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    Cool, that helps a lot. Also, Gecko Group is having a Keystone Conference. I'm sending a Invite to all the factions, just PM me of you want to go to the event.

    also content:

    Due to the lack of missions, three out of 4 of the Blackbirds have been mothballed for financial reasons.
    A small maintenance crew have been assigned to keep the mothballed aircraft in a state of readiness in case an assignment
    needs more than one blackbird.

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    December 2014
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    To boost the morale of the people of the Republic of Prochnost, a video was recently released to the public
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    November 2015
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    Somewhere in northern Volhynia
    A large military field exercise has been reported in the northern Volhynian forests. The Volhynian home Guard together with the 102nd shock troopers are training infantry and armoured warfare, preparing the troops for the war in Turkey.

    Here can troops from the 102nd, be seen firing blanks at an enemy(Home Guard) position.
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    Tbonia will grow larger!
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    Central Pact forces continue to battle for control of the skies with GCMU forces, aircraft losses are mounting on both sides but Tbonia plans to continue upping their numbers, with rumors of the 50th Fighter Group being on their way for special operations.

    Meanwhile, with joint CenPac forces moving on the ground. Helicopter assaults are now becoming more and more common. Forces are brought in while the wounded are brought out.

    In Tbonian news, the 2016-2017 Winter Presidential elections have begun with two parties standing out on top. The Socialist Party President and current Tbonian President Hermann Kirov is running against the Communist Party President Aleksandra Veselov, who has decided to fight her socialists opponents through political means since coming back to Tbonia from exile.

    Despite being the widow of former Tbonian President Mikhail Veselov and therefore on uneasy terms with the Socialist Government, there is a massive support for her from the Communists of Tbonia in both Government and citizen levels. Odds of her winning are at an amazing 56% as Kirov's popularity has started slipping since Tbonia's involvement in Panama.

    (I retconned and changed an extreme amount of stuff regarding Wolfpack and Aleksandra + her family, Wolfpack is now the nickname of her Political Cabinet and I pretty much retconned the whole 'rebels without borders' thing with them. More reading here http://espionage-wars.wikia.com/wiki/Aleksandra_Veselov )
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    ERR forces push through Turkish forces in Silivri which now are in retreat towards their FOB at the nearby Prison complex. ERR forces however are clearing the town of any Turkish forces or collaborators who may have been left behind. With many casualties both military and civilian, yet that does not stop the ERR war machine. ERR forces push into the near by towns and villages capturing them and clearing out any supports of the Turkish government.

    ERR forces are pushing towards Büyükçekmece, the suburbs of Istanbul, a large enough area to be counted a township itself - the fighting would be brutal and long as seeing how hard the Turkish were entrenched at Silivri. Although it is still far off, the suburbs are only a few Km's away from the nearest ERR forces. A large legion, "Legio VII" has been spotted thrusting around the Turkish FOB and are pushing toward Büyükçekmece - evidence is shown from the large amount of T-80 formations spearheading in front at full speed. Also, the Classis Perinthia fleet, which is based in the Black Sea, is planned in a few days time to set sail towards Constantinople to begin a naval blockade of the city.

    ERR urban forces clearing out the remainder of Turkish forces in Silivri.

    ERR forces pushing outwards towards the near by towns securing a front after Silivri.

    The Legio VII pushing towards Büyükçekmece, T-80 formations as the vanguard.
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    Metal Gear!
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    you need to up your render settings friend, that looks grainy as heck
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    you need to up your render settings friend, that looks grainy as heck
    Yea I realize afterwards it looks pretty bad, the first one forsure is terrible.

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    0720 hours---6/12/2016
    The S.R.P airforce has located and identified a Rusty Hammer outpost on the border of Russia. A Mig-31 was dispatched in the morning to destroy the compound's structures and defenses.

    0935 hours---6/12/2016
    After the initial bombing run, the army was sent in to eliminate any remaining survivors and to secure the compound. The mission is an overall success with the complete decimation of a rebel base and no reported casualties on the S.R.P side.
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    F T
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    Bloomfield Space Center, AZ.
    Even though several other factions are taking the fight to the air, the sky is not the limit for the Children of God. Alongside their various aerial technologies they've been developing, they have also set their sights beyond the atmosphere. Now that their battle in Korea stopped earlier than expected, more funds and manpower have been allocated into the goal of putting an androsynth in outer space. For the moment now, a CoG manufactured extravehicular suit is in testing phases. If all goes well, more will be produced.

    Alongside the suit, potential astronauts are being trained how to maneuver in space inside the suit.

    this is how interstellar wars begins boys!!
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    interstellar wars V3 "lets hope it doesn't die" edition
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    The Commonwealth currently lives a climate of rather uncertainty. To the West, the country's relations with Chile decrease even more by the day, thanks to the agitations and riots in the neighbouring country's soil caused by Pro-Platine groups, as well as what the Chilean Government described as "violations and threats to Chile's sovereignity and safety" with the arrival of a considerably large number of Platine Army personel in the area, to protect the interests of Lukrom, as well as the Platine citizens' safety, as instabilities increase. Not only that, the Commonwealth's Presidential Elections will occur soon, many indicate that this will be a tight dispute in order to succeed President Lucas Abbiati.

    One of these candidates is the journalist, poet and former mayor of Corrientes, the Platine Capital, Gabriel Marques. (he's the man with a suit and briefcase). Known for his multiple novels, inspired by witnessing the events of multiple conflicts as a War Correspondent, from Afghanistan to the Espionage Wars; Marques is also a staunched defender of freedom, as shown in his newspaper, "El Ciudadano Libre/O Cidadão Livre", in English, The Free Citizen, as well as planning to reform many of the Platine's Education system, as well as reinforce the Armed Forces, in order to ensure the country's safety, especially after the attack by AWA months ago. Known by many and with solid ideas for a freightened country, Marques is amongst the favorite candidates for the election in early 2017.
    The Commonwealth's still alive and kicking. (I think)
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    $$$Good News Everyone!$$$
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    Heavy mobilization of Firebrand troops begins in South Africa as they make a massive push to reinforce Tbonian positions as well as fortify existing outposts.
    Rumor has also been spreading that Firebrand's 500 strong Terminus Battalion, know for it's elite kill teams or "Spooks", has arrived in country. Although no real proof of this has surfaced yet.
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    Korean Peninsula
    With the Sudden withdrawal of the forces in Korea, the Gecko group has been increasing their presence in the area. Rumor has it that the Board is going to launch a full scale operation to eliminate remaining militant forces in the area.
    A Gecko group sniper scouting ahead for the main force.
    (forgot to remove my health bar. :P)
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    Your pics would improve A LOT if you'd just use the camera tool to zoom in

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    I'm aware, sometimes I forgot to use it.

    Also Is there anyone who wants to send someone to the Keystone Conference?

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    There aren't really any 'militants' in Korea, there's just the north and south who are probably both annoyed and confused after PMCs started a war and then walked away from it.
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    As the battle of Bandar Abbas was drawn to a stalemate for a time, the Republic Coalition have started a major push on all fronts. With the aid of Boliverian Commandos, Kuril Special Forces and the SSR Expeditionary Forces, the push has so far been in favour of the Republic, gaining more sectors of the city by the day, draining the communist militia dry of equipment and manpower.
    Karaqi Infantry fighting through the ghettos just before sunrise.

    As the SSR forces push from the North-East, their objective remaining the same, to capture the industrial sectors to halt the weapon and munition supply to the communists.

    Casualties are stacking up as the industrial is heavily defended by KSOS operatives and a large ammount of militia forces.

    Karaqi Republic forces storm the defenders of the Emam Khomeini Boulevard bridge to cease it and secure the entire South-Eastern section of the city.
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    34 KM from Büyükçekmece, Turkey
    ERR forces push onwards moving on the main highways towards Büyükçekmece. The ERR 7th Legion has been breaking through now weak Turkish forces - with their FOB now being over run no orders are being passed down the line to their forces leaving their front exposed. However, the Turkish forces seem to be regrouping around Büyükçekmece for a stand against the ERR forces. ERR infantry are sweeping the country side with their T-80's still moving in front.

    The ERR Supreme Command wants to besiege Constantinople within the month and wants a successful capture of at least 50% of the city by New Years Eve. To obey the command, ERR Legates devise plans to besiege the city and think of methods they can use to easily devastate the city and those within. Yet, with all the fighting - in the early morning of the 8th of Dec, snow fall began. The first snow of the year in Turkey, it was not cold enough for it to last however the nights temperatures dip down around 1 to -10 degrees C. With winter setting in, it will prove harsh for the refugees fleeing the war, and the troops on the ground. Where the new threat is the cold.

    ERR Troops moving in a field outside the city limits of Büyükçekmece.

    ERR begins carpet bombing of Büyükçekmece, the first stage in the siege of the city. Anti-Air fire can be heard for miles around and the engines of the medium bombers flying overhead. The bombs being dropped on the city exploded oddly however, to eyewitness they have explained the 'bombs detonate some time above their target and a stream of white smoke still lit smashes into the city.' Some believe the bombs may be white phosphorus.
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    $$$Good News Everyone!$$$
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    Firebrand's Terminus Battalion has finally shown itself after conducting a surprise attack on a Penumbra manned checkpoint in a small South African town.
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    Last week, the operation to capture Turkish FOB at Silivri prison complex had begun and is finally coming to end.

    The whole operation was admittedly rushed by Order, as the remaining enemy strength there was underestimated. In addition, heavy artillery attacks and aircraft bombing turned most of the place into a massive, twisted mess of rubble and dust in which Order's troops and ERR's armor were forced to advance through. Turkish defenders capitalized upon this and started to bombard Coalition forces while they were helplessly crawling through the ruined prison and fighting all the remaining Turkish ground units. But as days passed, hostile artillery was severely weakened either due to ERR's air force raids or Coalition's assault in other sectors which forced the main defensive Turkish line to retreat further and take their artillery with them. This allowed Order to successfully gain ground at the prison complex and fully capture it at the end of the week.

    The last intact building - a high security prison block, was still held by a small mixed force of Turkish soldiers and Turkish Gendarmerie, who decided to hold their position at all costs and refuse to surrender. Despite one ERR's battalion commanders suggestion to simply blow the building up with a bunker buster, Crusaders stormed it and took it the old fashioned way, as everyone inside were too fatigued and outnumbered to resist for long.

    One ERR tank crewman reported seeing Crusaders attaching action cameras on their helmets before storming the building.

    With the prison complex captured, nothing stands in Coalition's way to enter E84 highway and cut off the last defenders of Silivri. In the matter of days, city will be totally free of Turkish forces and The Coalition will advance full strength ahead to Constantinople.

    As columns of ERR's tanks move through the highway, Order's forces regroup and prepare to join their allies in the upcoming siege of Büyükçekmece which will surely be as difficult, if not even more, than the one of Silivri.
    Uni troubles have really impacted my motivation lately, so I kinda rushed while making these.
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    (Bolshoy Laryak, Tbonia...)
    A large blue truck carrying heavily-armed men drives towards a small village in the outer regions of Tbonia. The men appear to be radicalized muslims, and speak fluent arabic.

    Upon entering the small village, they casually walk door-to-door and kill most who open their doors. Saying "Allahu akbar!" just as they perform the brutal executions.

    The powerlines supporting the village are sabotaged, causing electricity to collapse in most homes and buildings, making house-raids even more terrifying for residents. The group of men raid as homes as possible, kidnapping and butchering more people within the village.

    Those who are kidnapped are driven to large grassy-fields, where they are given a 10 second headstart to run before they're hunted. Sadly, all of the kidnapped victims were shot dead in the fields and none were spared the horrors of the massacre. A total of 28 people died in the Tbonian butcher...

    al-Hasib posted:
    "AWA takes full responsibility for the attack in Tbonia, and I will say it again to remind everyone. Tbonia is weak and vulnerable, everyone should know this by now... and well my men have clearly proved that. This attack is yet another reminder to Allah's enemies that we can and will hurt each and every one of you, if we see weakness. And well I've been noticing a lot of weakness in many more areas..." ~ Allahu akbar.
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    Tbonia will grow larger!
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    Tbonian Border Guard Post No.302 posted:
    "All units, all units. Two civilians just approached our post with gunshot wounds. Reported a massacre happening in the town of Bolshoy Laryak, suspects are reported to be Middle Eastern and armed with automatic weapons. Reporting to TPA Base Lunyak and search the roads for any other survivors."

    After that message went out across Tbonian Border Defense and TPA radio, a quick reaction force comprising of TPA and TPAAF personnel made their way to Bolshoy Laryak in Southern Tbonia. They were met with no resistance, the only other people to be seen were the massacred Tbonian citizens. Several survivors were also found in the nearby woods and in cellars, but 90% of the village had been murdered in cold blood by the AWA.

    Tbonian President Hermann Kirov called the attack "cowardly of the highest order" and promised "revenge on those responsible for the attack" in a statement today before a meeting.

    Presidential Candidate Aleksandra Veselov also expressed her deepest sympathy for those killed, and was quick to denounce Kirov as well as al-Hasib, "The attacks witnessed today will never leave our memories, and those who suffered will never leave our hearts. Kirov claims to know what's best for the Tbonian people and yet here lies 28 men, women, and children. All killed in a single attack within our borders. As for al-Hasib and his death cult barbarians, they claim we are weak, they claim we are vulnerable, they hold their ancient false god to heart and expect it to protect them. Yet they do not realize that their actions have awoken a sleeping bear that will wipe them from existence, they will be no greater than dust in the wind by the time Tbonia is done with them."
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    June 2012
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    "Following unprecedented breakthroughs in robotics engineering, Phalanx Dynamics makes a bold, if not unorthodox step into the Private Security/Military market."

    "The company is best known for its line of all-terrain main battle tanks, the newest generation of which are said to "integrate flawlessly" with the upcoming consumer line of autonomous P1 infantry drones. Phalanx Dynamics has yet to comment on the efficiency, or practicality of a legged main battle tank over the more traditional tread-based design."

    "Phalanx Dynamics has expressed interest in defense contracts for smaller nations, offering a slightly higher cost-per-unit in exchange for almost zero training expenditure. Predictably, P1 units are slated to function best in dry environments."
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    $$$Good News Everyone!$$$
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    Uh oh... Looks like we need to stock up on AT/AP rounds, signal jammers, and EMP devices. :P

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    F T
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    Get some police tasers and give them a good ol' zapping. Everyone knows robots are weak to electric weapons.
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    Just get Super Soakers.
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    Just from a technical perspective, the legs are a mechanical nightmare. The problems would completely outweighs the benefits they would provide.

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    Yes but it's cool as shit.


    Also welcome to the thread Icy.
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    espionage infinite warfare
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    F T
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    Tanks are rolling, helicopters are flying, and thousands of boots are plowing the ground underneath as they march around Bloomfield Space Center.

    The reason the facility is on such high alert is because with the missile technology CoG's pacific island base has developed, the rocket CoG has found abandoned at BSC is now fitted with a proper engine, finally making it ready for launch.

    If this launch is successful, it could open up many opportunities for CoG other than sending one of their own beyond the atmosphere. After all, if they could send a rocket to space, what would stop them from giving it a volatile payload and making it land somewhere else on Earth?
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    April 2016
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    Earlier today Kraaivuur International attacked a Tbonian Foreign Legion position on the New Hansan-South African border, the operation saw the first field test of the P.R.I.N.C.E, or Platoon Reinforcement Impetus and Nomadic Combat Enforcer. The P.R.I.N.C.E is a Semi-Autonomous Robot, with the movement being controlled by a central HQ, although I has a sort of proximity indicator which allows it to move away from Close Objects automatically if needed. It also has a mounted "Sentry Gun" which allows the operator to focus on movement, while the A.I takes care of target designation and suppression. If needed this can be manually controlled by the operator. According to Kraaivuur CEO Johannes Wester the P.R.I.N.C.E is the next evolution in battlefield support, being able to provide covering fire in the field without endangering Kraaivuur Personnel.

    Vuurswaard 1-0 posted:
    All Teams, this is Vuurswaard Actual, Operation as a go, engage enemy targets at COP Alpha, Vuurswaard 12 will provovide aerial support on a as needed basis, engage and eliminate all hostiles, Porkchops or otherwise, hold position if engaged by hostile reinforcements, await order to withdraw, Over.

    Vuurswaard 2-3 posted:
    Vuurswaard Actual, this is Vuurswaard 2-3 COP Alpha is Secure, all hostiles down, several friendlies down, requesting immediate Medevac and permission to withdraw, Over.

    Kraaivuur CEO Johannes Wester made a statement regarding the Kraaivuur International attack on the Tbonian Position:

    Johannes Wester posted:
    We would like to make it clear that this was not an attack against New Hansan troops, or an attempt to takeover the country. This was merely an attack against Tbonian and Firebrand renegades that attacked Kraaivuur and Penumbrian Troops earlier this week, Kraaivuur does not wish to start a major conflict at this moment, we were merely acting in self defense. Although should any further infractions be incurred against members of Kraaivuur International or the GCMU we will not hesitate to attack in kind, we will not bow to the threats of Rebels and Rogue Governments, we merely wish to defend our interests in the region. We hope that this is the end of this conflict, but if it is not, I hope you realize that you will pay for every inch of ground you try to take, every mile will be paved with blood, we will not bow down, we will rise to he threat, We fear naught but God!
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    $$$Good News Everyone!$$$
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    January 2007
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    Penumbra defensive positions and FOBs have seemingly been abandoned almost overnight, leaving both Tbonian and Firebrand forces scratching their heads. It seems that the enemy has all but vanished. While this has relieved some pressure off of Central Pact troops, the introduction of cybernetic combatants by other hostile factions has caused great concern among the ranks.

    Pictured above, a joint Tbonian and Firebrand patrol take a breather after securing an abandoned Penumbra FOB.
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    F T
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    December 2008
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    On this night, history will be made for the Androsynth as they launch one of their own beyond the blue of our atmosphere and into the wild black yonder. The rocket has room and a compartment for simply one passenger, which the honors of inhabiting will go to 'Chemosh', a Firstborn and a war hero who fought in CoG's Great Jihad decades ago. Lord Adam, the Magistrate and his spouse, and various baron lords showed up to have the honor of shaking his hand before lift off.

    With such an important task at hand, hundreds of deacons are working overtime to ensure Chemosh's safe voyage into space, as well as his return.

    All is in place. Every light is blinking as it should, every bolt screwed in correctly, each panel welded on right. The only thing left now is for the button to be pressed, sending the rocket into the sky.

    Launch Control - "Twenty seconds and counting. T minus 15 seconds, guidance is internal. Twelve, 11, 10, 9, ignition sequence starts... 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, zero, all engine running, LIFT-OFF!"

    GRN News posted:
    "... and last night, residents in Parker received quite a scare when they saw something shoot straight up into the sky. However, their fears are quite justified. What people believed to be a UFO was actually a rocket being launched from Bloomfield Space Center, an abandoned Air Force base/NASA center from the days of the Cold War now currently inhabited by the infamous death cult: the Children of God. It is currently unknown if the rocket has any kind of nuclear payload but Arizona state senator David Rotenburg is not taking any chances as he is deploying the national guard across Arizona and preparing evacuations from Phoenix. Security forces across the Southwest are also on high alert due to the launch by the cult as well as the threat level being raised. NORAD issued a statement saying they are indeed tracking the trajectory of the rocket and will keep us updated..."
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    August 2015
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    As the war in Turkey drags on, on the home front many Senators and people of the ERR woke this morning to a sight that took many by surprise. Time magazine's publication of December 2016, "The Regime of Terror" slamming the ERR as nothing but a brutal dictatorship, while this is not true - Vox populi, or The People's Voice - is the ERR version of Time Magazine, they countered the publication by releasing their own version for December. "The Regime of Peace" also a popular article in the ERR "Why Time Magazine is Liberal Propaganda!".

    The December edition of Time Magazine.

    The ERR is in a media war with the west in recent months, after the invasion of Turkey and its supposdly brutal crackdown on the 'Red Movement' - many outside the ERR do not understand the situation. As Senator Brutus Plavious Flantorii of the NRP stated "The Red Movement was a violent revolt of communists and liberals, whom believed 'social justice' was the key to freedom - yet they wanted a brutal dictatorship of censorship and violence against all non-leftists. On Turkey, we were directly attacked by a state which we already had hostile relations with, the west could never understand our struggles! Our Hardships! Death to those Carthaginian sympathizers!"
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    Tbonia will grow larger!
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    March 2010
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    December 15th, Zero Hour, the day the Tbonian people decide who is right for their country.

    The polls opened early this day and Tbonian citizens across the country went in to vote for their candidate, hoping that they will lead their country through the troubled times of the Global Espionage War. At around 5pm Patriot's City time, most of the Oblasts had cast their votes and sent them to Patriot's City for tallying.

    It was only a matter of watching and waiting to see who would be leading the nation, Socialist Leader and current President Hermann Kirov or Communist Leader and Presidential candidate Aleksandra Veselov, the former first lady of Tbonia and wife of late Tbonian President Mikhail Veselov.

    Above: Communist Party Headquarters during the height of the vote tallying.
    At 11:08PM December 15th 2016, the votes were tallied and the Tbonian people had made their decision.
    The Tbonian people have chosen former First Lady Aleksandra Sophia Veselov as their new President

    By a near landside, President-elect Veselov won by 96% to President Hermann Kirov's 4%. This comes as no surprise to senior political analysts in Tbonia as Kirov's popularity had dipped since Tbonian involvement in Syria and Panama this past year. Kirov's staff officially declared they would not contest the results, and begrudgingly congratulated Aleksandra and her 'Wolfpack' cabinet on their victory.

    Press had gathered in droves in the Communist Part Headquarters, eager to hear from the new Tbonian President. After half an hour, Aleksandra entered the conference hall to give a heartfelt speech to her people, thanking them for their support for her and the Tbonian Communist Party, as well as their support for bringing the Veselov Regime back to power after three years since the armed coup that ousted it.

    She thanked everyone, and wished them all a good and quiet evening knowing that the right power is in charge of the country again.

    Above: Tbonian President-elect Aleksandra Veselov wiping a tear from her eye during her election speech to the press.
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    August 2015
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    Turkish Waters, Black Sea
    Reports of a fleet on route to Constantinople to blockade the city was rumored, but confirmed reports this early morning have proven them right. The ERR 6th Fleet "Classis Alexandrina" has set sail from it's port in ERR waters of the Black Sea late last night - with it arriving in Turkish waters early this morning. The ERR demands the city be given up to the Legions of the ERR or the city will blockaded and within a week, if they do not give up the city, ERR Amphibium Legions; 5th, 8th, and 9th will be deployed and will begin the attack on the coastal zone of Constantinople.

    The ERR fleet in Turkish waters, exp. 7:12 AM.

    Güzelşehir Sitesi, Turkey
    ERR Armati Legions have spearheaded the Turkish forces that are now retreating back towards the massive city of Constantinople. The ERR Legions in coordination with the ERR Navy have launched itself closer toward the city, with the Fleet off the northen coast closing in - the Armati Legions travel down the D100 highway, on the south coast of Turkey. The last report is the Armati Legions have made it to Güzelşehir Sitesi, a small residential town outside Tepecik - which is the first district in the large Constantinople suburb of Büyükçekmece. With swift advances the Armati Legions may be halted due to them being far ahead of the Legions that are still cleaning up Turkish pockets of resistances that remain, leaving them vulnerable to counter-attacks from Turkish forces.

    ERR Armati Legions traveling down D100 highway on the south coast.
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    The Turkish Armed Forces have finished setting up a frontline at the outskirts of Istanbul, as well as placing checkpoints and multiple sam sites in the city.

    Artillery batteries are only kilometers away from Istanbul, as well as a massive force to reinforce the frontline, and prepare a counter offensive.
    Their plan is to face the eager ERR blitzkrieg at the outskirts of Istanbul, once the exhausted ERR troops who have had little time to rest in the war will be demolished at the frontline, and a counter offensive will be launched to retake ground from the ERR which have decided to not dig in but instead carry on with their blitzkrieg, exhausting themselves.

    The ERR surley have proven themselves capable of fighting the Turks, but has from the start been outnumbered and foolish tactics will surley be the doom of the ERR unless tactics are altered.
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    Tbonia will grow larger!
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    During the night, a TPAF Tu-160 Blackjack took off from Tbonia and headed for the SSR to land and load several thermobaric weapons. The flight was long, but it reached the Horn of Africa by the early morning where it began its arming.

    About an hour later, massive detonations at a Kraaivuur International FOB took place which left it in ruins. The Blackjack was picked up on radar prior to the event but met little resistance save for an anti-air lock that disappeared after the bombs had detonated.

    TPA ground forces then moved in from the comfort of New Hansa to attack a town occupied by Kraaivuur, with the intent to clear it and take it for themselves. The attack is ongoing but casualties are mounting on both sides with KI's PRINCE UGV becoming a more common nuisance.

    Tbonian High Command proclaimed Kraaivuur will suffer defeat for their act of aggression in the region, and vowed PMCs everywhere should take a hint from this conflict to back down or be destroyed.
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    "This is Kraaisenes to all combat units operating within South Africa, we are now involved in a conflict with the tyrannical power known as Tbonia, they committed a unwarranted act of aggression earlier today and this can not go unpunished. Further Orders will follow for Individual Units. This is Kraaisenes to all combat units operating within South........"

    Sergeant James Hartman posted:
    Right Lads, this is it, our orders are to advance on enemy positions near Grid 45 and Grid 49, we are not to engage until fired upon or given the order, KAP MIGs and Hueys will provide support in case of engagement. Remember, we did not start this, but I'll be damned if we don't finish it, The free world will conquer Communism with the aid of God and a few Contractors! God has a hard-on for Kraaivuur because we kill everything we see! He plays His games, we play ours! To show our appreciation for so much power, we keep heaven packed with fresh souls! God was here before Kraaivuur! So you can give your heart to Jesus, but your ass belongs to Us!

    Sorry for the bad quality, I wanted to get this off before I left, I also snuck a "little" reference in there.
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    Sorry for not being active, been busy.
    In response to the recent skirmishes between Central Pact and Kraaviuur International, New Hansan President Johannes Vandy spoke out today at a press conference in Durban.

    President Johannes Vandy: The recent behavior from Kraaivuur International in attacking our Central Pact allies is nothing more than a desperate ploy to delay the inevitable. They know that they are backed into a corner and have no possibility of victory, yet continue to puff out their chests in a pathetic attempt to have us back down. But we will not. For the people of South Africa, we can cannot shy away from this. We have maintained a very close relationship with our neighboring nations. A relationship built on years of trust and fighting side by side and spilling the same blood in the same mud. They know where our hearts lie.

    Their leader, Johannes Wester, is a warmonger and a coward who has bled the people of South Africa for far too long. He has manipulated and taken advantaged of the innocent for far too long. Like all PMCs, he cares not for the people of South Africa, only for filling his pockets at the their expense. We cannot allow this abuse to go on any longer.

    We have fought and died to protect our brothers and sisters in South Africa long before Kraaviuur wormed their way in, and we continue to do so long after they are gone. If their leader cares at all for the lives he has at his disposal or the lives affected by this conflict, he will order his men to cease all operations against Central Pact, lay down their arms, and slither back into the hole they crawled out from. There is no alternative to how this will play out.

    We urge the President Jacob Zuma and the good people of South Africa to rise up against the leeches within their midst, and stand with us. Like you have many times before.

    Thank you.
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