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    This program downloads mp3 files from WolfDJ Player(http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1074270).


    Joinable Garry's Mod server that doesn't have ScriptEnforcer on, and has WolfDJ (you can find servers by including "wolfdj" tag in filter).

    Join to server, and type this in console
    lua_run_cl MsgN(string.Left(Stream.Player,string.len(Stream.Player)-9))
    and copy output.

    Now press (Win+R) and type "cmd". When "Command Prompt" window will popup drag WDL.exe, press space and paste url that you copied (second mouse and "Paste").
    C:\Users\Edgar\Desktop\WDL.exe http://******.com/wolfdj
    If url is working it will make "list.txt" file and "music" folder in same folder where WDL.exe is. In "music" folder there will be folders with md5 hashes(encrypted urls), and in those folder mp3 files will be stored.

    Other Info

    It will print that there is some missing files. Probably they are still pending approval or deleted ones.

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    -snip- It works but you should really add the source here, people might think its a virus.
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    Fixed download links
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