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    I am wondering would be better if this thread did take upon stuff that was supposed the be included in half life universe we already borrowed much ,but i always pictured and wish that concept of combine not suppressing human population with suppression fields as human will continue to produce the main material for their synth soldiers. The concepts of hl2 beta made this world more gloomy and depressed. only wish it wasnt hacked by that german kid.
    at the point of the hack valve was already changing the game into what it is now, they already had their vision in 2003, and they were going to delay it hack or no hack, its just that the hack gave them a nice excuse


    ohhhh nooooo

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    Sergey walks into the storage house they use in the village to look for some gasoline, he sees that his wife Quintana was standing on the middle of the room and holding a clipboard.

    Sergey: It's strange to see you doing something else than just making tea or cooking some bread.
    Quintana: Huh? *she turns around, then smiles.* Well somebody has to do some inventory checking! besides, the war was a huge mess, we couldn't scavenge as much we wanted to and I am afraid we are running low on some supplies.
    Sergey: Huh? well, if that's case, what do we have?

    Quintana: We have around 25 AK-47's and a lot 7.62×39mm ammunition.
    Sergey: Thanks to the good Brigadiers.
    Quintana: We also have four Dragunovs, two are on sniper duty and these two are still here unused. We also have the M60 and two boxes of ammo for it.
    Sergey: I shouldn't have given the other one to Huxley.
    Quintana: Honey, not this again.

    Quintana: We have around 3 boxes of 9mm rounds for 15 Heckler & Koch USPs and 2 boxes of 12 gauge ammo for 10 SPAS 12 and two mossbergs 590... that's dangerously low.
    Sergey: The use of shotguns on Voroschi was high, specially for cleaning up small buildings with combine forces.
    Quintana: We also have that... thing... the one with many pipes.
    Sergey: Oh yeah! The Synthkiller, I still have to kill something with that beauty.
    Quintana: I don't think that gun is very safe honey.
    Sergey: Nonsense, I trust the Dima.

    Quintana: Anyways, we also have 8 boxes of sub machinegun ammo for the MP7's and two AR2's... no dark energy ammo though.
    Sergey: We need to scavenge for some more or ask the other lambda factions if they can spare us some in exchange of some food.
    Quintana: We are running low on food sadly.
    Sergey: That's not good, we already had many winters without food, it's a miracle we haven't seen snow.
    Quintana: Thanks to the combine, I guess... but I'm sure that sooner or later there is going to be a snowfall.

    Suddenly, Robert walks into the storage room.

    Robert: Here you are Sergey! I ran across the entire village looking for you!
    Sergey: Huh? what happened Robert?
    Robert: The sentries between our territory and the Valkav Valley spotted a human helicopter, there was a combine symbol on it so they shot it down with an RPG.
    Sergey: What?! that's near the brigadiers territory.
    Robert: Um... I have to tell you something though, Lisa left her post and went to investigate.
    Sergey: On her own?!
    Robert: No! I wouldn't let her go on her own! Jeremiah went with her and she also took 2 houndeyes with her.
    Sergey: Well... she is our best scout and sniper, warn the Brigada about her but don't tell them about the helicopter...
    Robert: Huh?
    Sergey: Just in case there may be any survivors... and also, we are in dire need of supplies, we took the helicopter down, it think it's fair we keep most of it.

    Now, Lisa and Jeremiah alongside two houndeyes are heading to the crashed helicopter on the Valkav Valley.
    part 2 coming soon.
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    I am wondering would be better if this thread did take upon stuff that was supposed the be included in half life universe we already borrowed much ,but i always pictured and wish that concept of combine not suppressing human population with suppression fields as human will continue to produce the main material for their synth soldiers. The concepts of hl2 beta made this world more gloomy and depressed. only wish it wasnt hacked by that german kid.
    IIRC, most of the older HL2 concepts had already been cut from the game by the time it was shown at E3 2003 and most of the differences between the E3 build and the 2004/release build were to do with visual elements (e.g. Overwatch and CP uniforms, rebels using citizen models) and some gameplay aspects (citizens being little more than redshirts, the OICW being present as the Combine's primary longarm, gunships freely using their 'belly cannons' etc.). Quite a few pre-2003 assets are included to some extent in the leaked files, but I doubt that they actually had any meaningful presence and/or role in the version of the game that got leaked. Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar does a pretty good job IMO of detailing what got removed from the final game and why, and most of the time it says that X concept got binned because it no longer corresponded with Valve's vision for HL2 or needlessly complicated gameplay (e.g. most of the pre-release weapons being extremely similar to each other in terms of their respective role, even if there was an option to swap out one gun for another) or didn't exactly work as intended (e.g. the Hydra looked impressive on its own or when engaging other NPCs, but attacking it in a FPS perspective merely resulted in "a non-descript blob doing something vague, then the player would be dead without being able to see properly what they were fighting").

    As for the whole suppression field/reproduction topic, the 'esteemed' Dr. Wallace Breen clearly states that "the suppressing field will be shut off on the day that we have mastered ourselves...the day we can prove we no longer need it" (a day which I personally interpret to be related to the Combine eventually bestowing some form of immortality upon their human underlings and thus making reproductive processes unnecessary). Events in Episode 1 would suggest that the effects of the suppression field are somehow related to the functionality (or lack thereof) of a Citadel's reactor and that it primarily works by interfering with "certain protein chains important to the process of embryonic development". One could therefore argue that fluctuations in the Citadel reactor output would likewise result in fluctuations in the suppression field's effectiveness (overall field effectiveness, field radius etc.) that would allow for the "certain protein chains" to act unhindered. As for the ranks of the Combine's transhuman warriors, it wouldn't be outside the realm of possibility for a faction as technologically advanced as the Combine to implement some kind of cloning programme that would enable the ranks of the OTA and Civil Protection to be replenished in the event of naturally-born human stock being critically depleted.
    Of course, as with so many other aspects of the Half-Life universe, this is merely speculation.
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    Well here we are, 2017.

    I've got to say that the transition from being nervous in joining my very first RP thread after never posting on Facepunch or really using gmod to today has been a wonderful journey.

    RPing with you all has been wonderful and to know that this is just the start is brilliant.


    Apologies i didn't fit in SO25, Lmada-14, Railroad and the other factions but its 2:22 here and i wanted to make something special but you too are included in my thanks!
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    That post is absolute heresy.
    It's the future and they can't brew anything better than stout?
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    405th Training field 27
    Audio log 32. This is Drill Sargent Thomas Kane, I had recently received recruits, from sector 17 I just want to point out that they are all a bunch of stupid Idiots. I had divided them up into fireteams and decided to pit them against the 405th Veterans to see how well they would fare, they all say they passed basic but I feel like they all cheated or were sly about it. All the fireteams have no training whatsoever, might as well give a example. Fireteam Salamander.
    Fireteam Salamander was the 3rd team in line, 4 guys (from Left to Right: Sgt. Tom "Roadkill" Kane, Pvt. Evan Brown, Pvt. Danny Lee, Pvt. John Maschio, and Pvt. Doug Ewing.) All came from some Armored Regiment, they were all transferred to us because of Disciplinary issues. I briefed them to just Walk to the other side of the fucking field.
    Their Patrol went well until Danny got lazy.

    Doug: Dan! What are you doing? Get to cover!
    Danny: Ah, this is so simple, they just want us to walk across this field, how hard can th-
    4 Green Painted rubber rounds hit Danny center mass and his helmet, knocking the air out of him.

    Doug: Dan's been hit! Take Cover!
    Evan: Hang on! I'm goi-AAAUUHH
    4 more rounds hit Evan's back.
    John: Walk in the park my ass.

    Doug begins to have a mental breakdown, meanwhile. John notices 2 silhouettes moving in front of him.
    John: Finally I'm going to have me some target practice, EAT THIS.
    John begins to arrogantly fire his SMG in front of him. but unknowingly, he gave the opposing team the noise pick off Doug without him looking.

    John's gun eventually runs out of ammo and is surrounded by the Veterans.
    John: Uuuuhhh....I surrender! Please don't Shoot!
    405th Legionary: *chuckles* No prisoners.
    The rest of the Fireteams didn't fair any better. I hope one of these days some actual talent will waltz into this place. Sargent Thomas Kane Signing off.

    This took me a long time to make, sorry if some of the stuff didn't make any sense, Its was 3:00 so I wanted to finish it and go to bed.
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    TRANSMITTED: Overwatch Nexus (Sector 17)
    RECEIVED: 241st Regimental Headquarters, [REDACTED], Sector 17 Outlands
    As per earlier correspondence, the 241st Infantry Regiment is to receive approximately 675* new recruits. This number should be more than sufficient to replace losses sustained during the recent engagement in A17-S12, and should also allow for the creation of an additional division.
    Glory to our Benefactors in the Universal Union,
    General [REDACTED]
    A number of trucks roll along the roads leading to the 241st's headquarters, their cargo consisting of various hapless citizens torn from their (officially) peaceful existence and about to be forced to fight for the very Universal Union that so many of them dislike with great intensity.

    Once the trucks arrive, the soldiers-to-be are herded into one of the outdoor cargo areas to be given an introductory speech by the officer-commanding of the 241st. He spoke at length of how honourable it is to serve the Universal Union in this way, of the hardships that the recruits will have to overcome, of the necessity of embracing the Union's ideals or at least being neutral towards them, and of various other topics.

    Once the officer's speech came to an end, the recruits were led to the regimental stores and exchanged blue uniforms for olive drab ones. They were also issued various basic items of equipment such as sewing and other maintenance kits for their newly-issued accoutrements, and after this their training began in ernest.
    A fireteam's worth of recruits doing a P.T. run along with an instructor from the loyalist cadre. While unnecessary, the loyalist's pistol serves as a symbol of rank, especially at this early stage when the recruits have yet to undergo firearms training.

    Two instructors putting the finishing touches to mannequins in the humanoid section of a friend-or-foe display

     Math based on the wiki article's statement that the 241st has 6 battalions with around 450 men each. 6x450=2700, 2700÷4=675   
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    On a unknown location on the woods, near White Forest...

    Jaheem: When the guards warned me of speeding van down the road I knew exactly it was you, it's been a very long time Boris, I thought you forgot about your friends in Lambda.
    Borislav: I wouldn't believe it with my owns eyes, privyet Jaheem! my old friend! after all this time you're still alive!
    Jaheem: I should be saying that, you're one son of a bitch hard to kill Boris.

    Both men strongly shake hands.

    Jaheem: What are you doing here old friend? business as usual?
    Borislav: Of course, is Hunter around here somewhere?
    Jaheem: Yeah but he is very busy and can't be bothered now, he did allow me to trade with you a few things we have.
    Borislav: Perfect! Pavel, warn the others to bring some of our wares and... bring me a bottle of our special brew, I want to share it here with my good friend!

    After some time, Pavel brings a bottle with some strange dark liquor, Jaheem and Borislav start to drink it on the bunkers cafeteria.
    Jaheem: Holy mother of Joseph! this shit is amazing, what is it?
    Borislav: It's my personal brew! but I cannot tell you it's contents, they are a secret.
    Jaheem: Maybe you would trade it for something?
    Borislav: Someday I may do that, but for now it's not for sale.
    Jaheem: anyways... I think we have been talking a lot, we should get down to business.

    Loads of looted Combine mines have been disassembled recently. While Lambda 17-14 kept the explosive material inside them for IED production, most of scrap metal has been sent away to the White Forest base, which has a furnace and metalworking facility suitable enough to repurpose it. Yet, there are still 2 full crates of scrap metal White Forest refused to accept due to lack of storage space.

    Lambda 17-14 has no use of all this Combine metal, so it is now gathering dust deep inside their bunker.

    Who knows, maybe some travelling trader will show up sometime willing to exchange it for something useful?
    The items offered are generic so it's considered a fair offer, in total the offers quality was considered Mediocre. and thus the Mediocre quality list was used, item 30 of the list of 30 was selected by the generator, with bonus, of the list of 100, bonus 7 was selected by the generator.

    Borislav: We will have some great uses for all that scrap metal and I know a lot of people willing to buy it for a high price, so here is my offer Jaheem! this fully functional Lambro and five hens! I'm pretty sure you'll find these handy!
    List of items:
    - 1 innocenti lambro 550.
    - 5 hens.


    7- The Sniper.

    Jaheem: While I was talking to Boris, a young lass interrupted us and started to talk with him in some Eastern European language, at first Boris kept smiling while looking at me but then his face changed to pure anger when when the girl told him something, the two started to raise their voice in the middle of the bunker, she then looked at me and said with very basic English "can join your group?" at first I didn't understand but then it hit me, she was leaving the caravan and needed a place to stay, I reluctantly agreed and then she went back to the caravan and returned carrying Dragunov sniper rifle, she looked at Boris and then walked right into the bunker.

    "Bitch!" was the last thing he said to her before he looked at me, he smiled again and started to talk about business as usual, like nothing ever happened. Once he left I tried to talk to this girl, all I could get from her was her name, Elena Budayeva, and some information as for why she left Borislav.

    "Boris is not bad man, but he is slaver, he is killer, he is not good either."

    Whenever she is right or not, is not up to us to discuss it, she seems to be a good sniper and an extra hand is always useful, welcome aboard Elena.
    Congrats Creatrick, you got lucky on the bonus roll.
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    Was inspired by Death Stranding (Isn't a faction post, just a cool conscript pic).
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    The Morning after the initial escape

    Jakob and his team rest after a night of running, evading the Combine was not as easy as they'd thought. Unit 206 had been deployed, an irratance to the already heightened group.

    Linestky:”Hey Jakob, wake up, I think we might be in the clear. For now. Come up and take a look, we need to plan our next move.”
    Jakob rubbed the sleep from his eyes and raised his pistol. “Where are the others?”

    ”Oh, good.” He sighed. Martin's pickaxe glowed in the sunlight, a grim reminder of their objective. He got up and followed Linestky to the top of their wreckage spot.

    Linetsky: “We're only just out of the main tunnels but from here on out, well, I have no fucking clue where we're going.”
    Jakob: “The feeling is mutal”.
    Linestky: “To be honest why don't we just head off to the Coast? Nice and warm there probably.”
    Jakob: “Yeah, if you bleed to death from Antlion bites. Oh, the others are up”.

    ”To be perfectly frank with you kind sirs, we are gonna get mightly ass raped if we step one toe backwards. My sound advice is that we go straight to a Railroad camp right about... oh i don't know, now? I'm not a motherfucker that just sits around waiting to die. I'd rather carry on with this journey and die fighting with a gun in my hand instead of this Zippy Zappy Dildo.” Kenneth advised.
    Alberto raised his eyebrow. “Will we not have an issue with the fact we are cops?”
    Linestky smirked. “Whats the problem? Scared of some refugee hiders?”
    “He's right to be.” Jakob said, deep in thought. “The Railroad aren't running away, they come back to save random people for little to no reward. Unfortunetly, their kind hospitality might work in our favour. Kenneth, didn't you say theres a Railroad camp near by?”
    Kenneth: “Probablly, they keep in moving but stay in a general area until refugees use another route.”
    Jakobs: “Alright, lets get a move on. We're only doing this to save Martin and once we've gotten out of this god forsaken city we'll be on the homestretch!”

    Linestky shrugged. “Sure, I guess.”

    CITY 17
    1 week before the Battle of Voroschi

    Vladmir: Hey guys! We're just quickly stopping in before we head off to get into our breen cans, this is Martin. He's the newest guy, just got here. Another Murican.

    Linestky: Hey Vlad, we still up for throwing cans at seagulls tonight?
    Vladimir: Nah not really. Gonna spend tonight with the new guy, get him settled in. We do that every night anyway, i'd rather do something else.
    Linestky: Oh come on, do you really want to spend your evening with a new guy? Let Kenneth do it!

    Martin: Hey, sorry to interrupt but, shouldn't we be heading off now?... Oh, hey!Aren't you Linestky?

    Linestky: Yeah. I am. The Grenadier. Ka-boom and all that.

    Vladmir: You're right Martin. Hey, we'll be back as soon as we're out of these sweat suits. Theres no need to get touchy.

    Linestky: Who says I was getting touchy? Did he say that?

    Vladmir: Oh shut up.

    Martin: So, um, what are breen cans?
    Vladmir: A nickname for civilian suits, named after the cans of shitty water.....

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    Over the last few days, the recruits have trickled in with the tools and supplies needed to begin construction. With the perimeter established, the engineers begin to dig.

    Excerpt from Alexei's journal...
    Day 7~
    We've finally arrived and met up with the rest of the Woodsmen. Now that we're no longer traveling, they've given us larger tents to stay in at our permanent bivouac. Each day starts out with an intense physical training regimen. Often we'll do things such as push ups and sit ups depending on what the drill instructors feel like doing that day. After that, we'll usually go for a two mile run. None of us are in shape for this sort of high-intensity exercise; every day someone passes out or throws up, and we have yet to go an entire two mile run without someone falling out of formation and lagging behind.

    Once morning PT is finished, the drill instructors turn us over to the engineers. We've been digging a gigantic hole in the ground, though I can't get any information about what we're doing. We still can't speak out of turn because drill instructor Potrov is always right there watching over us like a hawk. I've been assigned to dig latrines on the outskirts of camp today while the rest of my squad is off gathering lumber to build fortifications. God I'm absolutely fed up with all this damned dirt...

    Once the latrines were dug and the wood was collected, they set us to work digging defensive trenches and filling them with sandbags. Honestly, it wasn't so bad compared to digging latrines all day long. The only thing that made it a drag was that the other recruit they paired me up with was slow as hell and dumb as a bag of rocks. You wouldn't think it would be so hard to fill a bag with dirt and stack them up evenly, but by god this idiot found a way to fuck it up... They finally relieved us after about 6 or so hours of stacking bags and gave us liberty for the rest of the day. I'm sick of all this digging, I wonder when the actual training is going to start...
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    A Siren 40 recon team recovers from a brutal Overwatch assault.
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    Excerpt from Alexei's Journal...
    Day 11~
    Today started the same as any other day. The drill instructors woke us up for morning PT and took us on our daily run. I'm finally managing to be able to keep up for most of the way without slowing down, but the other guys in my squad are still suffering. Guess it pays that I was always outside tinkering with machinery and moving heaps of scrap around all day when I was younger.

    Once we finished with morning PT they sent us to the engineers again. Thankfully that was cut short when a soldier came around looking for volunteers to head to White Forest Base with him. I managed to raise my hand first and that spared me from having to dig latrines all day again. I'd always wanted to go to White Forest Base after all the stories I've heard about it.

    White Forest Base was far different from anything I've ever experienced before. The place was crawling with activity everywhere you looked. It certainly made Podokovsky look like a sleepy little hamlet by comparison. Want to know what the most amazing part of the trip was? The women. My god it's been so long since I've seen a woman I almost forgot they existed. They were practically crawling out of every crack in the wall. They were all so young and many of them were quite gorgeous; they made the women back in Podokovsky look like a bunch of weathered old hags.

    The soldier I was accompanying told me to wait in the hallway while he met with a man in a lab coat to discuss things. I don't know who the guy was, but he must have been important if he wasn't wearing civilian clothes or combat gear. He certainly didn't seem happy to see us though; I couldn't hear what they were saying through the plate glass window that separated us, but from the way he was gesturing he must have been pissed off about something. But then something unexpected happened...

    Woman: (in Russian) [Are you waiting for someone?]
    Alexei: *snaps to the position of attention* [Yes ma'am! This recruit is waiting for the sergeant to return with new orders!]
    Woman: [Woah, what's this all about?]
    Alexei: [This is the position of attention ma'am! It's the only position a recruit may address a soldier or civilian unless otherwise instructed!]
    Woman: *she gives a slight chuckle and cocks an amused eyebrow* [Well, at-ease then soldier. You don't have to be so gung-ho for me, I'm not one of your officers or whatever.]

    Alexei: *his posture relaxes and he blushes slightly, an embarrassed look coming over his face* [Sorry uh... force of habit.]
    Woman: [So you say you're a recruit? None of the recruits I've met around here are that intense.]
    Alexei: [Yes ma'am, I'm uh... a Woodsman recruit. They do things a little different than the rest of the resistance...]
    Woman: [Clearly. You don't have to call me ma'am you know, Nina's worked just fine for me so far.]
    Alexei: [If you say so Nina. I'm Alexei.]
    Nina: [So where are you from Alexei?]
    Alexei: [Well before the Woodsmen picked me up I used to live in Podokovsky, it's this little village at-]
    Nina: [Oh, I know Podokovsky. I love that place.]

    Sergeant: What the hell is this?! You accosting that woman recruit?!

    Alexei: No sir! I was jus-
    Sergeant: I?! What about your eye?! Eyes are for seeing boy!
    Alexei: This recruit was simply making small-talk, sir!
    Sergeant: What the hell do you think this is, a social call?! You thought we came here to sip tea and shoot the shit with these civilians?! You thought fuckin' wrong boy! GET ON YOUR DAMN FACE!

    *Alexei drops to the floor and begins to do push ups...*
    Sergeant: I apologize for that ma'am; these damn recruits have no manners, harassing a young lady like that.
    Nina: I bet you feel like real hot shit right now don't you?
    Sergeant: Well now that you mention it I do feel a little hot under the collar nurse, maybe you should check my temperature eh?
    Nina: In your dreams meathead..

    Nina: [Well, hopefully I'll see you around when you're not busy one of these days. So long soldier boy.]

    After that we loaded up the truck with crates upon crates of weapons. I didn't think they had that many guns just on hand to give out. When we got back to camp we handed out a few pallets to the recruit squads, and the rest went into a stockpile. The whole incident with the sergeant didn't even bother me honestly; all I've been able to think about all day is Nina. I hope someday I get to see her again. Maybe by that time I'll even be a full-fledged Woodsman. I'm sure that'd impress her...
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    //Hi, new to FP. Autonomous told me about this and I fancied a go at it, not best poser so forgive my bad images as hopefully it'll improve over time!//

    1. Faction Name. SWORD TASK FORCE

    2. Faction Alignment COMBINE/MPF

    3. Some images of your faction members doing stuff.

    The meeting that started it all.

    Full Rapid Mobilization
    4. History of your faction.

    Shortly after the battle of Voroschi High ranking members of the City Eighteen Combine/MPF structure had gathered in the main Precinct of the MPF after a lengthy disccusion over what happend and what threats it presented the lead member decided to start up a new task force strictly to hunt down and suppress any resistant member of the cohesion and eliminate any threats before things go out of control and end up calling in the NPSF to contain the threats in sector 17.

    It was known the SWORD TASK FORCE was formed and given command was a highly recommended experianced field officer in City 18s own forces and given command of a handful of units which stands at 100, with promise of more resources should the Task Force prevail in securing and keeping the cities interests safe the Task Force was rapidly deployed where needed most notably the areas around Voroschi

    5. (Optional) Area of operation. Where needed.

    6. Link to your faction wiki page.
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    Welcome to the thread and to Facepunch!

    Don't worry you'll improve overtime. Good luck!
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    Sector 17: The Sword Task Force is now deployed and first things first, Establish a forward outpost to begin operations. A old abandoned facility was found shortly by the Omega Air Group and guided along the APC's to the location.

    The Civil Control Teams and the Storm-Trooper teams exited their Vehicles and begin to sweep the area though they were not on high alert at the time.

    To your left was the what the Force called, the Russian Monster. 17837 was the woman in charge of the group and known for her cold nature, nobody was under radar.. Nobody..

    178: " I hope you're right on this 147, we need to make sure we establish supply runs from our city."

    147: "Never been wrong before 178 ma'am.. We need to send out some scouts to make sure our perimeter is safe for the time being, I can also send out the Civil Control Teams to the outskirts of City 17 and lessen the burdens?"

    178: "Soon, as I said to you back on the APC as we left.. We cannot get anything done until we know what we are dealing with and I for once are not going in blind..

    147: "Yes ma'am.. Though this location seems to obvious to the enemy... "

    178: "I've thought about it already, answers simple.. All in good time.. Eventually the second convoy will arrive with our equipment then Operation Cold Steel will begin."

    147: "Are we conducting our covert ops too?"

    178: "Yes, conduct when the convoy arrives... They won't know what will hit them.."

    178 proceeded to chuckle through her rather low sounding Vo-coder enough to creep out the citizens.

    Airwing Omega began to land their helicopters on the pad, conserving fuel and going on stand by from now on.
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    Sorry to be annoying but the Metrocop model you've used there is actually the one i use for the Inspector Elites, if you don't mind changing it.

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    Sorry to be annoying but the Metrocop model you've used there is actually the one i use for the Inspector Elites, if you don't mind changing it.
    Which model, used 4 so far.

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    Well here we are, 2017.

    I've got to say that the transition from being nervous in joining my very first RP thread after never posting on Facepunch or really using gmod to today has been a wonderful journey.

    RPing with you all has been wonderful and to know that this is just the start is brilliant.


    Bottom right


    The Metropolice pack itself calls it the Elite i think

    I don't mind if you don't want to change it, its not the end of the world if you want to keep it that way.

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    Bottom right


    The Metropolice pack itself calls it the Elite i think

    I don't mind if you don't want to change it, its not the end of the world if you want to keep it that way.
    Oooooh, don't worry about that he wont be in uniform in the next post [I don't mind changing it anyway as its just starting.]
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    Perfect, thanks a lot

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    Excerpt from Alexei's Journal...
    Day 15~
    It's about damn time. They finally issued us rifles today! All this digging and moving crap from one place to another was starting to drive me insane. But now that we have our rifles we can finally start acting like we're really training, right? You'd think so. What did we do first when we got our rifles; did they teach us how to strip and clean them? Maybe take us somewhere to do some target practice?

    No, the first goddamned thing they made us do was drill in formation with our rifles. All. Day. Long. It's a rifle not a marching baton, but don't tell the drill instructors that. I guess they'd rather that we all look pretty in formation rather than making sure we can actually survive a firefight. Now that we have our rifles, we're not allowed to let them out of our sights. We take them everywhere with us, and god help you if you set yours down for even a moment. One of the other recruits in my squad literally just let the butt of his rifle touch the ground for a brief moment and the drill instructors were on him. They made him bend and thrust until he puked, poor bastard. They've taught us how to march with our rifles, how to properly sling them over our backs, and how to present your weapon when in formation for inspection. You're to always have at least two hands on your weapon at all times, even if one hand is yours and the other is the drill instructor's. If there's any less than two hands on your rifle at any time during inspection, you're a dead man.

    When I said that they make us take our rifles everywhere now, I meant literally EVERYWHERE. We even have to sleep with the damn things in our racks with us. You don't know uncomfortable until you've accidentally rolled over onto an assault rifle in the middle of the night...
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    One week later

    City 18 dispatched a second unit to the location of the Task Force, landing at the Helipad and disembarks a hazmat conscript unit with a Over-watch Soldier attached.

    A single conscript approached the Task Force leader as she comes onto the platform and presents a clipboard with paper onto it.

    178: "I presume this is not a social visit."

    Conscript: "No Ma'am, new orders issued."

    178 looks down at the clipboard giving it a read through, clearly the orders came from City Eighteen. It stated that most of the protection team members were being recalled and those who remained at the base lose status and become part of the new Task Force Structure. The orders tell 178 that conscripts are being transported over and will replace the lost units and that new conscripts will arrive shortly after to be trained under her command which now of course became conditional if she opts to become transhumaized. The Task Force has been re-organised and changes are taking place.

    178: "Why was this decided after deployment?"

    Conscript: "It was feared that the Task Force had little promise and that the Civil Protection teams were needed as the citizens are starting hear of the news, it appears its struck up unrest and it needs to be dealt with by the authority. High Command said you will understand being you were their best."

    178: "Yes, I do.. Presuming that I become transhuman for the betterment of our benefactors.. I will be a commander of the Task Force still?"

    Conscript: "Yes ma'am, they promise you will have what you need for your new Task Force."

    178 didn't hesitate as she agreed to take a transport to be transhumanized, she was a ultra loyalist and had zero doubts of anything the UU said, even if she was just a puppet.

    Conscript 1 [left side]: "Damn, it's a beautiful sight.."

    Conscript 2 [Right side]: "Tell me about it."

    Conscript 2: "But fuck me, those idiots make beautiful things go shit.."

    Conscript 1: "Calm down and keep that to yourself, going to get shot mate if they heard that. "

    Conscript 2: "What, don't lie I am right though!"

    Conscript 1: *Sighs*

    Conscript 2: "Come on, tell me I am right.."

    Conscript 1: "Noo..."

    Conscript 2 "Yeaaaaah????"

    Conscript 1: "Fuck off asshole.."

    Conscript 2: "Still a beautiful sight.."

    Conscript 1: "Yeah.. Yeah it is.."
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    SO25 scout the wasteland for resistance forces
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    My computer is fucked fan wise so i'll post whenever its finally fixed. Feel free to interact with the Inspecums but it'll be a while till i can make a response.
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    Following the battle at Voroschi the ZB forces have retreated. The battle was costly in terms of manpower, munitions and fuel. However despite the cost the men and women of Zvezda Brigada remain hopeful because not only did they deal a blow to the Combine and gain new allies, but they also procured resources to aid them for many battles to come.

       Sorry for the inactivity.   
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    Hey guys, I've just come to warn you all that there won't be neither a random event or a visit from Borislav this week, I've a surgery and sadly my husband can't help me post the stuff during my recovery time, it won't take long, you'll see of me around Friday or Saturday (hopefully) and expect a lot of content next week.
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    Three weeks have passed since The Family fled Voroschi during the Battle of Voroschi. From the moment on that the Family has left the city, a new war unfolds in the forests surrounding Voroschi. The more distance we made, the more deadly synth patrols we witnessed. This new war is fought by nine refugees, mother nature and the always horrible Overwatch, who constantly deploy searches in the forest in order to find any unlucky survivors out there. The following events are documented by me and are written down from my own perspective.
    Lonnie Wallace, IND#TF1985

    The Family has been travelling for one week straight. In the morning, everyone wakes up, packs up their gear and eat whatever remains there are from the last hunt. As every other day, Maxim and a few others pray to their god while the rest of us make a few meters forward to check the perimeter. We walk for five hours straight, in silence. Small-talk makes you more exhausted on the move, a few words are exchanged at the creek where we have our break. Here, we can fill our water reservoirs and eventually wash ourselves. After twenty minutes, we move on because Overwatch may be tailing us. At night, we all sleep very close to one another and we're all packed in blankets or a set of extra clothing. The nights are bad because it gets really cold, and we cannot put up a small campfire because of the constant threatening aerial Synth patrols. Every now and then, the small camping light goes on to check up on everyone. This night was a close call, when a gunship flew straight past us while the lights were on. Note to myself, and whoever may be reading this in the future, always check the sky before you do anything.

    George catches up with me. George was taken by the Combine a few years ago and had been relocated to Voroschi to work. He used to work in a tourist information center as a side-job to get around, this has made him an excellent cartographer. "Hey Lonnie, there used to be a small village up on the road, twenty clicks away from here," he says while folding his map. For a few moment, there is a silence. The sound of clinging tools and backpacks are the only other sound apart from the birds that sing their song in this unforgiving, beautiful forest. I look up, I've had my head down this entire time to make sure I don't trip. Hearing the leaves crack as I step on them is almost therapeutic. I can't remember our previous plan so anything is better than just wandering. "Okay,"I say. I'm not even sure what I'm replying to, I thought I heard it but I didn't. Everyone is tired, even Maxim. But we have to keep the spirit up, just to keep the others hopeful since it will be a long time before we can actually say that we're free.

    It's been five hours since anyone said anything. "I don't see no activity going on," I conclude as I observe the village up ahead from a save distance. All of the family members are nearby, some are scanning the area and others sigh impatiently while checking their gear. I don't blame them. We only have two pistols since we've made it out of Voroschi, I need to hand them out while we search the town. "The gas station could be worth checking on," George suggests as he joins me.
    "Maybe so," I say.
    "Who knows if we find anything useful in there, perhaps food, water, maybe even another map of the next region since this one is about to end."
    "Good enough," I'm convinced. Even if we find nothing, at least we did something.

    The village is completely deserted. The occasional scream of an eagle soars through the valley, despite the new war everyone seems calm. "Maxim," I yell. The proud Russian man walks out of the garage and looks at me. "What do you need Lonnie," he asks me. He looks like he'd be able to die for his country any minute now, however Maxim has no experience with a gun. Two weeks ago the Family scavenged an abandoned Overwatch APC. Inside there was a weapon, our first weapon; an old 1971 Browning side-arm. A few days later we discovered a raided camp, where we found another handgun. "I don't think this town is safe," I inform him as I take off my backpack. In the side compartment I've stuffed the 1971 Browning. I hand it over to Maxim, he looks at it and takes it. "I'm taking Cormac and Elizabeth with me to check the other side of town," I say before I completely surrender the weapon to him. He nods at me.

    The three of us pass through the end of town. Across the street there's an old factory, we've found nothing of use inside, not even tools. The town's hostel is also abandoned, it seems as if everyone moved away. We stop in front of a tourist information centers' window. They look like real mountaineers, complete with dirty scratched faces and Cormac and Lonnie both a growing beard. We enter an alleyway. Cormac checks the dumpsters, Elizabeth watches our backs while I'm up front, with my gun in my hand. "There's a lot of rotten food in here, why?" Cormac asks as he closes the dumpster. Why? It was normal to waste food before the seven hour war. People took everything for granted, but now that it's scarce, everyone appreciates even a small bite from a slice of bread. Luckily we're civilized enough to not kill each other over it.
    Suddenly, a loud, high pitched caw soars through the village. The sound itself makes them almost dizzy because of the frequency, and it doesn't sound familiar at all, let alone natural. It has something mechanic to it. Cormac stops immediately with what he's doing and draws his knife. I turn my head and look at him, he looks back at me and wrinkles his face. I nod at him and put my gun higher. My vision goes back to the road as I slowly steps toward it. Whatever thing was stalking the Family two days ago has to be this, Lonnie concludes. And it looks like an abomination constructed by mother nature herself.
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    Excellent post to be honest
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    Thank you! I'll try my best to make more posts like these. I live together with my partner and my study is very time consuming so I don't have a lot of time
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    The defenses for the Woodsmen's new establishment are coming along nicely. Mortar and machine gun pits are strewn throughout the outlying hillsides to keep watch for incursions.

    Col Huxley personally inspects one of the outer lines of defenses.

    On an adjacent hilltop, Woodsmen sentries have been using an abandoned hunter's shack for a lookout post. They've been observing Overwatch patrol patterns for some time...
    Sentry 1: Waddya got?
    Sentry 2: I got an Overwatch convoy to the southwest, but something's different.
    Sentry 1: Different how?

    Sentry 2: This one's got some serious protection, armored vehicles and plenty of soldiers. Must be something interesting in that trailer if they've got an entire escort detail for it...
    Sentry 1: Alright, keep an eye on it. I'm gonna wire this back to HQ and see what they make of it.
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    Several days ago, the 8th had reached their destination point: the helicopter site. There, they found bountifuls of weapons and ammunition much needed for their arsenal. Along with that, several playthings, which were later torched alongside the remains of the helicopter, in a controlled manner, of course. The wounded scientist found on board has been reportedly interrogated on site, and then thrown into the back of a BTR-40 alongside the rest of the 8th. They returned to base as quickly as possible, and with no combat.

    Days later, batches of new conscripts arrive at their Headquarters. Many of them being citizens. The 8th, being mainly veterans, did not take kindly to this change. But the training continued anyways, with only twenty of the several hundred or so recruits becoming fully fledged tankers. The recruits have been outfitted with KLMK Jackets so as to signify their place in the 8th.
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    Siberian Wasteland
    Since the Battle of Voroschi, the amount of Refugees heading north has begun to increase sharply. However, most that come north came unprepared for the extremely harsh weather. Causing many to freeze to death inside their camps. Scenes like the one above have become a very common site around the Siberian Wilderness.
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    My computer will be fixed and operational on Sunday Expect a post!



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    <::One week later...
    <::Unknown location within sector 17
    <::Sword Task Force forward operations

    After the re-organisation, the task force remains a small force temporarily as the new structure takes place, the commander was set to return today after accepting transhumanization by the combine, basic defences were setup due to lack of man power as the current conscript force were undermanned to minimum operating efficiency, two men on the roof was required at all times as well as a guard at the gate, a single supply truck managed to get to the small force handing out some rations and a couple of weapons for the defences. Without the needed manpower the outpost was majorly underdeveloped plus shortage of weapons other than what the defence units had on them and a small recruit unit whom had low grade training weaponry which meant the readiness of the Force was hindered but it wasn't going to last long anyway. Meanwhile a transport approached the landing pad going to land. The Storm-Trooper unit assembled under the pad awaiting the commander.

    The wait seemed long for some of the troops, but the clear sounds of clack clitter clacking towards the stairwell suddenly heard made a small shiver go up the spines of some of the soldiers, unknown of what their commander looked liked now since she left them to keep the base on lock down, now the sight of the white fabrics and black boots could be seen slowly descending from the pad, the men straightened themselves up trying to look like a decent fighting force which of course they were the elite of the Force. A slim looking white combine elite became visible going to the middle of the group and faces them giving each one of the men a glance at the front rank, a chilling vo-coder emits as the elite speaks out. "I am your commander, designation 17837 and as of now I am full command of this Task Force. A convoy of fresh troops and better supplies of weapons, ammunition and rations have been distributed three days ago and will arrive by the end of the week, Our shortages will be solved soon once command have organised dropships for our usage, currently we rely on human technology that was sent overseas to equip our air units with the means.. Now a rarity we will be given the local equipment with the exception of the storm trooper company that will receive what they require and to add on more relief, command along with dropships we will recieve a detachment of combine soldiers to defend our location giving you men the means to leave the base and continue operations when they occur.. No more struggle, no more morale loss.. We are the Universal Union!" The entire unit would cheer on for the commander, though the ordinary conscripts nearby wouldn't share the same happiness.

    Meanwhile on the other end of the base, a small recruit squad being barked at by their sergeant as this only recruit unit in the base currently, given small AK47s of low grade for training they were put through their paces, due for a exercise out of the base and after three days getting the permission needed to leave the base they were going through preperations to deploy out.

    Sergeants: "Alright maggots, listen closely as I won't repeat myself! Check your chambers aren't clogged.. Yes Thorn I'm looking at you boy! Screwing up your training exercise with a clogged weapon! Check you have ammunition, minimal we are not expecting a fight today! Intel we have so far says this area is quiet and will remain that way for the foreseeable future!"

    Conscript 1: "Eh, Sarge.. Why we got these peice of crap gun--"

    Sergeant: "For god sake boy, shut up! You want to be thrown into the hole!? You want to be beaten boy? SHUT UP AND GET USED TO IT! You cannot be trusted with standard weapons until I am satisfied you dirtbags are good enough to be part of this Force, you understand me people?!"

    Group: "Sir yes sir!"

    Sergeant: "Faaaaantastic! Get your gear and do not let go of your weapons! To the chopper!"

    The group breaks ranks as they would move to the helicopter pad that now was in the direct path past the Commander, they would form a line jogging past as the sergeant behind would shout out the words "To theee riiiiight.. Salute!" Each member would raise their hands and look right as they saluted past the commander like how they were shown. The fear shown by each recruit was golden, chills down their spines as they saw what the commander looked like and even the sergeant seemed a bit scared of her too, but after all they were on the same side. Making it to the pad via the stairwell, they board the chopper one by one filling spaces untill the sergeant was the last onboard, closing the door as he yells "Good to go!" at the two pilots as they spooled up the motors starting their take off procedure, pulling from the pad as they steered to the right and move away from the base gaining some altitude to their destination.

    Pilot: "This is hunter 2-1, take off complete proceeding with mission parameters command, over."

    HQ: "This is command, solid copy on that, have fun, out.

    Meanwhile, the incoming convoy was out by days with the much needed supplies and more manpower needed to operate with, however exposed to attacks without their air support. Though the APC escorts were on high alert keeping an eye around them as the trucks of conscripts were very oblivious to their own surroundings.

    The arrival of this convoy will strengthen the Task Force greatly to be able to secure their perimeter.
    [If you want to take the opportunity please throw me a message]
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    A group of recruits talking to their Squad Leader casually, during a patrol around the outskirts of City 17. The following is context from the conversation.

    RECRUIT WITH HOODIE: "So, Sarge, we never asked, whatcha think about those Lamba fuckers?"

    SARGE: "Well, Boris, them skinny fucks are good fighters. One minute, you're crushing them above, next minute, fuckers got an RPG aimed at your APC, and the next fuckin' minute, the skinnies are running through tunnels like chinks."

    RECRUIT WITH TANKER HAT: "Heard about that, how about those Combine dumbshits, them...what're they called, the Four-Oh-Fifth?"

    SARGE: "The fuckers are sadistic as shit, even the fuckin' conscripts. I feel for every motherfucker that deploys there, or even just passes through. Pieces of shit they are, we even snatched one of their fuckin' scientists the other day. Fuckin' 'round in an unregistered flight, according to the butter-bar."

    RECRUIT WITH HOODIE: "How about the Cee-Pees, eh Sarge?"

    SARGE: "Well, to be fuckin' honest, they're just like us, 'cept we're actually good at our jobs."

    RECRUIT WITH TANKER HAT: "Another thing, Sarge. You're talkin' like one of us, I don't fuckin' get it, didn't you guys sign up for this shit."

    SARGE: "Yeah, 'cos we ain't got nowhere else to go. Plus, we get fuckin' paid. Despite it bein' a few dollars, it's something. Plus, I ain't 'bout going up against them fuckin' alien spooks. I'm aight with being loyal for now."

    RECRUIT WITH TANKER HAT: "Cool shit, Sarge. How 'bout them Ruskies?"

    SARGE: "Well, shit, we got some Ruskies in here, but if you mean those fuckin' resistance dudes or whatever the fuck they are, I honestly don't give a shit."

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    5 weeks after the Battle of Voroschi.

    After several weeks after the great battle of Voroschi, most of the wounded during the war are now fully recovered and getting back into service, several of the Voroschi partisans have joined the cause and help the Podokovsky liberation fighters, with more people in their ranks capable of holding arms and willing to fight the combine, Sergey has sent several scouting teams to look for food and supplies.

    However, many members have sadly suffered unrepairable damages to their bodies that modern medicine, the green combine regeneration gel and the vortessence are not able to heal. These members can still work as assistants, radio operators, magazine loaders or cooks. One of these few unfortunate rebels was Avrora, who now works together with Robert as a radio operator.

    Things have been prosperous in the village, several people from Voroschi started to work and helping in anything they could; new technicians, builders, engineers and many other workers began their duties, happy to finally have a safe place to stay, this prompted the leader of the village -- also known as the village elder -- Mr. Gudik, to talk and negotiate a few things with Sergey and Quintana while drinking Quintanas special Earl Grey tea.
    A few hours later...

    Sergey sits on the bed while watching his wife grinding so dry leaves to make more tea, there is something inside his head that has been perturbing him the past few weeks.
    Sergey: Honey... am I a good leader?
    Quintana keeps grinding the leaves with the mortar but gently speaks to her husband.
    Quinny: Honey, you're the only one capable of leading these people, they trust you.
    Sergey: I cannot stop thinking... when Inspectors trowed grenades at us, when they killed Julian and Pavel and left Avy crippled or that... horrible thing they did on the sewers, when the 12th Regiment gunned our people on the streets, when the AF7 killed so many of us or when the 405th kept marching to our outposts, I keep thinking that I led those brave people to die or suffer.
    Quinny: They were tired, just you as were... the Combine has taken so much from us, everyone was ready to fight for freedom.
    Sergey: And we failed...
    Quinny: Failed? honey, this event goes down in history! from White Forest to Black Mesa east... they are all talking about the battle, it gave the combine strong reminder that they cannot control all of us.

    Sergey looks away for a moment and speaks with a much somber tone.
    Sergey: When Huxley said... "The main difference is that I don't sugar coat what we do with romantic bullshit." ...I couldn't help but feel bad with my self, what of I'm actually doing that... lying to my own people just to hide how bad our situatio-
    Quintana stops grinding for a moment and looks at her husband.
    Quinny: I had enough of that Huxley, I'll tell you what I think of that pompous soldier, you are one hundred percent better than that man, you are HUMAN, he is clearly the type of dummy th... the type of asshole that believes in bullshit like "the end justifies the means!" or "all for the better good!". I had to deal with asshats like him at medicine university and they make me SICK, they always think they are right and they always think they are better than the rest.
    Sergey awkwardly stares at Quintana as she kept venting her anger.
    Quinny: so what if this guy was some sort of soldier before the war? what makes him special? what makes him better than you?... and... like... whats with him wearing that stupid ass bandana on his face, holy Jesus that man must ugly as hell to carry a mask all the damn time.
    Sergey: ...are you okay?
    Quinny: Yeah, I just hate people like him.
    Sergey stands up and heads towards Quinny, she was already grinding tea leaves again.

    Sergey hugs his wife and then kisses her cheek.
    Sergey: I love you, vozlyublennaya.
    Quintana: I love you too, Sergy.
    Sergey: hey, you could leave the tea for later and we...
    Loud knocking can be heard outside their room.
    Sergey: Great...
    Quintana: *She giggles.* go on honey, I'm sure it's important.

    As soon as Sergey opens the door, he is surprised by the glowing red eyes of his vortigaunt friend, he then looks at Elisaveta raising an eyebrow.
    Sergey: Jeremiah? Lisa? why did you both take so long, I was going to send another scouting team tomorrow!
    Lisa: We had a lot of problems on the way back.
    Sergey: Can we talk of them later? I'm a bit busy at the moment.
    Lisa: Busy putting your ivory in ebony?
    Sergey: ...what?
    Jeremiah: As we scoured the woodland, we encountered the human flying machine and it's contents scattered on the area, we were not able to take any of it with us as the has'keen noticed in the distance the particular scent of hostility.
    Sergey: again... what?
    Lisa: The houndeyes were acting strange, then we heard some shouting on the woods and we hid behind a copse near the fallen helicopter, twenty minutes later we had these meatheaded conscripts all over the damn place with armored vehicles and shit, we were not able to take a single weapon or bullet.
    Sergey: Conscripts? great... what happened next?
    Lisa: What do you think idiot? we sneaked our way through the woods trying to remain unfollowed, covering our tracks was a hard task considering I was traveling with houndeyes.
    Jeremiah: The houndeyes are not known for being silent creatures.
    Sergey: Well, as soon as our boys training with the Minutemen are back, I think I'll have surprise for our new friends.
    I'm back, the surgery was a success but I got back home way more earlier than expected, so here is a bit of cringe-worthy content, but I'm a cringe worthy adult to begin with so, enjoy! expect some events next week.
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    Faction Name: Oдиночек (The Loners)

    Shoulder Insignia of The Loners

    Faction Alignment: Independent

    Oдиночек (The Loners), are a small group of survivors that fled during the 7 Hour War, they were based in Kiev, Ukraine when the war started. Many knowing the situation was grim fled to the only place they knew no one would look - The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. The last years they hid, scavenging from what remains - however in the last while the group has expanded outwards traveling deep into the Kiev metro to find horrors as terrifying as the Combine. They also have ventured as far as the White Forest area - however no further due to the distance and nature of the group.

    Originally, the group was just a band of scavengers - but in coming years they have encountered other refugees and realized the situation in the outside world. The group naturally gave refuge to those escaping the Combine grip, but also trade what they find with merchants in outposts and other locations. The group recently have made the decision of moving towards the White Forest and sending some scouts towards a massive stronghold as they know by City 17. The Loners, are neural to the Lambda Resistance and is more hostile towards the Combine forces and other militias groups.

    Function: The Loners function as a scavenging group that operate inside the Chernobyl zone. But also have expanded outwards reaching as far as the White Forest - soon moving further in towards City 17 to both salvage supplies and help where can. The group may also act in sabotage and wage a guerrilla war against any local Combine forces, if the group sees it fit.

    Some STALKER ranked Loner scavengers whom are rested out in a wreck of a cargo ship, within the Black Sea seabed.

    Another scavenging group, in the underground highway network which leads toward the White Forest.

    A Loner patrol in the Kiev Metro, returning after a week long exploration of the metro system.

    Question: Would it be far off for some areas to have "Artifacts" which could be from the Combine or also from the Combine destroying earth and in result the Earth's changes form the artifacts?
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    Any artifacts there are would only appear in a random event.
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    Might as well make a STALKER Screenshot RP to be honest if you want to RP it.


    No offense, nice lighting in those screens.
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