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    oh shit, it really says i payed 10.00. Im so fucked. im crying. we are gonna be poor.
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    Killed postal with a fart once.
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    When it comes to kickstarter, you need to have 1) something people are going to be really interested in and 2) either a humble asking amount for what it is or insanely good idea that makes everyone back it. I don't think everyone out there is scrambling for yet another smartphone competitor. The NOLO vr campaign is an example of what I mean for both. It's a vr peripheral alternative with price (it's around $100 to back it) being its main appeal. It's going to hit $200,000 in a few days at the rate it's going and their asking amount was only $50,000. People look at that and go "shit, for a hundred bucks I can play vr games" and they back it because that's a great price for peripherals to play games that you normally can't unless you're willing to drop closer to $1000. I think people look at this and most of them think "I'll just stick with my current phone" and brush it off.


    That said I don't know how well the vr stuff'll perform. My point is that they're good at kickstarter campaigns.

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    Thing is ZTE is already a big competitor so what the fuck?

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    Thing is ZTE is already a big competitor so what the fuck?
    Some companies like to abuse Kickstarter by getting consumers to take on a lot of the financial risk for their product even though they could afford it easily in the first place.

    This is basically a pre-production preorder page, like literally the only tier you can buy is the $200 one for the phone. I think the main difference is Kickstarter lets them pull out of making the product if there is little interest without any bad blood rather than if they had to cancel preorders because there weren't enough of them.
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    It probably would've gotten more traction if it was just a simple no frills phone with something close to vanilla android on it that was open to developers.

    Instead, ZTE's community apparently voted for features like eye tracking, and a bunch of other useless gimmicky features that would've required an insanely bloated and proprietary ROM.