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    Location: Progreso Port, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
    The bulk of the expeditionary forces have finally set foot onto Firebrand territory one again. Most of the troops have arrived except for Terminus Battalion which still remains in South Africa, their next destination being Bolivaria instead.
    Militia disembark from a CenPac allied freighter.

    Firebrand dock crew prepare to offload equipment, vehicles, and other cargo from the freighter.
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    New orders for the new year are coming in for CoG's baron lords as the cult's leadership plots it's next move following the utterly disappointing surrender of Kraaivuur to the Central Pact. First is to build up something that resembles a navy due to the fact all they have at the moment is a few patrol boats, a cargo ship, and a cruise liner they hijacked long ago. This simply will not do. Though CoG may be landlocked, the Magistrate assured that there was indeed a place their new boats could be stored safe and sound. However, the location isn't the problem, it's that there were no plans to actually build any. Instead, their plan was that they would steal some. The leader of CoG's pirate division was informed he would have to go around and wrap his most mechanical and dirty hands over whatever he could get away with. Upset at his vain attempt at suntanning was interrupted, he consulted with his underlings where they could try to steal some ships. They still have not decided, but the word 'Turkey' was thrown about a lot during their discussion.

    Though forming a naval fleet for CoG sounds ambitious, it's not the only big plan they have in mind. Ever since CoG was left behind all alone to take the full force of the blame for what Nemean Lion and Black Phoenix Corporation did in North Korea, they've been scheming in secret on what to do with them as they sense an elaborate plan of betrayal. During the invasion, Pyongyang was considered off-limits as they needed it intact if they were to establish a new government for a better North Korea. But now that CoG senses a stab in the back, Nemean Lion and BPC would have to go through CoG if they wished to do that, as CoG was now determined to turn Pyongyang into nothing more but small bits of dust. The Children of God has sent three divisions into North Korea to assure the complete and utter destruction of the hermit kingdom's capital city. They aren't doing this to free North Korea and take all the glory for themselves, nor are they trying to make North Korea a better place. They want to send Pyongyang straight to hell out of pure spite towards their former allies, and they will not stop trying until the blood of the last man in Pyongyang runs under the soles of their boots.

    Meanwhile, in a nightclub somewhere also far east...
    Hey bossman, we're moving around again. We need to talk. Gimme a call when you're not busy.


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    After arriving at the an Military airport. President Told one of his bodyguard to give his phone's photo of the BWI plane to an Air traffic controller

    After the bodyguard arrived to office of the Air traffic control he showed the Planes photo and ordered him to send an SU-25 escort to said plane. A moment later the SU-25 took off to find the Plane and escort it to Military airspace

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    With the conflict in South Africa at an end and the cleanup wrapping up, New Hansa begins the process of updating it's military arsenal and maintaining it's current equipment in order to better support it's Central Pact allies.

    Pictured above - New Hansan ground crew at New Hansa Base Dundee conducting routine maintenance on one of their F-4E Phantom that saw action during the South African conflict.

    Additionally, Terminus Battalion, the last of Firebrand's forces to remain in South Africa, has finished packing up and is ready to depart from New Hansa Base Dundee for Boliveria.

    Pictured above - Terminus Battalion waiting for a New Hansa C-17 Globemaster to finish loading equipment shortly before their departure.
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    The Platine Armed Forces continue their modernization process, ordering new vehicles and equipment as well as gradually introducing a more rigorous training process, specially for the country's ground forces. Military presence in the Western end of the country, dominated by deserts and the Andes' mountains, also keeps increasing. By official reports, there is a total of 2 Infantry Regiments in the region, as well as a Squadron of F-4 Phantom IIs. The Platine Federal and local governments said that, with the rioting in their neighbouring country, and with hundreds, sometimes thousands, of new settlers arriving in the area, looking for jobs and opportunity brought by the arrival of the Tchvonian Lukrom in the area, that this is necessary to maintain the region safe, until local law enforcement can meet the growing demand.

    A UH-60 helicopter arrives at a Platine FOB, located just a few kilometers away from the Chilean border. The increasing military presence has caused speculations of a possible war between the Commonwealth and Chile.
    Back in the Eastern end, the Platine elections draw to a close, in a week the country will choose it's 27th President. Thanks to overall fear and paranoia caused by recent events in the world and in the Commonwealth, the dispute seems that it'll be really tight.

    A photo taken during one of the last Debates before the election, taken last night, in February 1st. From the left to the right, the candidates Salvador Pérez, Roberto Bonner and Gabriel Marques. Marques, known writer and journalist, leads the polls, the other candidates are not far behind however; the old journalist has been praised for his confidence in the debates as well as plans for his mandate regarding national security, education and external affairs. The result of all of this will only be found out on the 10th of this month.
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    Tbonia will grow larger!
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    France 24 posted:
    "We're here this evening to bring you live coverage of the Tacticus Solutions technologies showcasing, where CEO Johannes Sandström is about to unveil the latest creations the company has to offer the world. We will switch over to the conference floor here in a bit, but stay tuned for.."

    About 30 minutes later, inside the showcasing room posted:
    "Bonjour and Welcome to The Tacticus Solutions' Yearly Showcasing of the feats of technological engineering. We hope our audience, both media and distinguished guests, will have a wonderful evening peering into the best humanity has to offer through the Tacticus Solutions company.

    Our first speaker is a veteran of the company and has spoken here before to you all, please welcome Francis Juliano of the Tacticus Solutions UGV R&D Team."
    Francis Juliano posted:
    "Thank you, thank you. Tonight I'm here to introduce the fruit of our labor since 2010, and let me tell you it took a lot of doing and dedication to getting it to work.

    You all know me as the man in charge of our Mark Seven UGV Platform, or as I like to call it the hand crusher.. heh. Anyway, we've been working on the newest piece of weaponry for it as well as working out previous kinks with the software, now this baby has a railgun that can punch through a number of objects. Don't worry folks, no live firing tonight.

    The gun system has 20 shots in total and we're looking for a way to expand that, usually this thing will have our common rotary barrel gun system on the other arm as well as infantry help keeping it safe from whatever threat it might be trying to destroy.
    Ontop of that we've also worked out the overheating issues our friends at Ares Nomades informed us about, we thought about how to approach it and our first thought was a sign that said "Don't stand behind vents" but we decided to go the extra mile and put in a coolant system to keep the core cooler during deployment. We also worked out the bug with connection issues at within range distances, this thing now has a powerful tracking device that can keep in touch with TS Security at all times when in range.

    There's also more I'd like to tell you about but unfortunately the thing in my ear is buzzing so I gotta go, handing it off to Sabine now so I hope you all have a good show!"

    Francis leaves the stage with the security and UGV following him, Sabine walks on along with furniture moving into place

    Sabine 'Ella' Chevalier posted:
    "Bonjour and welcome to the show, I am the voice of Ella for our exciting new product: Tacticus Solutions Operating System, or tsOS for short. I have a lot to talk about but such short time, let me run by the basics of tsOS.

    It is a program, application or completely in our tsOS SmartHub, that is designed to synchronize all your smart appliances and electronics onto one easy to use system. Fridges, televisions, phone, tablets, computers, security systems, furniture, even the doorbell of your residence can be connected, all into one vocally commanded electronic device. Just say 'Ella' in vocal vacinity and your SmartHub will await your command, be it turning on the television or asking about the daily news and everything inbetween. You can also use our tsOS app to remotely command the SmartHub to preform a task, you'll never have to worry about leaving the television on or if you forgot to lock your door.

    I'm here now to introduce the mastermind behind TS OS and our beloved company leader, Johannes Sandström.
    The furniture moves off stage, taking Sabine with it as props rise from the back and floor to show a city, server, computer desk, and the like. Johannes Sandström walks on stage with a TS Security Officer and a TS OS Dispatcher.

    Johannes Sandström posted:
    "Thank you Sabine, remind me to give you some Champange after all this is done. Hello, I am Tacticus Solutions CEO Johannes Sandström and I am here to talk with you about possibly the greatest technological marvel this company has ever designed thus far.

    TS OS comes in a SmartHub and Application package, but I'm here to introduce the system that has also kept my headquarters, and employees, safe for over a decade. I'm speaking of tsOS CitiGrid. Safety, Security, and Easy for Your City. Tonight I am here to publically address its existence and offer it as package for those who want top level system managing and security at a city-wide level. So far Herrera has made a deal with us for TS OS CitiGrid to be installed in their capital of Lille, a task which will take several years but by the time it is complete, they will be living further into the future than any other city on the planet.

    It provides more than just security, it provides vital information for the upkeep and handling of infrastructure, crime preidiction algorithms, disaster handling, and the easement of every day life. Imagine a world where all the gears run smoothly and crime is down to a numerical formula in which law enforcement can stop it before it happens. These are just some of the possibilities TS OS CitiGrid will accomplish in the future.

    So far, we're still mapping out the entirety of Lille which will take some time, however we are open to accepting TS OS CitiGrid contracts for those who also want to step into the future. I mean, I'm sure even PMCs need a tiny bit of help keeping their assets safe, as do nations. Here with me are two of the most vital people that keep CitiGrid running, the TS OS Dispatcher and the TS OS Security Officer. These two were involved with putting an end to the cop killer in Lille, of which TS OS helped track and pinpoint the location of the suspect to which a team was deployed and put him down for good. If that isn't a satisfactory job then I don't know what is.

    I hope this technological marvel from Tacticus Solutions will make the world a safer, more secure place. And starting at midnight tonight, the TS OS SmartHub and TS OS App will be available for purchase from major retailers and from the app store on your tablet or smart device.

    I now lead this off with our final presentation from our offices in the Far East, we welcome Junko Kotori of TS Japan.
    Johannes and both employees leave the stage as the backdrop and scene sinks back into the floor, Junko Kotori and two TS Mark 8's walk into the stage.

    Junko Kotori posted:
    Thank you Mr Sandström, it is a pleasure to be here all the way from Tokyo this evening.

    I am Doctor Junko Kotori of the Crusader Project in TS Japan, where I work as Chief Engineer. Since the 1980s we have dreamed of creating a multi-purpose machine to help move heavy equipment around or tread through hazardous environments, in 2015 we finally made a breakthrough and now in 2017 we are proud to announce and show for the first time the Tacticus Solutions Mark 8 'Crusader' Multi-Purpose Robot.

    Decades of engineering and technological advancment has brought us a robot that is gentle enough to hold a priceless Feberge Egg while strong enough to lift the heavy M2 Browning, we even show it lifting one of our Mark 2 Kernel UGV drones as we all know how heavy those are to manage. The Crusader will prove to be a valued asset at doing tasks too impossible or dangerous for humans to accomplish, such as traversing the dangers of a radioactive or biological zone or even rescuing a trapped person in a disaster area. We plan on adding combat functionality to the Crusader sometime in the future, but for now we are keeping it a utility robot for heavy lifting or long travel, both if needed, through all sorts of terrain.

    There is so much I would love to tell you about, but unfortunately we don't have the time right now. I want to thank you all for coming out here to witness what our company has to offer the world.
    Junko leaves the stage, being followed by the two Crusader robots. The audience applauds as the stage lights lift.
    "Thank you for being a part of the Tacticus Solutions Yearly Showcasing, we hope you all have enjoyed what our company has to bring to the world stage. Au revoir and good night."
    Somewhat hour later, at the TS HQ posted:
    After the presentation, Johannes and his presenters went back to the TS Headquarters to unwind and have an after party with a few VIP Guests from other companies or corporations. In attendence was Simon van der Linde of Papilon Solutions, Silvia Dawson of Trinity, and Anselmo Figueras of Areas Nomades who all watched the event from the TS HQ. Johannes thanked everyone for showing up and making it a great event, then proceeded to fall asleep on the couch as he was exhausted with weeks long preparation.

    (Been working on this for awhile and through countless crashes in SFM. PM me if you're interested etc hope you all like it and huge thanks to Taggart and FT for getting required models ready in such haste <3)
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    After being guided to the nearest working airstrip, Brownsfield lands ahead of his testing operatives to discuss matters with the President.

    BWI Vehicles pass BC vehicles at one of the hopeful factory sites

    As the Infantry program gets better week by week, only the best sharpshooters are brought to the test. BWI G3s, FALS and other assorted weapons are brought for demonstration on the first day of testing.

    Multiple demostrations with more people coming and going keep the operatives busy, however some of them wish they'd be doing an actual soldiers work instead of a test fire.

    Hugo himself in his talks with the President was rather chuffed to find that the President was unlike most, in the fact he was completely normal. After having a long series of talks about possible factory sites and weapons purchases, he was actually a nice guy to talk to anyway.

    Hugo leaves Kerkigstan in high hopes, with a few consultants and staff on board.The rest of the operatives and equipment stay in Kerkigstan for further testing and demonstration, along with more advisors and lawyers to seal the deals.

    However on route, the pilots fly staight into terrible weather. Unknowingly, they head off course.

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    With a resource agreement now locked in between Boliveria and Tchvonia, the first of many Lukrom tankers have arrived in Boliverian waters to start unloading equipment and the like. The agreement will bring thousands of jobs to the area and will help boost the Boliverian economy all while feeding Tchvonia the resources it needs.

    Above: Lukrom tankers being escorted by a Boliverian patrol boat as they near port in rough seas.
    The gathering of Lukrom assets in the region also means security needs to be heightened around their areas of operation, TPAF Air Patrols will be keeping an eye on things from above in areas where typical ground patrol cannot reach in a timely manner.

    Above: TPAF officer talking with a Boliverian officer at Joint Base Sugarcane's airfield, while a TPAF Su-25 prepares for takeoff in the background.
    Back in Tchvonia, a tank depot has been hard at working manufacturing tanks for Herrera who ordered 500 T-90AM MBTs. So far the factory has produced 30 and is on schedule for the delivery date in late February.

    Above: Tchvonian Tank Works Factory No. 15 hard at work.
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    Today a Costa Rican seperatist group revealed themselves to the public of Costa Rica.
    A group lead by General Valentino Morterero of the Costa Rican Security Forces. During a speech in San Isidro he claimed the Costa Rican government of being weak and running the country's tradition into the ground. By leading a Military Junta against the government the General plans to cease control over all of Costa Rica, bringing it back to glory and rebuilding the nation. The seperatist call themselves the 'Recreational Federation of Costa Rica' and around half of the Costa Rican Security Forces is loyal to the Military Junta.

    Credits to Jimmyjamjam for editing.

    The RFCR has secured the territory around San Isidro and the territory between San Isidro and Boliveria, splitting the nation in half. However the RFCR is in active warfare with the Costa Rican government and claims the entire nations territory belongs to them.

    In the last week before the RFCR revealed themselves, they have been silencing forces loyal to the Costa Rican government on their side of the territory.

    But as of now the country is in civil war and the two sides are actively engaging eachother

    With the General former instated within the Costa Rican Security Forces, the RFCR has been securing weaponry and equipment for this coup for a while. Insisting on not relating to the current government they have been customizing their equipment to easily seperate themselves.

    (If anyone wondered VU is dead]
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    F T
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    Excerpt from a journal entry by Gul, one of CoG's savages sent to North Korea.

    "for future note. for anyone who finds this. i am called Gul. i am a member of the children of god. i am a loyal servant to my baron lord. this is day four of my peoples invasion into north korea.

    my sect has finished total insertion. i am now here too. i am told to find and destroy any anti-air. but something is very wrong. something is very wrong with this place.

    "we find no one alive in onchon. every building abandoned. no one home anywhere. no bodies either. all we find is two inside army depot. we find them. they died. they hang from our tank now. i do not know if we will see anyone else here. this place is dead."
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    Turkey, Constantinople

    Fighting in Turkey continues. Order supports its EEC allies, who are engaged in so far the most intense urban battle of this war. Levent business district in which ERR's amphibious forces have landed weeks ago is not a long distance away, though getting there will be very difficult. Due to well entrenched Turkish AA defenses, aerial support is hard to call upon and they claimed another Hospitaller helicopter, reducing Order's ability to evacuate wounded Crusaders
    GDS, City of Šiauliai

    Soldiers of GDS have shown a big interest in Order and its religious services during the War in Turkey. It had a big positive impact on their morale, as lack of military chaplains proved to be rough for religious soldiers, who due to strong christian traditions make up the majority. This has reached the leadership of GDS itself.

    Order has received an invite from Grand Duke Gediminas Radvila Valinskas of GDS to pay a visit and discuss the terms of alliance. The Order has sent an envoy to establish formal communication between the two factions. More information to come.
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    The RFCR launched a armour attack on the Costa Rican territory, pushing almost all the way up to San Jose, but as they closed in casualties started to rise and the lack of infantry support going further would surley have been a suicide attack. Realising this the armour was recalled back to the RFCR line, however the command is using this as a show of force, boosting the morale of the men, showing them how weak the Costa Rican forces are.
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    August 2015
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    Esenyurt district, Constantinople
    After weeks of unrelenting missile artillery from the ERR lines, Turkish forces are evacuating all civilians still in the area, loading them on helicopters to get airlifted out of the city. However ERR troops push forward with EEC allies, and the battle is turning into a blood bath of house by house fighting - with Turkish defenders holding strong against the ways of ERR and EEC forces. Since the ERR operation began to capture the city, constant missile artillery systems have been used from day one to break the will of the people of the city and Turkish forces. Although, due to its nature the barrages have killed more then 29,000 people, what is reported - military causalities are unknown.

    The Turkish forces however are holding strong, but with many fronts converging into the heart of Constantinople, it is not sure what the Turkish forces have in mind to break the pressuring Romans and their EEC allies. But of 11:00 PM 02/04/2017, the district of Esenyurt has been evacuated with fierce fighting still occurring between the military forces in the district.

    Turkish Forces holding back EEC troops while they evacuate the last of the civilians in the district.

    A Larger update will be posted soon
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    ERR Territory

    Two Ununiformed Gecko members stop in the middle of rural ERR next to a rail line. One of the men begins to plant explosives, while another one makes a call.

    After a couple of minutes, they finish installing the charges. Just as a military train bound for turkey exits the tunnel. Both men head back to the truck and speed away.

    As they drive away, the charges detonate, causing the whole train to derail as well as set off a boxcar full of ammo.
    Just a bit of secretive stuff
    More on the way...
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    In SSR Somalia, a peculiar sight was spotted in the distance by locals. Seen here in this blurry image is an An-22 with multiple personnel allegedly belonging to the Tchvonian military. Nobody knows for sure what they'd be doing out in the middle of a desert but SSR soldiers quickly shooed away any curious locals from taking more pictures.

    In reality, the plane and personnel are part of a TKGB team that is holding in the SSR for a possible operation in Karaq to retrieve their captured comrades. Their task would be to drop within city limits in four key points and then head for the coast for pickup. They are currently on hold until given the go ahead from Tchvonian High Command.

    Meanwhile in Herrera's city of Lille, Tacticus Solutions personnel have been hard at working beginning the process of installing TS OS CitiGrid within the country's capital starting with the presidential building. Sales of TS OS CitiGrid for office buildings have been climbing and it is rumored that multiple cities in the Platine Commonwealth are looking to purchase TS OS CitiGrid services.

    Out of all TS consumer products, TS OS has been the highest selling product in the company's history. The app was downloaded over two million times in the first hour of release and SmartHubs are being sold faster than they can be produced.
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    The wounded member of TKGB SAU in a Karaqi military hospital was extracted by KEF units to a undisclosed location, where the member will be held in custody untill the Tchvonian Republic agrees to payback the money they rightfully owe Karaq after the deal was cancelled.
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    Early this morning, members of Team Boiga, Team Asp's rear guard, inserted via helicopter carrying a cold storage box.

    Officially, it will be used to store the bodies of the TKGB SAU Batmen team, who attempted to mount an escape early the previous evening, leaving Team Asp no choice but to shoot them to prevent their escape.

    Unofficially, it also arrived carrying bodies - bodies that are now being used in a gambit by Team Asp.

    The 7 men from Boiga and 4 of Asp's 8 will return to their Base of Operations off Karaqi soil, while the remaining 4 members of Asp will await a Karaqi chopper that will transport the remains of the Batmen before they too head out of country. Once Asp is rested, they will re-enter Karaq with Boiga in tow and resume their mission.
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    October 2014
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    Multiple Herreran C-17 Globemaster IIIs took off in Herrera loaded with construction materials and Spanish speaking construction workers, with Panama as it's destination.

    Herreran construction workers were escorted to multiple construction sites by Boliverian occupation forces.

    After getting set up they started on the reconstruction of their assigned sites, which they will continue to do until most of the affected zones are rebuilt.

    Meanwhile in Mexico...
    Firebrand members are awaiting the arrival of a Herreran delegate.

    In other news, a picture surfaced on the web and quickly became trending on multiple social media sites.
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    Today Santiago Moreno head of the Boliverian National Intelligence Agency called a emergency meeting with the Tchvonian ambassador Simonov Matvey Georgiy; It was later announced that the talks were over the current Tchvonian/Karaqi dispute; And that the NIA heavily encourage Tchvonia to pay Karaq the money owed for the defunct Carrier deal so to cease any further hostilities and possible war between the two countries; one in which Boliveria would likely remain neutral.

    In a sign of goodwill Moreno assured the ambassador that if Tchvonia paid Karaq's dues and the prisoners were released a unit of Boliverian Commandos currently in Karaq would be reassigned to help escort the Tchvonians out of the country.
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    August 2015
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    Polonezköy, Turkey
    Just outside Constantinople, in the hills above the city lays a small village - quiet, however in the early morning of the 9th ERR Airborne Legions were seen dotting the sky. The ERR Airborne Legions commanded by Supreme Legatus himself, had dropped behind enemy lines early in the morning, dropping hundreds of airborne legionaries including MT-LM's and SA-13's light APC's to support the legionaries as they move forwards to capture the west bank of the channel in Constantinople. However, they focus on the northern half where they would join up with the ERR fleet in the channel, although Turkish AA forces have downed many An-22's trying to airdrop ERR forces.

    In the meantime, ERR forces that landed on the east bank weeks ago have secured a small landing zone for more forces to land, but they hold against strong Turkish resistances and counter-attacks from the city. The ERR Legions in the west also keep pushing forward, turning the front line into a meat grinder.

    ERR Airborne legionaries are airdropped behind enemy lines, with their APC's - taking fire from Turkish AA's.

    ERR Territory
    Somewhere in the ERR, a terrorist attack has occurred, by unknown individuals carried out the attack on a railway system. It is not known what group or organization is to blame for the attack. What is known to the ERRSS, is the carried out act of terrorism could be from the rising tensions with the people within the ERR or another external force may be the suspect in this attack and the ERR State Security were quick to be called on scene and block the nearby road to the site. The situation is being investigated by the ERR and a statement will be given soon into the attack.

    Further news in the ERR, and the tensions in the Senate is growing worse by the day, the liberal sector is promoting liberal ideals and advocating the people go on strike - turn to the streets to disrupt the "Authoritarian, racist, and sexist" system the ERR has built. In response the conservative wing in the NRP have ordered the immediate resignation of all liberal sector senators, or be left to "Possible Relocation & Reeducation" as they have announced. Also, made an announcement, informing the citizens of the ERR, any protest or strike will be met by "Severe punishment".

    The military complex is also investing a large amount of funds into a new NBC program, much is still unknown of the program...

    ERRSS by the roadblock to the site of the terror act.
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    For the sake of Central Pact stability, Tchvonian Ambassador Simonov Matvey Georgiy has decided to talk with Tchvonian High Command and the Tchvonian Government about paying back the Karaqi Government for the carrier deal after speaking with Boliverian Intelligence. After several hours of discussion, President Veselov ordered talks to open again but for them to be heavily monitored/maintained to avoid further conflict.

    The Tchvonian Government has now been attempting to open talks with Karaq, but it will be difficult to negotiate stability between the two nations. Ambassador Georgiy has also offered to meet Karaqi envoys in the Kingston Conference Hall owned by the Central Pact in Jamaica. At this point they want nothing more than to negotiate peace and put an end to in-fighting.

    Above: Ambassador Simonov Matvey Georgiy with his staff in the Tchvonian embassy in Boliveria.
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    October 2014
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    Men in gorkas bearing the Elios logo today appeared alongside the Turkish military.

    They set up at checkpoints and are expected to stay until the ERR threat is terminated.
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    November 2015
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    Tsardom of Volhynia..

    It's time for a the old conscripts to return home to whatever village or city they lived in, and go out and work to make a better Volhynia! And in with the new to do their time in the Army. All over Volhynia, young men has taken their oath and begun their conscription time. Which will last for the next six months!

    Many conscripts has already been sent out into the field, to test their gear and learn the basics of patrolling, digging trenches ect. Above can a squad of conscripts be seen patrolling the forest's, while guided by a legionary sergeant.
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    Tbonia will grow larger!
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    March 2010
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    After much discussion and debate within the Tchvonian Government, President Veselov has agreed to pay back Karaq for the carrier deal. President Veselov held a press conference today to inform the nation of the decision and what made her change her mind:
    Aleksandra Veselov posted:
    "Good afternoon patriots and citizens of Tchvonia, I am holding this conference to discuss matters of urgent importance involving the Republic of Karaq. In my previous conference I had called out Karaq over their statement about Tchvonia. How they falsely claimed we were arming terror groups currently holding their capital city.

    That caused quite a ripple in the Central Pact, and as a Pact we cannot allow ourselves to resort to in-fighting and bad blood like the GCMU did. We are stronger united, stronger under one banner, and we will continue being the dominant force of the world.

    When my envoy to Boliveria contacted my staff all the way here in Tchvonia, I had known the ripples of the tension had spread further than I had thought. I knew that I would have to act to restore order and avoid tearing the Central Pact into pieces over a feud my nation had with the nation of Karaq, and with that being said I have signed an executive order to pay the Karaqi Government back for the cancelled carrier deal. With this being done, the restoration of relations can begin and the Central Pact is once again on top of the world stage as the dominant group.

    I ask for my Tchvonian people to understand my actions, as I have done them to better our nation and strengthen the bond we have with our allies. Without the Central Pact, the world would turn to ruin with PMC and Radical Religious aggression as we are currently seeing in Turkey.

    We are the light in the black of the world, and as long as The Central Pact exists we will all continue to be a beacon of hope against those who would want to see the world burn for the sake of making a profit or worshiping a prophet.

    Thank you, God Bless and Glory to Tchvonia."

    After the speech was made, the Seven Billion Dollars was transferred back to Karaq as part of the agreement. Karaq has yet to comment on the matter.
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    Better Than Jacknife
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    Goldtop military has deployed troops in Novosibirsk,Russia

    Soldiers, artillery and apc's flood the streets.

    Surprisingly locals have not yet felt threatened by the sudden occupation of Goldtop soldiers
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    PAAPMC, 2/5/2017 posted:
    In an effort to halt the ever-increasing debt in the company, Penumbra Corp. has filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to liquidate all assets to pay proceedings to its creditors and eventual shutdown of the company. As a result, the CEO resigned midway through the company's liquidation.
    Below: The CEO of Penumbra Corporation speaking with a PGAC officer moments before the company shut down.

    2/11/2017 posted:
    Today the body of a man has been found underneath a bridge bludgeoned and shot with seven bullet wounds; 4 found on his chest and 3 in the head. Police reports believe the corpse was the body of Carter Callahand, former CEO of a private military contractor, Penumbra Corporation. Police believe by how the crime was conducted, along with the victim's background, that the man was targeted for assasination...

    ...However, many speculate the claims as no DNA study has yet to be conducted. The validation of these claims are still under investigation.
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    Sleep tight pupper, RIP.
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    Global Reporting Network posted:
    Merely hours after Penumbra filed bankruptcy, news broke out that Elios had purchased Penumbra. Elios acquired all assets from Penumbra, which included uniforms, weapons, vehicles and other gear. Elios has also taken control of Penumbra's main headquarters in Sweden. Active Penumbra officers were offered a new job by Elios, whilst other personnel was suspectedly removed from active duty. This news confirms the end of Penumbra after the recent period of financial troubles. More news to come later.

    thanks FT for editing the pic
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    May 2016
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    After a long discussion between advisors and other political figures, Kergikstan had accepted the GDS invitation for an CSN alliance and the Kergikstan president Harrison Sandford and few other diplomats are, Flying to GDS for the signage of the Alliance.

    BWI weapons instructor Giving weapon demonstration for newly bought weapons, to the Kergikstan army and SAT Squad
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    You improved by miles from last year
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    New PC Is Built, Kraaivuur will return soon, alongside a new faction. Sorry for being absent this long.
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    July 2016
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    Welcome back man, looking forward to seeing your stuff.
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    Jesus, Elios swooping in like a vulture and getting everything.
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    July 2016
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    Meanwhile in The Democratic Republic of Kergikstan
    BWI consultants, staff and workers assigned to the country are slowly but surely entering the country as the construction of their facilities steadily approaches completion. A welcome but stern command is given to mingle with the population, visit the cities and generally make BWI's public image positive within the country.
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    November 2014
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    Siauliai, Grand Ducal Palace

    The Diplomats from kergistan arrived in Siauliai airport, from there they have been escorted to grand ducal palace where the agreements between two nations will be signed

    The Diplomats meet grand duke himself and couple representatives of the Eldership, during the talks about the future of two nations the Alliance Entente was signed between Samogitia and the Kergistan officially joined CSN, becoming the fifth member of the alliance.
    Later that day grand duke made official Broadcast

    In the Broadcast Grand Duke announced the Kergistans entry in CSN, and revealed his opinion in EER in quote '' I'm allied with ERR people, not their weak and barbaric leaders, they claim they are the legacy of Rome while they plagiarise exact actions of the empire. While the government tries to censor its people who risen up due their extremist views and actions. Even the war in turkey , they send their own soldiers in suicidal human wave tactics to die for some propaganda.I believe it's time for EER people to risen up and Create their own and New legacy of Rome''
    He continued stating that he supports the war in turkey due reason such as ''Take back their lands from the occupiers and restore it to the people of Rome'' and ''Drive out the occupants from Thrace''.

    he continued to support the Liberal senators attempt to make their country better for their people and stop romanisation and restore the Roman Thracian traditions.

    He ended the broadcast by announcing his support for the liberal senators to create a new roman legacy.
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    August 2015
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    Esenyurt district, Istanbul
    ERR forces slug it out with the Turks in every street, facing death at every corner - many ERR young men have been gunned down by the Turkish defenders whom have put up a brave defense against the Legions. ERR moral is dipping in front-line Legions, as many Legionaries witness the constant slaughter of their comrades - with no sympathy from the ERR leadership. However Supreme Legatus Varius has assumed command of the battlefield tactical position after it was hijacked by ERR NRP members and Titus Scipio whom believed they had control over the Legions tactical approaches. But the Legions are growing ever more defiant to the party and rumors are circulating that Supreme Legatus Varius may lead his men back to the capital and march on the National Roman Assembly Building - but the Legatus denied such claims.

    ERR forces fighting in the streets of Esenyurt district.

    Adrianople, ERR
    After hearing of the GDS's position in ERR affairs - it was distasteful to the Consul that the GDS picked the side of the people, and not the NRP. In anger, the Consul on live TV broadcasted the names of "Heretics of the Republic" all members of the opposition Liberal Sector, and ordered them to be executed by the State Security of the ERR. That afternoon was a bloodbath of over 15 members, some high ranking in the Liberal Sector were found dead, some with bullet marks at the back of the head. The people believing it was the will of the State Security have been reported to be on the streets showing public defiance to the NRP and Titus Scipio, strikes are reported to have taken place in many sectors in the ERR. With the war in Turkey and the social issues at home - the political climate in the ERR has reached a dangerous position, with many people voicing the NRP dissolve for a pure Senate run Republic.

    ERRSS killing a Liberal Sector member in his home.
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    Tbonia will grow larger!
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    Tchvonia has finished the production of 500 T-90AM MBTs destined for Herrera. Given the time of year and hostilities going on in the West, shipping via railway has been deemed unsafe once outside the Tchvonian border.

    Nevertheless, Lukrom has offered the Tchvonian Government a few of their transport freighters to ship the tank fleet to Herrera for a reasonable price to which Tchvonia gladly accepted. The MBT shipment should arrive in Herrera by the 16th of February.

    Above: Tchvonian factory workers sitting among the fleet of tanks they helped build.
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    July 2016
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    A Brownsfield Shipping cargo ship makes its way gently across the sea, marking a step in the future of the company. The transport section has been bringing in more and more profit, especially as more people move their belongings in this time of conflict.


    Across the island, people are stirring. Rifles are cleaned. Uniforms are checked. Meetings are held. Something big is coming but for the rest of the day, nothing is known as the tension rises.

    In a local bar in the small village of Palmar de Ocoa, people gather outside. Inside are a few chosen people, mostly press and a few locals. A TV camera buzzes nearby, watching the stage. Suddenly, Diago Ramos walks onto stage. The crowd talks amongst itself in excitement.

    Upon the speech being held, the DRA is a mess of excitement. The words of their political supporter rally them all. For the moment however, some people stay quiet. They ponder, thinking about what will happen. Even the most exciteable ones calm down for a moment to consider.

    The D.R.A are young, capable and excited. Months and months of talks has finally become reality. Most are giddy as they are finally able to load their rifles, readying them for the conflict about to erupt.

    The Dominican Republic has lain quiet for years. The first Dominican Civil War was fought years ago.... This time however, the US isn't involved. The normally peaceful jungles are soon infiltrated by militia, lying in wait for orders or targets.

    The Second Dominican Civil War is about to explode into reality.
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    Just gotta say, that first pic of ship is really nice.
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    July 2016
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    Thanks man, I'll have to work on more ship pics in the future.


    The advance into the rural areas begins. Police cars rushing down the dirt roads are stopped, their occupants removed of weapons and told to return to their stations.

    The rural areas need to be secured first before urban combat can even be considered. DRA vehicles rush to secure important locations.

    However, the most important job rests on the shoulders of the radio operators and communication officers. They urgently send out messages to local civilians, warning them of the declared conflict and assuring that warnings will be given before any approaching battles in their land. However, the call for assistance is sent out to anyone who may be listening. The DRA will need help in their battle to secure the nation.
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