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    So yesterday, I felt generous in FP gift farming server, so I gave away all my masks I had, that I was collecting for that achivement. And later on, I gave away a few hats too. And it felt really good.

    I play team fortress 2 for gameplay, for weapons, and not for hats. So every hat I will get, I will give it to someone.

    How to win a hat:
    I took place in many raffles, many competitions, and I know how you feel, when you see a raffle with more than 100 people in it. How the hell can you win that, right?
    There will be raffles, there will be random selections, there will be competitions,...I will come up with different kinds of games/raffles so that everybody can have a chance at it.

    What I gave away:
    -Spy Mask
    -Medic mask
    -Scout mask
    -Sniper Mask
    -Pyro mask
    -Mining light
    -Tough guy's toque
    -Physician's procedure mask
    -Saxton Hale mask

    So, next item I will give away is:
    Soldier Mask

    If you want it, you have to give me a link to your backpack. Use http://www.tf2items.com/.
    I'll decide, if you need it or not. (I mostly aim for those guys that want achivement and Saxton Hale mask, not for those, who want to trade it for other shit) First one who gives a link(and gets approved) wins. Otherwise, I'll choose someone else.

    Future items to give away:
    -Ellis Cap

    Don't worry, more hats will come, I just need to craft some. (or trade)

    If any of you feel generous too, you can give me some spare weapons (or metal)for me to craft a hat, or for me to use. If not, it's ok too.

    If anyone wants to join me or wants to give away hats, just PM me.

    P.S: I can give away weapons too to make this list a bit bigger, if you'd like. But only spare ones. I don't have any of them atm. Will announce, when I get some.

    I know there's a free hats thread, but I felt like doing a thread, since I'll keep it updated. But please, forgive me, if I don't update it daily, I still need to take care of my life.
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    I'll be in it for hats, but not masks. I have plenty of them, so someone else can have those ones.
    1 hat and 1 classless hat ahoy!


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    This guy gave me a Procedure Mask yesterday, he's awesome.
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    hmm...i would like to enter this too. I'm not poor so i will sit the mask one out but will join for other hats.


    Wishing for...any hat. All i have are the event hats.

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    I wish for the saxton hale mask

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    I asked Obama about Facepunch and all I got was molested by the Secret Service
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    I'm in! I wish Ellis Hat or other hat!

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    It's ok actually.

    Because TeeheeV2 asked for Saxton Hale mask, he will get it. I'm online now, so I can trade it right now if you want.

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    Insert title here

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    I wish for Physician's procedure mask :D
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    Wish For Procedure
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    I'd like the procedure mask.
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    I stole Craptaskets underwear.
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    I wish for Physician's procedure mask :D
    I'd like the procedure mask.

    Can you guys read at all?He gave the mask away already, also i can donate some stuff later op.

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    I have a feeling that I'm not eligible.

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    I could use about any hats.

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    I don't fully get what your doing but if you're trying to get people the saxton hale mask by giving the class ones away for free I would love your help page 4 has the 3 I've got so far. Hope I'm not late

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    I would want Procedure Mask, or Toque. I really wouldn't care.

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    I dont think you guys read the OP very well.

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    The way I've read it is here are some hats I've given away. I will also be giving away a hat in the future so link you're backpack here.
    But the way its been phrased fucks up all logic in my head

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    Could I please get the Spy and Scout mask? :D


    Thanks :)

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    Bitch please, i am FABULOUS
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    dicks, my man
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    All non-scattergun items on page 4 are for a raffle, including anything I might still get.

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    i have nothing so im joining

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    I've got a Saxton Hale already, so I'm not interested in taking anyone's chance at winning any mask, but I would like it if you wouldn't mind including me in any of your other hat giveaways. Thank you.

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    We need more people like you! :)

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    I'm in it for either the light or the mask.

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    Im in for the saxton hale or some of the hats.

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    In this a possible future hoovy hat. :I

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    I would love to win something ONCE.

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    Count me in for the Ellis Cap :)

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    Im in for future stuffs. :D