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    Whenever i launch minecraft and load up my world, Java begins to use just under 500,000K (I don't know how much that is, i read it in the task manager) and it destroys my computer, is there any way to stop it doing that?



    Do i just have to re-start my computer every 30 mins?

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    500000k isn't that much, to be honest.

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    Half a GB is nothing. Sounds like you need more ram.


    If you have plenty of free harddrive space you might create a 2GB paging file(basically virtual ram, google)


    I use a mod called optifine to help the game's graphics from looking fuzzy as well as load chunks using both processor cores to speed it up, but the mod has a memory leak for me and after around 45 minutes the game is using 5GB of ram. Only at that point does the game lag for me, which makes sense because I have 6GB of RAM.
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