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    Willkommen , meine Brüder. This game begins in the year 1836, a very riveting decade in Europe. However, history is now in your hands, and you are the puppet master. You control everything. From diplomacy, to the population, to annexing lands you want to add to your Empire.

    Remember, this is 1836, countries are expanding, and Empires are rising, whilst collapsing. Choose your destiny.


    I only ask of this from you - To send in a PM to me.
    Military affairs: (Organisation, running, wars, reforms, etc)
    Diplomacy and external affairs: (Deals with other nations, trade, diplomatic bullshit, espionage)
    Economic affairs: (Economic reforms, things to focus in, budget, etc. Note that government intervention in economics is very small at the start.)
    Internal politics and affairs: (Politics, censorship, elections, social and political reforms, propaganda, etc)
    There is a 10 line limit to your turns. The AI will interact with you, and what you do depends on what your economy is capable of. Be careful and wary of what you do. Invading the US as Haiti won't go too well.

    There will be a strict deadline for your turn to be PM'd to me, which as of December, 6th, 2014, is December, 12th, 2014. If you fail to meet this deadline, your turn will be deleted and you disqualified from the game.

    The World - 1836.


    The Industrial Revolution has hit Europe by storm. Industrial might is something all nations want. There economies boom, and because of this, there population and capacity to wage war does too. Sparking adverse affects. Calls for liberty and equality and heard all over Europe. But so what, their just workers, right?
    The future of Europe, is uncertain. But one thing for sure, is, Only one nation can stand the most powerful, who will it be?

    North America:

    The United States, unlike Mexico, is in it's very own economic boom and expansion right now, too. Factories, like Europe, spring up in many major cites up and down the East coast. Along with surging population, immigration has made its contribution, is making the US a contender for the balance of power in the world.
    Mexico, however, is undergoing some problems. From government instability, to poverty and the economy, Mexico is in trouble. It needs a real leader! Will it be you? Will you run a country with an abundance of natural resources and a large land mass?


    Asia, the biggest and most dense region of the world, is in its very own little place right now. Japan, an isolated island, still refuses to trade with outsiders. And China, a behemoth, is being pressured by Imperial powers for ports, colonies and trade agreements. It is very possible that Asia could become one of the most highly fought over parts of the world, soon.


    Still uncolonized, not much is known about this continent. Still inhabited by tribes, it could contain valuable resources.

    Let the game begin.
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    Prussia shall grow larger!