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    March 2010
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    Tit Wank
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    August 2009
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    Dear MegaPear,

    Did you improve yourself? Have you gotten off your ass to do anything cool? Hopefully yes. 2012 will hopefully be change and maybe you will have found someone. Who knows?

    p.s. ur a faget

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    August 2011
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    Dear BlackCrow,

    She probably left you, didn't she? If she came back, good for you. But then again, you might still feel that nagging feeling of distance and emptiness you two share. You were a stupid, fucktard in 2012 who couldn't keep his trap shut. Hope you worked on that. You better not be a fucking procrastinator still, if you are, I'm going into the future to kick your ass so hard. You lowlife piece of shit, Happy New Years--I bet you're spending it alone again while waiting for a call from her, only to call her yourself and end up hanging up 2 minutes later just because she had to go/something came up/relative needed the phone(the usual.)
    Anyways, Enjoy your 2013.

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    February 2011
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    Dear me, don't buy MW5.
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    July 2007
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    Dear me, don't buy MW5.
    They'll have at least another 5 Modern Warfares out by next year.

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    June 2007
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    Dear 2013-me,

    I bet you're still a worthless fuck.

    Love, me

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    July 2007
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    Dear future me,

    Are you actually going to read this message before you pointlessly post in next year's edition of this thread?

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    January 2012
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    Dear me,
    Have you survived the 2012 prophecy stuff? (Probably).
    If so, have you stuck it to your annoying friend?

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    January 2010
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    make sure to live because you only get one go at this
    love your past x

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    June 2011
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    Dear S33T,

    If you haven't screwed things up with Kat, congrats if you have..then shit sucks bro. Are you still playing your instrument of choice?

    Have you finally submitted the SCP that you wanted to do for so long?

    Did you add anything to the rig?

    Are you spending new years with Tudd and Longshaft like last year?

    Who died this year fill me in..

    You still going to church?

    Is it still ironic that you don't believe in anything but yet you still go?

    Did you get a tattoo like you said you would?

    What car are you driving?

    Did you graduate ?

    The military still a option?

    Have a good 2013 space cowboy..


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    November 2006
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    still keeping it real

    06'er 4 lyfe

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    July 2009
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    Dear Future Me,

    What kind of car am I driving and am I still a virgin?

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    September 2010
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    What college are u going to?
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    July 2007
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    Dear future me,

    You still here? Fuck off.

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    November 2010
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    To (not so distant) future me;

    Yeah, shit's been tough. Even with all this shit going down, seemingly cascading around your head like some sort of sick scat fetish wetdream, you have managed to keep yourself together. Hell, you even won yourself an $18,000 scholarship! That is not something most people in your family can claim, let alone everyone else you know.

    Just know that things will get better. After you manage to move out and get a job, just know that you will finally find inner peace.

    See ya around.

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    November 2010
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    How well is your Japanese?

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    Grammar Nazi General
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    April 2009
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    Listen Adelle, its been a year now. If Marc is still alive, make sure you get him some of that steak from disney. That'll make him smile.

    I hope you got your pilots license by now, that'll make daddy proud. We just finished the new store in Glen Cove, it looks really nice. I did a good job with the server didn't I?

    At the current moment I'm still waiting for a call from those computer guys Mohan said he would get you an internship with. Also, still waiting for Alex to get me unbanned from minetown.

    As for the rest of the world, everything is a mess. We have 6 brand new dumbasses running for president. The feds are lying as usual, telling us everything is fine. Right now I don't see any progress to be made. I still haven't abandoned the super bowl commercial idea, and I hope you haven't either. The middle east is no different. Israel is attacking Syria, Iran is trying to stick its nose in for no reason.

    If by the time you read this, world war 3 has started, go back to the old house, tell the Mattricos to let you in the backyard, and dig up the box. If I remember correctly, it should contain lifetime coupons for AmTrak to John's neighborhood. Make sure at all costs to protect the picture of the family but destroy the one of Marc in the ICU from christmas. Hold on to the blanket, and the golf ball.

    I really hope it has been a good year for you. If Marc is still there, tell him I love him and that nothing will ever seperate "double trouble". Mom says I love you, Daddy says the same. Kristina, Mike and Isla say hello.

    Your confused self,

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    March 2009
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    Right then, if I'm here again looking at this it means I'm still alive so good job on that. It also means I haven't forgotten about this or more likely I saw the thread for the same thing but for the year 2014 which reminded me, either way congratulations once again. Now on to the questions. Did you get a job? Was it in EMS? If so was it in Hospital or on the ambulance? Which hospital/ambulance? Did you meet anyone? What happened to that Ashley girl from Victor Valley Hospital? That's all for now. Edits for more questions and shit. Also stop being a wanker.


    Oh yeah and did you go to the military or are you in the process of doing? If not did you at least get in shape still?

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    October 2011
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    You better have gained 20lbs of muscle by now

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    Ah yes "opinions"
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    October 2005
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    Congrats on the billionaire mansion, tigers, collossal car and starring role in the mass effect movie. -love past self
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    November 2007
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    I did something like this 3 years ago, some website was doing it and I had it sent dec 25th 2012, can't wait.

    also inb4 I don't get it cause the website was shut down or some shit

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    March 2011
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    Dear me, do I have a new computer? How was Mass Effect 3? Was a Black Ops 2 released yet? Has anybody beat my WPM in school?

    From me.

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    December 2011
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    Better luck next year! :)

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    February 2012
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    Good luck on your future goals. You'll fail them just like this year.

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    November 2009
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    Dear future Namaste,

    Have you come out to your dad yet? I hope your still with your boyfriend, and I hope life is still as rewarding and happy as it was at the time you wrote this.

    Now Namaste

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    February 2012
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    Dear future me,

    Have you got a life yet? I doubt it. Also congratulations on being alive to read this.

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    Andrew McWatters
    March 2011
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    Dear future Andrew,

    You've done really great on

    and I hope you kept working on it, and maybe even talked to Valve at least once about a Steamworks contract!

    Has Facepunch changed much in the future? And what classes are you taking in college right now? How did it feel to get that tooth drilled out?

    I really hope mom and your sister forgave your father by now. I really miss him not being around the house as much, and it really hurts that the family doesn't do much together anymore.

    Stay strong, Andrew. And don't stop working hard no matter what. Make your family proud.

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    October 2009
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    Dear future me:

    good job fucking up your VCE

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    I don't wanna Dang ol' yo.
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    September 2009
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    The fuck are you still doing here?

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    November 2008
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    Hey man, you found a job yet? if so, that must mean you're driving now too right? maybe you found someone or some shit I dunno.

    Probably not, now go back to bed you lazy fucker, oh yeah happy new year.

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    March 2011
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    Dear future me, buy a better computer.

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    Tophat Enthusiast
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    July 2011
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    If you don't have any of the below I will fucking kill you.
    1. Proper tophat
    2. Ability to create complex view-models
    3. Some sort of title.

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    March 2010
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    Do you still have a penis


    And if you do, has it been used by anyone other than yourself, preferably a girl?

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    May 2011
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    Hey JimJam707, you a pretty swell guy.
    Why you so awesome?

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    August 2007
    5,412 Posts
    Did you learn Russian yet?
    If no, punch self in balls.
    If yes, punch someone else in the balls.
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    October 2009
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    1. Are you still learning guitar?
    2. Are you not an emotional wreck anymore?
    3. Did you stay sober?

    0/3 yes - Way to go, asshole.
    1/3 yes - Meh. Could do better.
    2/3 yes - Nice job.
    3/3 yes - Yell "Fuck yeah!"

    Also, if Rick Santorum is in office, kill yourself.

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    March 2007
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    Lonney, don't fuck up. If you do fuck up even I won't speak to you again, and I know how lonely it gets up there in my barren wasteland of a head.
    If you do succeed in not failing, I'll buy you a donut.

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    ask me about my title
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    August 2009
    2,775 Posts

    I hope you will earn some money doing your Photography projects by now. If you are still doing it, KEEP UP THE C++

    This year is shitting important and don't say "Aww" bless when you see this message. Get a girl you lazy fuck :3

    One more thing. Start doing that 3DS MAX again and learn to do cool shit in AE.

    I'm counting on you...

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    September 2011
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    February 2006
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    I wrote a message to myself on February 25, 2009, and got it today.

    Wow I was retarded back then. A few of the questions I asked were:

    How did Obama's stimulus bill work out? The whole recovery act? That was only passed recently, so I have no idea how it will work out.

    Did we leave Iraq yet, or did we get into more wars?