depressing. You will later realize it doesn't matter. Fuck it. lose the weight you will still have them but it just shows you're a motivated person that you lost the weight. I'm down to 240 from 298. In 5 months. Hard work you can do it and you later won't care about the stretch marks.

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    September 2011
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    I'm wondering why I got dumb rated.

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    November 2006
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    Wear them as a badge of pride.
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    September 2009
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    just work out ur butt so when ppl r behind u they look at ur badonkadonk and not ur back
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    October 2011
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    I've got stretch marks on my back from growing that are so bad, it looks as though I was lowered onto a table-saw a couple times

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    April 2011
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    I got stretch marks on my Biceps when I started rigorous weights training... when I was at the doctor for a chest infection I asked her what I could do about them and she told me to get Bio-Oils.. haven't got around to getting them yet but just thought I'd let you know what was medically recommended for mine.

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    January 2008
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    When I was 15 I noticed I had HUGE stretch marks on my back when getting changed in P.E. one day, as if Freddy Kruger has slashed my back. Now i'm 21 they've completely gone. I didn't use anything on them, just ignored them. Just let your body deal with them and don't feel self-conscious about them, loads of people get them.

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    May 2011
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    Yeah, Bio-Oil's good, so is cocoa butter.

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    October 2009
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    Its not really anything to be embarrased about. A lot of people have them, just let them go away by themselves.