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    Replaying Monkey Island I noticed a lot of similarities to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. I googled and found out that a lot of people noticed that when the trailers and then the movies came out.

    A few things I noticed:

    - The same line a la "if nobody gets back from there, where do the stories come from?"
    - Swimming in a coffin
    - Ghost pirate with skeleton crew
    - The governor who is in love with the hero gets kidnapped by ghost pirates/the governors daughter who is in love with the hero gets kidnapped by ghost pirates
    - Hero gets a boat and sails after them with a shabby crew
    - A compass that doesn't point north
    - Hero is guided by a voodoo woman that lives in the swamp
    - Ghost pirate has something that could kill him locked away in a chest/Davy Jones has his heart locked away in a chest which if destroyed kills him

    Also, apparently the writer of the script to the never produced Monkey Island movie is the writer for Pirates of the Caribbean.

    A quote from the Monkey Island Wiki:

    The really interesting thing is that the movie was going to be produced by Steven Spielberg (who is a big Monkey Island fan himself). He asked Ted Elliott, a script writer who has worked on several Disney movies (including 'Treasure Planet') and on 'Steven Spielberg’s Director's Chair' game, to help with the story for the MI movie. The Monkey Island movie never got the green light and years later Ted Elliott wrote 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl', which took several ideas from Monkey Island. So basically the first two PotC movies are the Monkey Island movie.

    – The World of Monkey Island
    And here is a Youtube video that shows a few things I mentioned, but not all.

    I was delighted to see that my speculations were right.

    That said, you should totally get the Special Edition of Monkey Island on Steam, the new artwork, music and voice acting is great. If you pre order the second one, you get the first one free.
    Just saying, because maybe someone else didn't know that and feels like playing this classic again.

    This isn't exactly breaking news, but I found it interesting none the less.

    Maybe you can think of even more?

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    All those points were done way before Monkey Island or PotC. They are classic pirate legends and stories.
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    All in both stories with the same writer? Also since when are cannibals with fruits classic pirate story material? Even some recycled lines and utilities.

    If you google it you can find a lot more on the subject too, I doubt thats all coincidence.
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