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    August 2010
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    I was impressively fit back in spring 2010 when I left Wal-Mart.
    After a year working at a desk however I noticed that I have a buildup of stomach flab. You know, the kind where you look down in the shower and realize you can't see your penis anymore unless you bend forward a little bit.
    I just got back into a high physical warehouse job and I have already been semi-routinely walking and doing sit-ups but what's the most effective way to start working it back down again?

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    Situps ain't gonna do anything. There really is no shortcut, you gotta use more calories than you eat. Cut carbs down, eat more protein and don't forget to eat fats.
    Your maintenance calories - 500 cals works quite well. You might wanna do some weightlifting (see the sticky) to maintain mussels.
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