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    CITY ONE, DISTRICT FIVE TRAINSTATION: New citizens arrive each day into the district, given clothing and sorting out luggage and a mandatory screening from Civil Protection
    "Welcome.. Welcome to City One District Five, I am your District Councilman Dennis Thatcher on your local audio-cast... Today is some good news..District five have smashed their quota for this quarter and as a result, our benefactors have offered you, the citizens an extra ration for your hard earned work.. As your District Representative, I have strived to secure your future within the Universal Union.. to make District five shine above the rest of the other Districts within this city.. However those among you seek to ruin our achievements and instead make your lives hell, have no fear the department of Civil Protection has assured me that they have the solution my fellow citizens... They call them the Citizens Compliance Department.. They will keep our homes safe...They will remove the infection of the District.. So remember as always, if you see anti-civil activity, report it! A True Citizen knows that duty is the greatest gift... You may one day become one of our dearest loyalists with all the benefits.. The Civil Workers Union are always on the look out for new trainees to run the local establishments around you, enquire at the Civil Workers Union Office for your application today! I am District Councilman Thatcher.. Have a productive day.."

    Searches prior and after workshifts are mandatory in district five due to high crime rates in theft, each citizen is logged during shifts making it difficult for them to get away with anything

    One of the main areas of production in district five is material works, ingots are created and beaten into use-able plates for the city's use, sometimes specialised metals are made for a certain purpose

    Another production is rations, these small factories that maintain some of the cities food levels, though currently understaffed and under equipped due to anti-civil issues

    District Five allows certain transports on the road such as supply trucks to move around and get things done much faster, Only CWU workers have permission to use them.

    District five's Councilman Dennis Thatcher [On the right] Is the Districts Administration that keeps up the charades for the local units, on the left is Civil Workers Union District Fives Director, Gerald Smith whom does not see eye to eye with Thatcher and are constantly at each others throats over issues.

    The Department of Civil Protection of District Five are the driving force of the District, well disciplined and maintain a high standard, The Commander [Middle] runs the district Department of Civil Protection, MACE Divisional [Left] Is in charge of the entire MACE Division in the district as MACE Division is one the most important roles in District five and Lastly Chief Inspector Thorn, from the sub-department of the District five MPF, The Citizen Compliance Department, one of the most unique departments in the district, under the commanders authority and only exists in the District.

    Scanners roam around the city, sometimes in packs in the major populated areas of the District, currently the hospital is operation in the plaza ward, The CWU offices beside it is often open for new applicants, some stores are in refurbishment to prepare for opening when more and more enter the district. The outside is getting more toxic each day due to the metal works factories pumping out the fog, though there was a way to escape it for the time being..

    Loyalists had many benefits, their loyalist blocks were sealed inside free from the toxic environments unlike the standard blocks, Loyalists even had Biotics working as janitors to keep their conditions clean aswell as a CWU worker doing laundry, the lifestyle of a loyalist is a dream that everyone wants, but not all can get it.

    Though District Five is a dangerous place to live in, thugs live around the slums areas and often patrols of four units were common sight, smuggling was a issue as many of the thugs get hands on some light weapons, preparing for a unrest though...

    MACE units are always responding to Anti-Citizen threats, often the most equipped field units within the District making them the most feared and dangerous Division the Department of Civil Protection have at their disposal, Gentlemen, I give you.. District 5
    ================================================== ================================================== ================================

    1. Faction Name.
    District Five: Department of Civil Protection. [CP-D5]

    2. Faction Alignment
    Combine/Civil Protection

    3. Some images of your faction members doing stuff.
    See above.

    4. History of your faction.

    The department of Civil Protection of District Five are the main backbone to the Districts operations day to day, keeping order and stability. The D5CP have many divisions that formed and disbanded over time due to need, the biggest division is MACE, a combat response unit that take high risk assignments and complete them, it is the most effective division thus far, the structure is made from the following to date:

    Command [Only the commander in the district]
    MACE Division [Combat intervention]
    JUDGE Division [Detainment and Interrogation]
    HELIX Division [Medical]
    ZONE Division [Engineers]
    UNION Division [Bulk of force]
    RECRUIT Division [Self explanatory]
    CITIZEN COMPLIANCE DEPARTMENT [Anti-Citizen Information gathering and prevention]

    The D5-CP is one the most organised district units in the city and proves themselves each day, with APCS being their main transport, the tight district environment makes it nearly impossible to have air vehicles, protocols are upheld meaning zero corruption tolerance, many administration personnel have been removed due to the corruption schemes and are replaced with more trusted individuals though the pressing thumb of the CCD and the Commander keeps the local Administration in check, this is the D5-CP.

    5. (Optional) Area of operation.

    6. Link to your faction wiki page. wip

    Also a note, please feel free to interact with this district, I invite you to, its going to be a lotta fun.
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    You're seriously grtting a lot better Key, you got me jumping for this faction! Can't wait to see more, I also love what you did with the MACE division. Great work, superb stuff
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    Whereabouts is city one?

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    Right everyone, i've made some maps with the Admin team to let you all know where all the cities are!

    As of late, an interesting occurance has been spreading throughout Africa. Reds came across the phenomena early on and as usual, didn't report it to the yellows, thinking the red-eyed corpses to be nothing more than someone who tried to dare the deserts alone. Yellows who found the bodies noted that they'd died of an overdose and that, in particular, they often were near another civilian's corpse, killed presumably by their overdosed companion.

    An order was given out to the Reds hovering around the outer edges of the Cities to keep an eye out for this drug. Nothing was heard for a while until two Reds in City 22 encountered a Refugee leaving a questionable area of town with a bag of very nicely coloured suspicious material.

    Upon having a polite conversation (Well, polite for a Red) the two Reds decide to hunt down the dealer and have a nice calm business discussion about acquiring some from him.

    The ALIT are active in every single city in America, especially City 1. District 5 is not spared from their antics. Well, "antics" being the usual abuse of civvies caught living in non-assigned housing. Some of them go overboard and kill them, others beat em and others (as shown earlier) woosh them on. These poor people got the former.

    MACE aren't friendly to outsider divisions, especially the Inspectors. Knowing they're allowed in every district by direct order means that the ALIT get cocky with the MACE officers quite a lot.
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    Will try to jump back in soon, my faction is not dead, but am currently revising for exams
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    Same here, though in my case it's more to do with my internet connection being unpredictable recently as well as a Western Front Germans reskin project I did for Volf (you may have seen the results of this in the 'Want to Post A Picture' thread).
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    I'm back from my holiday. Good to see all the new content and peeps wanting to get back into this. Expect Africa
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    Siberian Wasteland
    With the advent changes to the 405th's numbers, the legion has taken a more passive role, patroling the wasteland for runaways.

    The 405th has lost all of it's heuy helicopters as well as 1st battalion, it's Elite veterans due to Olulosa's inspection.
    I put Espionage Wars on Hiatus, I'm gonna focus more on this thread and hope to give it more
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    Really excited to finally be joining this thread! See below for faction details.

    Faction Name: Gray Sky
    Faction Alignment: Resistance (Nominal)
    Area of Operation: Eastern Europe (Specifically the Outlands/Wasteland)
    Faction History:
    Known only by their radio callsign, this small but elite group of smugglers inhabits a loose network of outposts and safehouses scattered throughout the Outlands. Their primary duties consist of selling supplies and small arms to various local factions, maintaining and defending their settlements, and ambushing the occasional Combine raiding party.

    Although aligned with the Resistance on paper, Gray Sky has no ideological devotion to the rebel cause. Their actions are governed purely by self-preservation and personal gain.

    Most members of Gray Sky have no formal combat training. Their best advantage lies in their cautious mindset, stealthy tactics, and familiarity with the terrain. Due to their small numbers, they prefer to avoid antagonizing larger factions. However, they will not hesitate to ambush intruders who wander too far into their territory.

    The Outlands. Don't let appearances fool you; this pristine wilderness is inhospitable to all but the most daring (or desperate) of refugees. Predatory Xenian lifeforms roam the foothills. Combine scouting parties and air raids relentlessly hunt down those who manage to eke out a living here.

    One of Gray Sky's numerous safehouses. In order to cut down on risk, the smugglers wisely distribute their stock among several hidden supply caches.

    A veteran Gray Sky operator.
    Wiki Link (Pretty bare-bones at the moment, but I'll add to it as time goes on.)
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    Real nice shit man
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    More people to kill, welcome.
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    Daaaaamn, dude. That's some pretty awesome work. I'll be sure to send down some Seeker Units to welcome you to the club.
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    Yellows stand guard in the dunes surrounding Mogadishu.
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    Africa, say hello to the Libyan Liberation Front.

    The Libyan Liberation Front is a Rebel group based in Benghazi, Libya.

    The LLF's presence is strongest in Benghazi, the communications capital of their occupied territory. The ruins of Benghazi are a vital part of the LLF, serving as the epicenter of all radio communications, food, and water.
    They often exploit the instability of conscript units and oppressed towns to bolster their numbers, offering them a safe and comfortable life if they co-operate with the faction. Having no distinct uniform, given the method of acquiring recruits, team identification becomes a problem. To combat this, the LLF are trained to get to know eachother. Squads are very tight-knit with one-another, forming strong bonds between them to familiarize themselves with their people. This, in turn, boosts the combat effectiveness of the unit, feeling comfortable and confident being close to their comrades. Teams who can't get along are immediately separated, and the ones who continue their hostility are forced into regular labor or, in extreme cases, banished from the faction altogether.

    Those who don't serve the army work to preserve the LLF. Building and maintaining desalination plants on the coast or tending to their agricultural ecosystem. They provide life to the people of the LLF.

    They heavily rely on scavenging as their main military resource income, often venturing out into the wastes in convoys, stripping whatever they can find and sending them to the extensive population of engineers behind the frontlines.

    A large majority of the LLF's non-militant population consists of engineers. Colloquially known as Blackfingers, they work tirelessly to ever expand the armada. The LLF's vehicular arsenal is made mostly of heavily modified machinery, often splicing together whatever functioning parts they have, creating frankenstein-cars worthy of wasteland combat and exploration.

    Libya's pre-war oil reserves are the veins of the LLF. Having such a large motorized army requires intensive upkeep and, as such, the oil reserves are the most heavily-defended and well armed. Oil is distributed through large caravans. These convoys are armed to the teeth and take no chances, shooting any on-sight (innocent or not). All of the best equipment in the LLF's possession goes straight to the staff at the oil reserves. These are the only areas where captured Combine weaponry are seen in the hands of the people. One of the oil sites has a makeshift scrap helicopter, used for scouting out danger for oil convoys.

    Despite the LLF's alignment to the Lambda movement, combat is more often seen against the Mogadishu Marauders, the most hated among the people. They harass and raid LFF convoys and outposts on a daily basis, almost always taking lives with them.

    The aspirations of the Libyan Liberation Front is to one day conquer Egypt and, in the far off future, maybe hit major combine installations or even the railroad.
    Have a map of it, too.
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    City 23, 0446 hours...
    Civil Protection has tracked a drug distribution network to one of the seedier residential districts in the city. Having cornered the suspects in their apartment building, Civil Protection forms a perimeter and awaits the arrival of a tactical response unit...

    By 0503, the team arrives...
    Blue Team Leader: What's the situation.
    Metrocop: Airwatch thermal scans show at least 12 suspects barricaded on the upper floor of the apartment building, a number of them are confirmed armed. Lower floors have been cleared of residents and the surrounding area is clamped. We have their possible viewing angles covered with spotlights, your injection point will be a hole in the south wall.
    Blue Team Leader: Copy. What's our ROE for this one?
    Metrocop: Overwatch would prefer detainment if possible, but you are clear to amputate if the situation is life-threatening. You're to report developments back to Tactical Operations Command as they come so Overwatch can be kept abreast of the situation.
    Blue Team Leader: Alright. Gold element, attach.

    The entry team moves into position and storms the building...

    The entry team splits into two smaller three man teams, one taking the western hallway and the other taking the eastern side...
    Red Team Leader: Get a charge on that door.
    *one of the team members moves to the door and plants a breaching charge...*

    Thug: {In French} Hey, gimme one of your smokes.
    Thug with Lighter: {Fuck off, this is my last one. Get your own damn smokes for once.}

    *a loud crack sounds from the other side of the door, and the corridor is suddenly illuminated by a burst of flame as the doors fly off their hinges, striking one of the thugs in the head...*

    *the officers enter the hallway and wrestle the one standing thug to the ground, restraining him. The other suspect is knocked unconscious by the door...*
    Red Team Leader: TOC this is entry team, 2 non-citizen bodies detained. One incapacitated.
    TOC: Copy element, proceed. Trailers are moving in behind you to take subjects into custody.

    *a thug rounds the corner with a rifle readied...*
    Thug: {Hey what the fu-}

    *three more anti-citizens run down the corridor. One of the officers fires a shot and strikes one of the runners square in the right asscheek...*
    Red Team Leader: Blue Team be advised, 2 runners are headed your direction.

    *the two suspects burst through a set of double doors, only to find a surprise waiting for them on the other side. One of the suspects raises his weapon...*

    Thug: *drops his weapon* Oh fuck, don't shoot!

    *the two team leads converge in the hallway...*
    Red Team Lead: Good catch. How was the hunting on your end?
    Blue Team Lead: Lousy. 2 detained. No contraband apart from the guns they had on them.
    Red Team Lead: Right. TOC, this is entry team.
    TOC: Go element.
    Red Team Lead: 2 more suspects detained, 2 DBs. Proceeding.

    Blue Team Lead: Element, attach.

    *the team makes their way to the apartment confirmed the have the highest concentration of suspects. Inside the anti-citizens are barricaded and prepared for a fight...*

    *the door opens just a tad, and an optical probe peers into the room...*

    Officer: Two suspects visible, both armed. Makeshift hardpoint in place.
    Blue Team Lead: Copy. Bang and clear. Inject on my go.

    *the door creaks open a ways, and a flashbang is tossed into the room...*

    *a deafening explosion and a blinding flash of light catches the nervous suspects off guard, causing one of them to fire his weapon blindly at the door until his magazine runs dry...*

    *once the sound of an empty chamber can be heard clicking, the team storms the room. One of the blinded suspects attempts to get a shot off at the officers, but one of them quickly wrenches the man's arm skyward as he discharges his weapon. He's subsequently brought down by two shots to the gut, then one in the head. The other suspect goes down from two well-placed shots to the torso...*

    Thug: Holy shit man, I give up!

    Red Team Leader: Bedroom clear.
    Blue Team Officer: Kitchen cleaned.
    Blue Officer 2: Sweeping bathroom.

    *as the officer enters the bathroom, a suspect hiding the bathtub fires a round into the officer's side. He goes down to the floor...*

    *but quickly rolls over and fires a round of buckshot, evaporating the suspect's head...*

    Red Officer: You okay?
    Blue Officer: *clutching his side* Yeah, vest took the shot. No penetration.

    *once Airwatch confirms that the building is clear, the team thoroughly ransacks the apartment in search of narcotics...*
    Red Team Lead: Yeah, this is definitely the place. Got red-level contraband all over the apartment. These guys were well-connected.
    Blue Team Lead: Copy that. TOC this entry team; building is cleaned. 7 suspects detained, 5 DBs. One antiseptic sustained minor injuries, no deserviced. Subjects were in possession of a large amount of red-tier contraband.
    TOC: Affirmative element, Overwatch is gonna be glad to hear this. You're to return to nexus for debriefing, trailers will take care of cleanup.
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    This post isn't content as such, but it is related to the thread and will probably be very useful. In the old RvC thread, I recall posting a collection of Combine terminology and what it actually meant; since then, I've looked around various forums and taken some additional looks at the ingame sound files and sentences.txt, and subsequently made some revisions. I've added a few new terms and some existing terms have had their definitions changed, clarified, or expanded. So, without further ado...

    Administer - Same meaning as 'Amputate'
    Airwatch - Airborne units such as the Gunship synth
    Amputate - Engage or kill
    Anticitizen - Rebel. If a number is given as well (e.g. Anticitizen 1), then that particular anticitizen is a priority target.
    Antiseptic - Any sort of Combine unit
    Autonomous Judgement/Judgement Waiver - These two terms both indicate that CPs can now act independently of higher command structures when dealing with 'criminal' incidents though the exact meaning of each term is hard to pin down. Most RP servers treat a Judgement Waiver declaration as generally enabling CPs to do whatever they want to any unfortunate citizens in their path and an Autonomous Judgement declaration as imposing a kill-on-sight policy against any unfortunate who isn't obeying the curfew (some servers will of course either swap the definitions around or have both terms meant the same thing). One person at the Cloud Sixteen forums is of the belief that the Judgement Waiver allows CPs to kill any unfortunate on the flimsiest pretext ("Capital prosecution is discretionary.") while an Autonomous Judgement declaration is a more general grant of operational and sentencing autonomy ("Sentencing is now discretionary."); another person agrees with that person's definition of an Autonomous Judgement declaration but then introduces a new definition for the Judgement Waiver - namely that ultimately the higher command structures retain control over all sentencing decisions. I would personally suggest that the second set of definitions (AW = general autonomy, JW = kill as you see fit) might just be the more logical set, though of course there's no reason why different Sectors couldn't have different definitions.
    Biotic - Antlion, and possibly some Xen critters too. Judging by some Episode 2 dialogue this seems to be used for anticitizens as well.
    Boomer - Dropship, or headcrab shell
    Bouncer - Grenade, of the enemy variety
    Cauterise - Same meaning as 'Amputate', could also be used in the same way as 'Clamp'
    Clamp - Restrict access
    Contain - Supress or pin down, similar to 'Clamp'
    Deservice - Kill, tends to be used in the context of Metropolice and Overwatch casualties ('Unit deserviced')
    Disassociation from civic populace - The process of becoming yet another member of the rebel 'scum'
    Dislocate - Remove
    Displace - Fall back, ocassionally in its original meaning as well
    Duty vacated - Same meaning as 'Deservice'
    Exogen - Antlion
    Expire - Die
    Expunge - Same meaning as 'Amputate'
    Extractor - Grenade, of the friendly variety
    Flare - General term for grenades (Must surely cause some confusion when using actual flares)
    Hardpoint - Bunker, MG nest, or similar fortification
    Hurricane - Key Resistance figure (Never used for Dr. Freeman though)
    Indoctrinal zone - Either a rebel hideout (i.e. 'indoctrinal virus') or a place where Our Benefactors remind citzens for the gazillonth time about the joyful nature of Our Benefactors' regime.
    Infection - Some sort of enemy
    Inject - Deploy
    Inoculate - Same meaning as 'Amputate'
    Interpose - Cover
    Lock - Stand ground
    Loyalty Check - What it says on the tin
    Malcompliance - Resisting the will of Our Benefactors
    Malingnant - Enemy
    Necrotic - Zombie (For obvious reasons)
    Non-citizen - Rebel
    Outbreak - Hostile gathering/assault/other kind of activity. Saying this three times in quick succession indicates that local Combine forces are being overrun or about to be overrun.
    Parasite/Parasitic - Headcrab, presumably (Because of all that 'sitting on people's heads and turning them into zombies' business)
    Phantom - Dr. Freeman, though some other person would presumably have this moniker while Dr. Freeman was still in stasis
    Political conscript - Possibly a stalker, though since RvC/Lambda Wars allows Combine players to use the cut conscripts this can also be used more literally
    Priority 1 Objective/Primary Target - Dr. Freeman, though some other person would presumably have this moniker while Dr. Freeman was still in stasis
    Probe - Investigate
    Prosecute - Engage
    Protection Team - A unit of CPs
    Restrictor - Thumper
    Ripcord - Equivalent of 'GRENADE, LOOK OUT'/'GRENADE, GET OUTTA THERE'. Best heard when spawning several Combine Soldier NPCs in Gmod and then throwing a grenade in their midst.
    Roller - Either the rollermine or the OSIPR's alt. fire
    Scapel - Sniper, possibly due to both scapels and sniper rifles being very precise in their operation
    Signature imprint - Data packet
    Sky Shield - Some form of aerial recon, possibly a satellite system or a UAV (neither of which would be beyond the Combine's capabilities)
    Stabilisation Team - Same meaning as 'Protection Team', but could also refer to their beefier transhuman cousins in the Overwatch
    Stabilise - Same meaning as 'Amputate', possibly means 'secure' as well
    Sterile - Free of hostiles
    Sterilise - Same meaning as 'Amputate'
    Steriliser - Turret
    Stim Boost/Dose - All those health kits you tend to pick up over the course of HL2 and its episodes
    Subprime - Offspring, presumably ('Vance subprime engaged')
    Tag - Kill
    Vacate - Die. See 'Deservice'/'Duty vacated'.
    Various numbers thrown around by the CPs and their radio dispatch - These appear to be criminal offence/MOS status designations taken directly from various US penal and police scanner codes, though it's not hard to imagine that the Combine would invent some numerical codes of their own for the purpose of reporting and responding to the more 'unique' parts of a CP's job.
    Viscerator - Manhack
    Viscon - 'Visual confirmation', presumably; normally used in the same way that a real-life soldier would use such expressions as 'Enemy spotted' or 'Target sighted'.
    Virome - Enemy, often used in the context of Antlion infestations. Could also be used for Poison Headcrabs.
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    Killer, thanks dude. I'll definitely lean on this vocab when writing dialogue for Combine units.

    For those who are interested, some additional good sources of Combine terminology can be found on the HL2 wiki and in YouTube videos of Combine radio chatter. These are particularly useful for sorting out the seemingly random numbered codes that Combine units throw about - "647-E" and so forth.

    Also on a side note, I'm in Mexico for the next ten days so I won't be posting any in-game content during that time. I will however be expanding my faction's wiki page. If anyone feels like collaborating on a subplot, just give me a shout over PM and I'll try to get back to you promptly.

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    April 2015
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    A conscript patrol stops off at an MM outpost just across the border in Somalia to do some trading. Due to both parties' mutual dislike of the Combine and love of all things illicit, the two generally get along quite well.
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    An oil convoy begins the long drive from the Western Oil Fields to mainland LLF territory. An officer in charge of the Western area is transported in one of the escort vehicles for a meeting in Benghazi

    Their greatest engineering achievement, nicknamed "the Canary", shows off its functionality to the officer as it sputters and whirs overhead.
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    Updated the OP, I'll try to post more often in a couple of weeks.
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    The LRA Division One manage to arrive to the Houston area, However a explosive detonated near the Convoys troop carrier killing two and injuring others, Division one are currently holding position and fighting off the overwhelming of enemy fighters and Rouge "deserters". Division 2,3,4 Haven't gotten attack but its a matter of time until they notice Division one is not responding...
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    Nice post. Where'd you get those models from?

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    City 23...
    The Sectorial (basically commander of Overwatch in that city) presents the after-action report of Civil Protections raids from the previous week. A disturbing trend is the frequent appearance of a new, more powerful brand of khat at each of the scenes. Wanting to get to the bottom of this, city administrator Wolfe insists on tagging along to watch an interrogation of one of the prisoners taken during a raid.

    After gently coercing the detainee with "enhanced interrogation techniques", the man gives out a number of leads that will put Civil Protection on the trail of this new substance.

    Administrator Wolfe issues a series of warrants, and multiple busts are made. Each yields another link in the chain, until one promising lead reveals the breadth of this intricate web...

    The tip leads them to Union Biochemistry and Pharmaceuticals Division 23 headquarters. A protection team is dispatched to Director Cousqeau's office...

    *The director is a dumpy, balding man with a caramel complexion. Hailing from the former country of Morocco, he speaks with a pronounced French accent...*
    Director Cousceau: Bonjour officers; how can I help you?

    Team Leader: We have a warrant for the detainment of two of your staff. You are to take us to them immediately.

    The director, having no knowledge of the shady dealings that go on within the UBPD, complies with the officer's request with no hesitation. Two high-ranking chemists are placed under arrest in connection with the production and distribution of narcotics.

    Meanwhile on the streets of City 23, UBPD dealers in rougher neighborhoods have recently become the targets of muggings by junkies. A significant portion of profits have been lost as a result...

    Due to their inexperience in the peddling game and lack of knowledge regarding gang territories, many of the UBPD's dealers have become targets of rival dealers. Most of the UBPD's street-level distributors are simply citizens picked up off the street and promised a small share of the profits, and as a result these small-time dealers often make the fatal mistake of selling in gang territory...

    *Once off-duty the masterminds behind the Khatnip ring, Andrew Chung and Markus Crowley, meet to discuss matters of importance...*
    Crowley: *in a heavy South African accent* We're fucked. It's only a matter of time before the CPs get those poor bastards to spill the beans.
    Chung: I told you it was a mistake to trust the loyalty of a bunch of street trash. They all probably squealed thinking it would get them some kind of reduced sentence.
    Crowley: Hell, I don't blame them. If I didn't already know possessing red contraband was a death sentence I'd probably try the same.
    Chung: Hopefully our boys will take their info to the grave with them. If not...
    Crowley: Then we're royally fucked.
    Chung: We need to take measures to cover our tracks, make sure this doesn't get back to us.
    Crowley: If we could get the director on our side it'd make our lives much easier.
    Chung: There's no way we could get that brown-noser on the take, he eats sleeps and breathes Union propaganda. After this I wouldn't be surprised if he started cracking down on the division trying to weed us out.
    Crowley: Alright, for now we keep our heads down. We break off all contact with the others and cease distribution until this blows over.
    Chung: Agreed.

    Meanwhile, in the North African wastes...
    Skirmishes between the Mogadishu Marauders and Libyan Liberation Front have become sources of valuable salvage for many bandit groups.

    Knowing the quality of equipment that can be scavenged is higher than what they have, some of the bolder raider groups have begun attacking patrols from both sides...
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    July 2016
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    As the LRA start their attack on Houston, LSS snipers hang around in the ruins to make quick kills amongst the forces entering the city.
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    February 2016
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    Out in a coastal settlement, conscript recruits are given some explosives training by experienced Disruptors IED maker - Anton

    Anton:Now, as you may already know, a simple explosive consists of 4 components: a power supply, a trigger, a detonator and a charge.

    Anton:Semtex plastic explosive and surface to air missiles are fancy and all, but they are hard to come by and goddamn expensive. You need to be able to know how to construct, arm and detonate a bomb out of the simplest of ingredients. You would be surprised the damage you can cause with a few household chemicals, some wires and a bit of knowledge...

    Being trained in several military aspects, the conscript deserters can often teach members of the Disruptors a thing or two aswell

    This creates a sense of competition, especially when a new conscript recruit can score more accurate shots on the range than a rebel sniper with several kills to his name
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    November 2014
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    Keeping tabs on medical supplies is a necessary job at a Railroad safehouse. Being without a blood bag of the right type means certain death for those injured badly.

    A new system of marking routes is making its way around certain safehouse. One white (or any color if no white paint or substance is nearby) cross means that the way is clear... for the time being.

    Two cross means danger up ahead, usually posted in routes with high zen wildlife.

    Three crosses means to get the fuck out of there. It may mean that shit was blocked or combine are watching the route. Stay back if you value your life.
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    April 2015
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    In the wastelands of North Africa, Overwatch has taken notice of the various scuffles between rebel groups. A conscript patrol makes its way to an MM camp that has ended up on Overwatch's radar...

    Conscript: Anatoli my friend! Long time no see!
    Yellow: Too long. I hope this is important, I've got a perfectly good beer in there that you're keeping me from.
    Conscript: Well by all means, don't let me keep you from it. I could go for a cold one myself!
    Yellow: Step into my office then.

    Conscript: I notice you and your boys have been running into some unfriendly locals.
    Yellow: Fuckin Libyans, can't just get out of the way and let us do our thing. We'll get them eventually.
    Conscript: Look my friend, I don't know what beef you guys have got but it needs to come down a few notches.
    Yellow: The hell you talking about?
    Conscript: All this fighting is starting to draw attention. Technically we're under orders to kill everyone here, but I couldn't do that to an old friend.
    Yellow: The two of you were supposed to kill all of us? Really?
    Conscript: Nonono, you see there's a much larger force on the way here to wipe the place out. I'd much rather prefer not to have to kill anyone here, so I came here of my own free will. You and your boys need to pack up and get out of town while you still can, and whatever conflict you've got with these Libyans needs to be put to bed, otherwise Overwatch is going to step in eventually. Neither of us want that, now do we? Our arrangement is too profitable to cut short...

    Back in City 23...
    *Director Cousceau, concerned with the recent events leading to the arrest of two of his staff, calls a private meeting with one of his senior employees...*
    Cousceau: Thank you for seeing me Markus, I have a matter of great urgency that requires your attention.
    Markus Crowley: What is it sir?
    Cousceau: After the events the other day, I've been concerned about the integrity of this division. I'm convinced that the two men arrested were not the only ones in on this; I think it goes much deeper. That's why I want you to be my eyes and ears; you're my most senior staff member and I trust you more than anyone here. You're to keep your ear to the ground and report back anything you hear to me. If possible, try to get in good with the people who are responsible. If you can get me any information that brings us a step closer to shedding light on this whole thing, there will be a substantial reward in it for you.
    Crowley: I can do that sir...

    *that night after the meeting, Crowley heads to an underground speakeasy in one of the seedier districts of town...*

    *he places a token on the front desk and is admitted into the bar...*

    *Crowley makes his way to a counter on the far end of the room. There he meets a blonde man of South African descent, like himself...*

    Crowley: [In Afrikaans] Thank you for meeting me here on such short notice. *he passes the man a datapad*
    Blonde Man: [Fuck Crowley, that's a lot of names. What the hell do you want these cunts dead for?]
    Crowley: [I thought you weren't supposed to ask questions.]
    Blonde Man: [When the names are all CPs I tend to get a little wary.]
    Crowley: [I'll double your fee if you drop the questions. For each one of them.]
    Blonde Man: *he shrugs his shoulders and places the datapad in his pocket...* [Done.]
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    September 2015
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    Sector 17 outland region, White Forest, Victory mines refinery plant.

    “Assemble,” leader-two says. Striker-three finishes up on disarming the Overwatch sniper rifle of its power source and Striker-five shuts the comms terminal down after having sent a code to hard-point Shadow. The team gets together with their leader. “This sector contains un-tagged contacts. Overwatch confirms several necrotic and parasitic contacts. Priority one objective is one HVT, location unknown. Sky-shield drop is standing by until HVT is contained.” The leader looks at his team, whom acknowledge the short meeting. “Code sweep, sterilize, shield,” leader-two finally orders. The team makes it's way to the deactivated containment shield.
    “Moving in, cover,”Striker-two says. He turns the shooting-mode to semi-automatic and pulls the cartridge chamber of his MP7A1 back. He signals to Striker-four. Four, assemble.

    The team moves into the structure with Striker-two and the leader up front. “Clamp this hard-point,” leader-two says.
    “Copy that,” Striker-five acknowledges. He waits for the rest of the team to enter the building, after which he reactivates the containment shield. Striker-two aims through the holographic sight of his MP7A1.

    “Sightline is clear,” he reports. Then in all of a sudden the sound of a door smacking against a doorframe echoes through the room. He quickly makes a halt gesture and signals Striker-leader to take cover.

    A masked Lambda veteran shows up at the top of the staircase. He wears a dirty Overwatch vest and helmet from a soldier he probably killed.
    “Contact, contact” Striker-two yells at the top of his lungs. He recognizes the veterans' uniform and knows he's done for at this disadvantage. Antimatter rods shear through his body. “Come on you avtomat fucks!” the man yells while Striker-two falls backwards lifelessly.

    “Sector is not secure!” the leader of the team calls. He jogs backwards into cover. In the mean time their CQC-expert, Striker-three, catches up with his leader. “HVT at bearing nine, range eight” Striker-leader says. Striker-five approaches the two soldiers on the front line. “Three, cover me,” Striker-five says.
    “Copy that. Sharp-zone is live!” Three switches his shotgun to automatic fire and dives up, firing salvo's towards the direction of the veteran. Striker-five leaves his cover bravely, stepping right into the lane of fire. Luckily he is covered by their tall CQC expert, firing concentrated shots at the target. He is hit by the veteran's fire and in return, hits the anti-citizen. “Ugh... Three, cover!” he snarls.

    Click. He is starting to sweat. When the veteran reloaded the last time is a mystery to him now. He presses his thumb on the button above the trigger hastily and removes the heavy magazine. Fortunately he still has a full one in on his belt. The old magazine clashes loudly with the floor. He inserts the new magazine into the AR2 and slams the palm of his hand on the bottom of the mag, just on time. The shadow of his executioner projects on the wall. Just before he is able to aim, death glides swiftly and tactically around the corner.

    He stands before his end. He knows he has messed up. Death aims his MP7A1 through the holographic sight and fires a barrage of bullets that completely pierce the vest of the survivor. The man falls backwards and slowly begins to drown in his own blood. He feels his own pulse going crazy and he knows that no matter how much he coughs, the fluids will never leave his airshaft. Before everything blurs out, instinct takes over. However all that happens is a sad and hopeless spasmodic attack. “Target contained,” Striker-five says. "Sightline is clear

    The room appears to be some sort of outpost that was ran by the nationalistic Lambda cell who shortly occupied the refinery. On the desk stands a military laptop, displaying complex programs that spit out what appears to be various Overwatch codes. Striker-leader approaches it and reads the display, shortly after he realizes what he's looking at. “Leader two to leader nine, do you copy?” he broadcasts. “Leader nine copies
    “Rodger that. Uhh... Possible compromise of confirmation code Grid-eight.“

    In the mean time Striker-five has prepared a rappelling rope for a descend into an old maintenance shaft. “Covering,” Striker-four says. He steps right on the ledge and aims his AR2 down into the shaft. Striker-five lets himself fall backwards and pushes his feet against the walls each time he descends.

    After a few seconds he makes first contact with the ground at the bottom of the pit. He aims his MP7A1 into the dark room. Inside appears to be almost nothing but a few tools, luckily no threats. “Sightline is clear,” he reports. A distant “Copy,” comes from the top of the shaft. Then Striker-four descends the rope into the chilling darkness.

    The two super soldiers move into the darkness. The room is cold and its dimensions are rough. Probably not even the Lambda cell that was sterilized came down here. “Sector is secure, no contact,” Striker-five broadcasts over the short range channel. In a few seconds Striker-leader and Striker-three also rappel down, where their first objective is officially completed.
    “Leader-two to leader-nine, sector is sterilized and contained. Hard-point tracker cleaned, HVT down
    “Leader nine confirms. Boomer Stinger-niner-oh-two-seven deployed, sky-shield drop is inbound. ETA is fifteen minutes
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    May 2016
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    As the LRA division three set up shop at an abandoned apartment, some of the division three soldiers were killed or injured in the but managed to defeat its attackers and fell back to said apartment.

    Division three commanding officer had its radio operator to call the main force, for more reinforcements to support the Assault on houston.
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    July 2016
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    The MM leave the post behind as the Conscript scouts move ahead.

    On a more interesting note however, the Headcrab Fights continue as ever all across the MM controlled wastes. Well, not really "controlled" but rather patrolled. The game is simple. You get a headcrab, de-tooth it and put them together in a ring after shaking them up for a while. A popular way of getting them angry is to throw and catch them to each other, leading to a kind of mutal helping out between opposing teams, with the teams throwing each others headcrabs around a room to get them proper pissed.Then they throw them in whatever ring they've got and people from all around come to watch the Crabs slice the shit out of each other. Conscripts, Civvies, Reds and Yellows all pile in to bet and watch the things fight.
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