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    -KHRM. It seems i have bursted in to a wrong subforum. This should be moved where it belongs, if someone could be that kind.-
    Or have I? even though
    Mr. Gestapo posted:
    This forum is to suggest things that garry could implement into gmod. It is not a forum for model, map, skin, or game mode requests.
    People are still giving their own ideas, not for garry. hm. I dont know.


    Okay. I have this little Roleplaying map idea where you live underground, In a vault 101 themed place from fallout 3.

    I have actually not thought this any further, but you'll get my idea if you have played fallout 3. You know, 1 overseer, and all that. :) I might even start making it myself, and i have basic skills in hammer, very basic.
    But i could start making this and learn stuff at the same time.

    This is the last map I uploaded. pretty much dead, and not the newest version of it. I made this map purely for practice and i can do better now. The map is just so... boxy.

    But what do you think about this "Vault" idea, would it work? Would you try it if it looked good? Should it be Gm_vault instead of RP?
    Tips, anything?

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    Theres a vault in rp_cscdesert.

    It features many areas from Fallout series. (Only from the two better ones)

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    Might be, but i mean, no outside world. because if there is, nobody lives in the vault. you know, i would want to play in a sealed off vault. and a BIG one.

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    So I am not alone? I have to say your project sounds ambitious, but achievable!

    I've had nights when I've wondered should I start mapping Resident Evil's The Hive. Because it sounds so safe!

    But for starters, we would need some blueprints/mappings of these things. maybe some don't even exist, gotta use our own heads.