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    Does anybody know some code to check a steam id?
    I wan't to see if the steam id of a player is the same as the one i called listedsteamid.

    I have tryd these:
    steamid = CSteamID::GetAccountID();
    steamid = pPlayer->GetUserID();
    steamid = bool CBaseMultiplayerPlayer::GetSteamID( CSteamID *pID );
    steamid = steamapicontext->SteamUser()->GetSteamID().GetAccountID();
    steamid = uint64 CBaseMultiplayerPlayer::GetSteamIDAsUInt64( void );

    Some error's i got with these look like i didn't include the correct filles.
    Could anybody help me out with the code to check steamid's?

    Thanks in advance(just started on the source engine,not having any luck on the wiki)

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    If you're using the Scratch base I'd suggest you take a look at 'ClientScoreBoardDialog.cpp'.
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    Hmm ok i'll take a suick look into it.
    Seems like my project (2007 engine)doesn't have that file.
    Gonna look around in the 2006 engine.

    Can't find the file.
    Hope this is correct:

    this is the compile output when i trie this:

    1>.\client.cpp(1488) : error C2227: left of '->GetUserID' must point to class/struct/union/generic type
    1> type is ''unknown-type''

    Only error is the GetUserID

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    I am using
    in the client which works just fine (It's the Steam Community ID tough).
    Of course you need to add
    #include "steam\steam_api.h"

    For the server there's something like pPlayer->GetNetworkIDString()