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    October 2016
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    Hey everyone.
    How would I go about getting this to trigger a derma panel with all the watchlisted players on a label? It is tied in with ULX and is serverside
    function ulx.watchlist(calling_ply)    
      watchlist = {}
      table.insert( watchlist, "/WATCHLIST/")
        for k, v in pairs(player.GetAll()) do
            if v:GetPData("Watched") == "true" then
                table.insert( watchlist, "\n")
                table.insert( watchlist, v:Nick())
                table.insert( watchlist, "\n")
                table.insert(watchlist, v:GetPData("WatchReason"))
                table.insert( watchlist, "\n")
        local watchstring = table.concat(  watchlist, "" )
    The directory is garrysmod\addons\daethrunadmin\lua\ulx\modules

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    June 2014
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    You spelled deathrun wrong
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