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    The TKGB SAU members in Karaq are finally reunited as the disguised Papilon mercs and their liason hands over the SAU members to Karaq Command. The team was greeted by a heavy armed KEF team along with a KCI liason and members of the Boliverian Commandos.
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    Gecko Airfield
    Gecko B-1 Lancer's are preparing for the long flight to Rome, their mission will be to cause as much devastation to their capital city of Adrionople.

    Various safehouses, Adrionople, ERR
    To help the bombers in route to the capital, the Gecko Group has secretly deployed multiple Raptor Teams via box trucks, all of which are operated by front companies.

    Under the cover of night, the trucks make their way to the AA positions. Once in positioned the drivers abandoned the trucks leaving their deadly cargo in place.
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    Lviv, Tsardom of Volhynia..

    Two Volhynian police officers, was found dead in the streets of Lviv. The murderers were rioters that had lost some friends and relatives in the Palace shooting, they was quickly found, as they were still carrying their weapons that consisted of knives and machetes with blood on them.

    The two officers were later recognised, and their names and ranks were Constable. Aleksey Slanov and Sergeant. Vadim Ozimov.

    The Lviv Police Chief later said this.

    Col. Bezrodny: The Lviv police force will not tolerate this violence anymore. And we will show no mercy to those who join the riots, making my people worried. I have therefore with permission from our great Tsar, recieved help from the military. Who will aid us in this chaos we currently are suffering from. And for the love of our Tsar and God, return to your homes. And stop this madness! Thank you.
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    The first death of the Civil War occurs at 2:20PM. Two army scouts are encountered, with a warning given. Sadly, the scouts shot first and got one of them straight through the knee, the militiamen killing one of them in return. The soldier is incapacitated, meaning they'll have to bring him back to base.

    The swamps of the Republic offer the safer quieter routes for the teams making their way quietly to their targets, however what lies in the murky water is best left undiscovered.

    As the morning slowly approaches, the D.R.As makeshift navy makes it way back to their ports to allow the boats use in the conflict. As fast as they can they are loaded up with troops and equipment to be taken up the rivers.
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    The Lukrom freighters containing the tank shipment for Herrera has docked at Dunkirk where they began offloading the main battle tank fleet. Half the day and two freighters later and the whole MBT fleet was securely on the ground for Herreran personnel to take ownership of.

    Meanwhile in Sochi, Russia..

    Former Tchvonian President Hermann Kirov has been remaining quiet these past few months since he lost the election and left the country. However it appears many have been keeping an eye on him as he received a job offer from the Elios Corporation.

    He was rather surprised that they still existed, and told them he would keep their offer in consideration.
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    Everyone, I'm going to do some map updating. http://espionage-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Espionage_Wars_Map

    If you are aware of any factions that need updating or remove do to inactivity, let me know via PM, Discord, or here.

    Current Map Update:

    Removed to Inactive Factions:
    -Lapointe Groupe d'Solutions Militaires (ViralHatred)
    -Phoenix International (Sir_Leaf)
    -Nemean Lion (Phenix_360)
    -Raptor Industries (Rama2299)
    -Tiger Company (VincentVanGoat)
    -Voskhodya, Republic of (VincentVanGoat)
    -Reichstadt (RoblixWW2)
    -Holy Roman Remnants (Wotman)
    -Xin Syndicate (Wotman)
    -Blackforce Corporation (Der Kommandant)
    -Rhinehart Systems (Kommandant298)
    -Kraaivuur International (RedCoat893)

    Dead and Deleted Factions:
    -Congo, People's Communits Republic of (Bottle Boy)
    -United Roman Republic (ussr68)

    Added/Updated Active Factions:
    -Herrera, Republic of (TheFrostBible) gained territory and has an updated flag design.
    -Eastern Legion (Bottle Boy) is now known as Tsardom of Volhynia and has an updated flag design.
    -Grand Duchy of Baltia (venomblizzard) is now known as Grand Duchy of Samogitia and has an updated flag design.
    -Somalian Socialist Republic (Kali/FloaterTWO) no longer has Yemen as a territory.
    -Brownsfield Weapons Industrial (AutismoPiggo) added to map.
    -Dominican Reclamation Army (AutismoPiggo) added to map.
    -Eastern Roman Republic (ussr68) added to map.
    -Kergikstan, Democratic Republic of (FBI SWAT GUY) added to map.
    -Elios Corporation (TheFrostBible) re-added to the map.
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    Trinity Mark Two, Serial #875961 (Charlie)
    Journal Entry #1
    February 18th, 2017

    Well, journal entry one, I guess. Hi, my name is 8759--...my name is Charlie. Or 'Chuck' as the rest of my platoon call me, since they apparently didn't like the name I picked. I'm a Trinity Mark Two clone, born September 1st, 2014. I'm from the Alabama lab, but I'm stationed at the main lab in Boston. Well, stationed here at the moment, since I just got back from Syria. I was part of Raphael's task force that was sent in to eliminate AWA and their allies in the region, after that shit that went down in New York a ways back. We went over, kicked ass, and have been slowly bounced around till we get back to the States. I was at the Isle of Man lab for the the past month or two before getting shipped back here. The minute I arrived, Saraqael requested that I and a few others that arrived with me talk to her about some of the stuff that happened over there. I guess to check and see if we had PTSD or something from the chaos near the end.

    I told her all I could, and apparently came out of it fine. She still requested, though, that I keep a journal to jot down my thoughts. Just to clear my mind when I needed to, she said. I don't see how it'd clear my mind, but hey. Its Saraqael. The lady knows what she's talking about. I guess its why she left to go help that David guy from Papilon Solutions. Heard he was pretty messed up after those fucks took out Tacticus' former CEO. If anyone could help him, its her. Anyway, here I am writing in this journal.

    My platoon was assigned a Type 2 from the Antarctica lab. Bit of a dick, but really most of 'em are like that. They think they're hot shit. Better than everyone just because of their cybernetic parts and gene boosting. I saw one of them get run over by a tank in Syria. They ain't as tough as they say they are. At least the one we got knows when to shut the fuck up with the boasting. Type 3s are so much better to work with, even though they can be smartasses at times. They're also spooks, so they may be there to help one moment, and gone the next.

    Vargas, our pointman, got his ass handed to him yesterday in the showers. Idiot decided to try and play grab ass with Lizzie, the platoon's medic. The second he touched her, she drove his head into the shower wall. Seven stitches is what he earned himself just to get a handful. The rest of us were laughing our asses off till Cecitiel showed up. I swear, that woman scares the hell out of me.

    Anyway, I think that's all I can think of to write about at the moment. I'll probably add more later.

    - Chuck
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    8 days ago, in the Platine Commonwealth, the presidential election's results were finally in. As expected, although it was not something easy to accomplish, the winner was the candidate Gabriel Marques with 58 % of the votes, marking the return of an independent party to power in the Commonwealth after years of duality between the Social Democrats and the Socialists. With his election, a new Prime Minister is also expected to come.

    Marques is sworn in office as the 27th President of the Commonwealth of Platine Republics, picture taken in the Palace of Silver, he made a brief speech afterwards: "As much as writing is my passion and while writing this speech wasn't much different, there's few time for words and actions are necessary. We've been in troubled times and many of us here know of it, but the last we can do is coward ourselves into a bubble as we become easy prey to those outside of it. This is a new time for our Union of peoples, it is our time to shine, for the Commonwealth as a whole to shine and show that we are just as noble and unique as the noble metals our rich lands were named after, not to be stranded and let this beautiful nation become nothing but rust. For those who approached the Commonwealth during the government of Mister Abbiati, I hope we can still maintain a warm relation, and that all of us can prosper. Thank you for your patience and have a wonderful day.
    I delayed this a lot because of things that happened in real life, the picture itself was also quite rushed too, sadly. I'll try to still be around even with all that's here on my end.
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    The kergikstani Ministry of defense sent two bureaucrats to discuss with two commanders In charge of the Weapon and vehicular replacements for the Army and SAT, The SAT had already chosen three rifles to Contend to replace the Model 727 and AK-74M, The SCAR-H&L, Steyr AUG A3 And the ACR. While the Army had Suggested just placing orders on T-72 ERA Kits While some Generals say replace the T-72 and M60 Whole and just buy another tank.

    Kergikstan news has recently reported A fairly popular Mosque in the Capital city Atyrau. That Kergikstan national police stormed in and found Various stolen weapons from the kergikstan army. The Mosque was closed down and its owners Arrested and taken in for questioning. The islamic community was Skeptical over this claim and are now Looking for answers everywere.
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    As dawn breaks, the war livens up. The bright of day means that the advantage of stealth has been cut short meaning proper attacks must begin. Squads make their way across the Rural areas, towards their targets/. However, the Dominican Army has finally realized that they're fighting a proper fight against the D.R.A instead of a scuffle and start mobilising. The headstart gives the militia a brief advantage but the Army's superior training and arms soon start to take a toll.

    However, back at the few FOBs in the jungle, the elites of the D.R.A arrive to properly make sure the troops don't rush to their death. Wearing their signature flak jackets, the Retribution Brigade fiercly keep the recruits on their toes.

    An armourer inspects some weapons.

    The Dominican Army's use of helicopters has begun to be a hindrance on hidden D.R.A activities in the jungle. However, lacking the ability to take them down besides the use of a machine gun, a decision is made to eliminate the nearest source of this threat and also provide the D.R.A with an advantage: An attack on the nearest airport.

    The first wave of militia die very quickly, shot down in their waves by the Army. Unused to fighting trained soldiers and seeing their teammates gunned down, the troops are shocked and the wave dies down. The amount of lives lost in this very first wave would spell doom for the rest of the rebellion, making command realize this capture is necessary to the highest degree. A second wave begins.

    In response to the first wave the Army attempts to use its helis to fly off and drop off troops in the jungle. Unknown to the troops stationed at the airstrip, it would have almost guaranteed them victory if the helis had stayed to show troop locations. Instead, they fly off and have their drop offs get captured or gunned down. What also shows here is the treatment of prisoners by the Army. Whilst they do obey the law and don't abuse them physically, the attitude towards them is nothing short of hateful, seeing them as nothing more than war mongers.

    On the other side of the perspective however, the D.R.A troops hold the army in high respect, seeing them as allies against the government and as brothers. They treat their prisoners with kindess (and anyone caught pushing them around is.... dealt with, so to speak.)

    The second assualt is led by the Elites and instead of quick light attacks, its a heavy movement of many men. While the deaths are still quite high, Army fatalities increase as well as the Elites use their experience and brutality to push through, something the younger soldiers don't have.

    After an astonishing 52 dead and 74 injured D.R.A fighters, compared to the Army's 24 dead and 32 injured, the airport is captured. Whilst it is celebrated by the normal soldiers, the Elites and Commanders know the price they have paid. They need help and training ASAP.

    Apologies for this not being the best but i'm going on holiday for 5 days soon and wanted to leave myself in a good position quickly enough to allow other things i've got organized to happen. Better quality will ensure.
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    Grand Dutchy of Samogitia

    A huge military traffic is being reported of heavily guarded trucks and old APCs convoys heading to the dock direction from the speculated surplus base, the convoys reportedly involved trucks, old bmp2 APC's and warsaw pact era equipment that has been retired for the long time. The very same day Two local Brigades have been ordered to prepare themselves for the deployment, many troops expect it to be to turkey, but orders this time is different unlike the usual troop's deployments into turkey, this time brigades have been ordered to board the recently requisitioned cruise liner ships for the deployment.
    Many troops have no idea if they really going to turkey. Some of the soldiers worry about the possible others are just eager to serve their country and see the action in combat for the first time.
    Together with brigades couple of Special forces squads ''Jaegers'' and high ranked officers also preparing for the deployment.

    Two Samogitian soldiers inspecting the trucks that are about to arrive at the docks

    Samogitian Grunt inspects the condition of old rifles that haven't been used by Samogitian Army since the early 90s after the collapse of USSR and the DSR (democratic Samogitian republic) collapse. after the inspecting the rifles conditions he loads them into weapon crates, to be loaded into the ships.
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    Close to the Dominican Republic coast..

    Tsardom of Volhynia, has sent eighty "Cossacks" and a BTR-80 to the Dominican Republic. Who will help the D.R.A. With training of their troops and supplying them with weapons. They will ofcourse also help fighting the Government forces. Only fifty of the Cossacks will parachute from the plane, and the remaining thirty will land in the newly captured airport, where they will load off the supplies and their BTR-80.

    Cossacks can be seen sleeping, before they will parachute out of the plane, and hopefully land safe into the jungle.

    A few hours later..

    The jump didn't go as planned, and two of the Cossacks are currently missing. As they haven't reqrouped with their team, and they have not communicated over their radios. The rest though, landed safely into the jungles, and has been picked up by D.R.A. forces, where they were led to an FOB in the jungle.
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    The arrival of the Cossacks boosts moral, especially on the impressionable young fighters. Talk of their parachute drop-in spreads quickly leading to the men wanting to make a good impression on the stern, heavily armed eastern Europeans.

    The arrival of the other Cossacks and the Prince also causes quite a stir at the airport. The effort it had taken to take it had taken its toll meaning this arrival helped the soldiers stationed there feel a little bit better about things.

    The Elites and top brass of the D.R.A met with the Prince as soon as he arrived, whilst the other Cossacks were led to their accommodation.
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    -Rusty- is no longer a Game-Master, please redirect any questions or requests you may of had to him involving his Game-Master position to the remaining Game-Master's or me.

    We can still discuss you coming back -Rusty- you just have to get in contact with us and rejoin the ESP discord.
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    November 2015
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    Somewhere in the Dominican Republic jungle..

    Soon as the Cossacks have arrived, they started training the D.R.A. fighters, in handling a firearm, patrolling, making improvised traps ect. The search for the two missing soldiers has also begun, and they hope to find them very soon..

    Above can a Cossack be seen teaching the KR-16 works, and other weaponary the D.R.A. has recieved.

    The D.R.A. Grunts can be seen learning how to patrol the jungle, while also searching for the two missing Cossacks.
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    1. Faction Name: Coalition of Guadeloupe and Martinique

    2. Faction Alignment: Neutral Good

    3. Some images of your faction members doing stuff:

    I'll add on, probably do more poses later.

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    You should try to at least fill out the introduction template before you introduce your faction.
    Theres like no info other than the name to their where abouts or what their deal is.
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    The google doc has some stuff. Though it'd be better if you made a wiki page.

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    Early this morning some news has surfaced that have come to an alarm to some, a viral video on social media has arisen. However it is one which has shocked many, with many posting and sharing in anger - the video seemed to be filmed in a warehouse, somewhere in Turkey. It is unknown if it is in ERR occupied zones or if the video was filed somewhere deeper in Turkey - however the content was disturbing. Showing a bunch of armed irregular fighters killing civilians, using strong language and threatening international factions. The video quality however is questionable, and many glitches in the recording are found, but the brutish nature of the content has sparked outrage.

    Irregular Fighter Right-Side: Enemies of the E.R.R, make this to be a warning to you all - in recent weeks, PMC's are trying to interfere with a righteous mission! One to take back the great city on Constantinople, the one these savages in front of me desecrated centuries ago! Yet, you blame the E.R.R for being unjust, a monstrous state! Well, we the Vox populi, vox Dei have risen, to stop this sub-human foreign intervention! You believe you all are safe! The Liberals, the bankers at the PMC's, the communists! even our allies! Whom have shown displeasure in a righteous nation - a godly Republic! Sub-human dog! do you have anything to say before we rid you from this holy earth, when we take you're wives and daughters as our own, as we enslave you're sons, like Rome once did to barbarians!

    Man Center:
    Please those who know me take my family away! They know where we live! Please anyone, let me live, I am a innocent man that is all I am I just want to live a free life, I will give you all my savings - anything just please do not hurt me or my family we just want to live free. Please I beg those, please help our families! Do not leave them to these...

    Irregular Fighter Right-Side: We do not negotiate with animals.

    (Gun shot heard, with others yelling in the background in fear)

    Irregular Fighter Right-Side: Get the next one! The pigs will realize who is their god, sub-human scum! Enemies of the E.R.R if you do not leave the E.R.R to fight it's righteous battle you will see no other choice then war, total war with not just your forces but with the people you protect!

    (Another man is dragged in front of the camera)

    Irregular Fighter Right-Side:
    If the enemies of the E.R.R do not comply, we will wage a war you will not win, Ave! True to Caesar!

    (Irregular slits the man's throat, video ends)
    Many speculate it is the F.C however, if the video is stopped at a certain point when they bring out the second prisoner, a irregular fighter can be seen wearing the F.C Paramilitary force patch. Which means the fanatical Ethno-Roman insurgent group may be alive and well after much time dormant.
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    Dominican Republic..

    The new D.R.A. soldiers has shown great improvements according to the Volhynian special forces. One patrol has even ambushed a Dominican Republic humvee, which was driving in the jungle, probably patrolling aswell.

    A D.R.A. grunt can be seen checking out a firearm, looted from one of the dead Dominican Republican soldiers.
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    May 2016
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    Dominican Republics Coastal airspace
    Democractic republic of kergikstan had gave the greenlight to send 30 SAT special forces units, to aid the DRA forces along with a M60 Patton and Few field testing weapons for the SAT units. 7 will parachute out of the Jet to meet up with DRA Units while other 23 SAT Members will stay with the plane and link up in the Allied airport.

    hours later..
    Kergikstan Paradrop when as planned, however the Jump had the 7 SAT special forces lost until being found by an DRA patrols.

    Democratic republic of kergikstan
    A recent reports in Most media outlets, that some sombody leaked a surveillance footage of Four members of the Kergikstan national police planting fake evidence in the same mosque that was Closed down due to "Stolen Military equipment". The Local population was outraged and various Protests emerged along with Riots in the poorer areas in Kergikstan

    Many thanks to USSR68 for PS the 3rd photo
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    F T
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    Weeks ago, during his tour across the United States, Elios' CEO bumps into CoG's own Magistrate at a metro station in Colorado.

    The two spoke for a little while until Elios' CEO brought up the idea of a potential partnership. This interested the Magistrate due to the fact CoG is in desperate need of allies, and is hoping for an alliance that will last for years to come. They both exchanged numbers and promised they would call eachother later to discuss this potential parternship in detail.

    As the two talked to eachother more and more, a sort-of friendship slowly began to form. This came to a head earlier yesterday where the Magistrate and his wife invited Elios' CEO and whomever he wanted to bring along as a guest to dinner at a restaurant where the alliance between the two factions was sealed.
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    February 2017
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    Faction Name: Callegamaresi Famiglia

    Alternative Names: La Famiglia, CF

    Faction Alignment: Lawful Evil

    Current Leader: Vincent "Vinny" Callegamaresi

    Faction Background: The Callegamaresi Famiglia, also known as "La Famiglia" or "CF" for short, is an organized mafia crime family located in New York City. It was formed in the late 2000s by Vincent "Vinny" Callegamaresi in order to fill in the power vacuum that was present cause of the decline of the other mafia families. As a result, the Callegamaresi Famiglia has been able to accumulate wealth and power with ease by dealing with their enemies ruthlessly and by conducting business transactions in areas such as the drug trade, the arms trade, and so-on.

    A soldier of the Callegamaresi Famiglia permanently deals with a local rat whilst his friend watches from a distance.
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    Scientists and Type 2s at the Trinity Weapons Lab outside of Providence, Rhode Island, test a brand new Railgun-type weapon for future use in the field. It will be assigned to Type 2s in the field in situations where Trinity and friendly forces may encounter enemy vehicles and light armor.
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