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    August 2009
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    This is really annoying. Last few days of freedom before I start my uni course and minecraft aint jerking.
    Is there anything I can do to make it work or do I have to wait for Mojang to pull finger and fix it?

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    April 2010
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    What error message are you getting?

    I'm getting "Java.net:SocketException software caused connection abort" without fail. I've not yet been able to enjoy my purchase I made months ago.

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    October 2005
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    Minecraft.net is down for me, that means I cannot even get on the website or play the game online. Others don't seem to have this problem though.

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    October 2010
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    for everyone in the chat, if you have the new launcher scrap it. Use one of the old exe you downloaded cause the new launcher seems to be having login problems.

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    December 2007
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    Yeah, I tried for like an hour, then launched my old one( knew something was going to happen like this) and it worked perfectly.

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