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    April 2016
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    I thought you guys might be interested in this, seeing the scientist, civilian, and mercenary

    oh and by the way, how's Danielmm? Last time i heard, he wasn't feeling well (you know what i mean, right?)
    That isn't the scientist, it's just the medic wearing the cosmetic set from the workshop that's based on the scientists from half-life, to my knowledge the scientist's model hasn't been released yet but has been shown off in this thread a dozen ot two pages back, but was unfinished.

    Is espionage even being worked on for tf2c any more?
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    The Mullock Project
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    June 2011
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    Hey, I've almost finished the light merc model :

    And a 3D view

    So is there anything that needs improvements ?
    Also does anyone know how I could make the packs under his arms work ? I can't find a place to put it without making it weird looking.
    good work so far!
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