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    January, 1st, 2000 - December, 31st, 2000.

    The year is 2000, the world has changed dramatically since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and opening of trade relations with China. The world economy, currently is seeing growth. The US housing market and Wall-Street seem to be booming. Many say it's a Dot-Com boom. However, many are saying this is forming an economic bubble. A potentially fatal one. Whilst in Europe, a Democratic Russia is recovering from a recession, while European economies are seeing some growth. Mostly in England, Scandinavia, and Germany. In Asia, the decline of Japans population is accelerating and so is it's economy, in China, significant growth in it's economy has some to speculate that it could overtake the region within the next 5 years. The wars in Africa, most noticeably Sudan, seem to have no end. One thing is for sure, however, the world is changing rapidly, and there is much work to be done if this is going to be a better century.
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    Indonesia Stronk

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    Claiming big bad Russia.

    Also there's a mistake on the map between Kazakhstan and Mongolia. That land should belong to China.