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    December 2013
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    I am recieving this error when trying to connect to my server. I know the similair error popped up during the heavy attack a couple of days a go, but today i recieve it on my server. Has there been any serverside updates today? I gamed on the server a few hours a go and i did not have that error then. I am able to connect to other servers as well.


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    January 2014
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    I get this as well when trying to connect to a friends server, after a few attempts I finally get in.

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    January 2014
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    It is a steam issue usually. If steam is down then you will get that. (Thats how it is for me.) check this website http://www.issteamdown.com/

    Updated* actually I still cant connect to my server even though steam is up. So it is 50/50 on this error...

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    December 2013
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    i know it's steam problem, but can you guys put some pressure on steam? during all the day it was hard to connect and now it's almost impossible.

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    December 2013
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    Played this morning just fine, now I'm getting the same thing. Asked the server admin if he was on and he was with about 40 other players while I keep getting this error. Very frustrating.