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    September 2010
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    I need a pill made. It has to act almost exactly like a regular zombie. (if you could throw in a fast zombie too that would be great) the slow walking and the swinging arms is a must.
    there is a base going around on toybox the style is exactly what im looking for though it is an entity. (almost a client controlled npc with a follow cam) if i knew enough about lua to do this i would most likely do it myself


    willing to pay but unsure of how much this would cost.

    if what you do is good, and i can come to you if i have an issue with it after i pay. then i will have more jobs for you in the future.

    Add me on steam for more information

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    October 2009
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    ill do it for ten thousand dollars

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    September 2010
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    make it reasonable considering it should take a good coder less then an hour to get most of it done,

    Edit: and besides.... thats over 9000? :P
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    September 2010
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    no takers?

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    January 2011
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    I'm considering it but I don't know if I have spare time

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    September 2010
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    alot of people would love you if you did XD there are no longer any that work on garrysmod.org (accept the ones just uploaded but they dont have zombie D:)

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    September 2005
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    OP, would you want it done in a style like this:


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    October 2008
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    This pill pack here has a fast zombie and a normal zombie.
    http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=27350 Not sure if it still works since it is a old pack.

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    September 2010
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    no it doesnt. all pill packs broke awhile ago. i think the only pill type thing that still works is the mr grundly thing

    im still looking for this by the way