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    November 2009
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    So, I'm strip mining right, and I come into a cave system. I start to hear weird sounds, it sounds like something glitching, so I go and explore. I look down into this dark section, put a torch and a few blocks off see a mob spawner. Along with skeletons, and this little green thing. Ignoring it, I try and kill the skeletons. Suddenly, this little green thing hovers toward me! I soon identify this thing as a slime. Still not knowing what they did, I hit it. IT MULTIPLIED AND GOT BIG AND I WAS LIKE WTF MAN

    I just started running away to think of a plan. One of the slimes followed me and was pushing me around and shit, I just ignored it. I then came up with the plan to pour lava on the slimes and skeletons. I go up to my base and craft two buckets. I go pick up some lava, and make my way down to this bitches.

    I get down there and locate the little mother fuckers. There are jumping around and shit and I just wanted to get it done with. I pour both buckets of lava and watch. And wait...and wait. They weren't dying....I thought of the idea to go around them. So I tried, and I opened through on the side of them. Of course they were all on fire and they swarmed the opening. I just walked through and tried hitting them all with my sword, but they were pushing me and I was lost. I just saw a bunch of moving green shit on my screen, a flash of gray, then a flame engulfing my screen. The bitches had pushed me into lava.

    Luckily I only lost a set of iron tools. But still, shit pissed me off. Can you guys inform me about slimes a little more?
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    Basically they spawn at level 16 and below, in high or low light levels (not sure of the exact parameters on that), which can actually make them quite annoying in deep mines depengding on their design, and usually in big open rooms. You can often find a lot spawned together in deep, large caverns. They can be up to 16x16x16 blocks big, IIRC. They'll split into smaller ones if hit with anything but a sword, again IIRC. At their smallest form, 1x1x1, they'll just push you around and follow you just about anywhere, even up ladders, essentially making them pets if you want. But don't take them mining as they can push you into lava, or just generally be annoying and get in the way. They drop 0-3 slimeballs when killed, regardless of size. Slimeballs are useless, can't be crafted into anything yet, and do no damage when thrown (I think they can be thrown, anyway). So yeah, hope that helped.
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    November 2007
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    First slime encounter?

    I had built a pathway down to lava level previously and spend 15 minutes calling him to my pen like a dog.
    "Here boy! Here boy! Come here!"
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    in my first slime encounter they pushed me into lava :smith:
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    July 2009
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    My first slime killed me,(SMP) so I went back down and collected my stuff (It was killed by my friend that came down to help) and about 15 tiny slimes pushed me a round and I couldn't kill em. So I disconnected and came back(Removes all tiny slimes) and my friend had left with half my stuff, worst of all, it was a tunnel he had dug down so you had to place blocks to get back up. He unfortunately took my pick and had used cobble stone to get back up. I was trapped under ground with 64 iron and pools of lava everywhere, hopping another slime didn't 'pop' out and attack me.

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    November 2007
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    My first encounter I was mining deep underground in a series of tunnels I was exploring. I hear what sounded like clocks coming from the other side of a wall. I didn't know slimes made this noise so I was sorta freaking out. I whip out some TNT and blow my way through the wall and stumbled upon a cavern full of slimes. I was just about to run when I noticed a large number of slimeballs in front of the hole I made with TNT. I killed off about half of them with one explosion, shiit.

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    January 2010
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    I spotted my first slime far away underground using F3. When I finally was near him, close enough to hear his sounds, he jumped into the lava and died :smith:. Luckily, new slimes spawned.

    On another map, a baby slime managed to get into my sleeping room all the way on the surface, without any help of me (since I was pinned down somewhere for the night, it probably wanted to accompany me during the night :unsmith:)
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    August 2006
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    I found a slime while cavern diving for materials. I had to kill it to get to some diamond nearby, which ended up causing me to fall into lava below it, making me lose all my shit.

    I blame the slime. He knew all along.

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    October 2008
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    Didn't found a single one yet. :smith:
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    June 2010
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    i recorded mine
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    October 2007
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    i recorded mine
    The noise you have when you pick things up is horrible.

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    July 2010
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    The noise you have when you pick things up is horrible.
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    March 2010
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    I remember mine. I was exploring a very steep hole, and found small one on the staircase down i made. He followed me through out the cave and was always by my side keeping me company. Then a couple minutes later he fell to his death:smith:, but he dropped one slimeball. I keep that slimeball in my chest to remember my first slime i've ever seen:unsmith:.
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