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    December 2007
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    46kg x 5 reps SQUAT

    22kg x 5 reps PRESS


    I'm stalling a lot on the normal SS program, and minutes ago I've finished reading http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showth...hp?t=135564721

    Should I add more exercises, train 4/5 times a week even if I'm stalling doing regular SS?
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    July 2008
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    I don't know but you certainly have to eat more

    dat ribcage

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    September 2010
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    That squat is almost perfect. Perhaps go a little lower if you want. I don't do press much so I wouldn't know about that.

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    August 2006
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    1. Really? Chairs? I hope this is only temporary. Trust me, ghetto stuff of that magnitude never lasts for long.

    2. A lot of forward lean and no hip drive. Fix that. If at that low weight you go without focusing on your technique, it might cause injury. You focus solely on lifting the weight, instead of keeping the trunk steady. Drive your ass instead of your chest. Don't let the weight dictate how you go, by going up and trying to keep straight, push from your ass. Mark is a better instructor than me in terms of exercise mechanics. Check the videos.

    3. If you're stalling on the basic ss routine, then adding exercise doesn't make sense.
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    August 2007
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    Form looks good, but you don't need to rush. Slowly pick the weight up from the rack and take one short step at a time. It may not be a problem yet, but it may be when you got 1.5 times your body weight on your back.

    E: Oh well it does look you've got 1,5 times your body weight on your back already. You should eat more...

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    April 2011
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    hes literally squatting body weight there ( notice no lmao)

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    November 2006
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    What's your diet? You need to get some meat on those bones.

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    February 2010
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    Please inform us next time that you aren't wearing any clothes.(semisrs)

    your squat is fine.