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    June 2010
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    I am looking to buy a car that is new to me. This car will be more than likely used but if someone can find a new car for around the same price that would be awesome.

    -Style: (in order from most to least wanted) Hatchback/Wagon/SUV
    -Fuel Economy: More than 20 MPG
    -Price: ~$15,000 USD
    -Condition: Good
    -Driving Environment: Snowy, preferably 4WD or a car that weighs a good amount.

    I am looking for a car that meets the above qualifications as well as quality, and <60,000 miles. If you are up to the challenge please post the car that you think will be best for me.

    Also, don't post a car that is or looks like the Toyota Prius.

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    subaru outback

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    June 2010
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    whats thinking that